Gulf of Mexico

Subsea field development in Gulf of Mexico, maybe with the exception of projects like Mad Dog 2 by BP and Shells Appomattox the offshore projects activities have been less recently. On the contrary from other regions like the North Sea, Asia and the Middle East where the oil and gas investments and number of projects have increase. 

Gulf of Mexico Field Developments

  • Morpeth by British Borneo
    The Morpeth project received official sanction from British-Borneo in February 1997. Model tests were executed in April, and first steel was cut in July. The keel was laid in October and the pile foundations were installed in November. The hull was loaded out in mid-July 1998 and installed using McDermott’s DB50 derrick barge in DP ...
  • Petronius by ChevronTexaco
    The multi-deck topsides are 64 m by 43 m by 18.3 m high and hold 21 well slots. The entire structure weighs around 43,000 tons. The Petronius platform has maximum production capacity of 60,000 barrels of oil per day and 100 million cubic feet of gas per day. The Petronius field was discovered in 1995 ...
  • Independence Hub Six Natural Gas Anchor Fields by Anadarko
    is the result of five independent exploration and production companies and a midstream energy company coming together to facilitate the development of multiple ultra-deepwater natural gas and condensate discoveries. Independence Hub Six Natural Gas Anchor Fields, Gulf of Mexico, Anadarko, America(North),
  • Na Kika Oil and Gas by Shell
    host facility project is in Mississippi Canyon, Block 474 about 140 miles south east of New Orleans. Louisiana, USA in water depth 6300’. Na Kika Oil and Gas, Gulf of Mexico, Shell, America(North),
  • Brutus by Shell
    Shell drilled the Brutus discovery well on Block 158 in December 1988. An appraisal well followed in 1994 on the same block; in 1997, a third well was drilled. Gross recovery of Brutus reserves are estimated approximately 250 million boe with a 70:30 oil-to-gas ratio. Oil production is through an 18-in. line 26 miles to ...
  • Mars by Shell
    The initial development was designed to recover about 500 million barrels of oil equivalent. The development for the initial project phase is approximately $1.0 billion. About 55% of the project costs were spent on the fabrication and installation of the hull, deck, facilities and pipelines. The other 45% of the project costs are to be ...
  • Canyon Express by Total
    Canyon Express is a unique development not only for its depth and technical merits, but for the way three producers from three fields have come together to produce fields that would otherwise have been too marginal to be viable. The project connects to three separate deep water gas fields in the Mississippi Canyon and Desoto ...
  • Hoover Diana by ExxonMobil
    The $1.2-billion project to codevelop these two fields will produce peak rates of 100,000 bopd and 325 MMcfd gas. ExxonMobil (66.7%) is the operator; BP Amoco holds the remaining 33.3%. The development utilizes a Deep Draft Caisson Vessel (DDCV) located over Hoover. The 83-story-tall DDCV floats vertically and is nearly "half a football field in diameter," ...
  • Mardi Gras Oil and Gas Transportation System by BP
    fields lies in the Mississippi Canyon and Green Canyon areas of the Gulf of Mexico. In the southern Green Canyon area, pipelines are planned to transport gas and oil from the Mad Dog, Holstein and Atlantis fields. Mardi Gras Oil and Gas Transportation System, Gulf of Mexico, BP, America(North),
  • Horn Mountain by BP
    development is located in 5,400ft of water, approximately 100 miles southeast of New Orleans, in the Gulf of Mexico. The deep water field lies in Mississippi canyon blocks 126 and 127. Horn Mountain, Gulf of Mexico, BP, America(North),
  • Genesis by ChevronTexaco
    Genesis – the production facility comprises a floating cylindrical hull (SPAR) moored to the seabed with integrated drilling facilities and a capacity of 20 wells. Oil and gas is exported via a newly built 49-kilometre, 14-inch pipeline to the South Timbalier 301B platform where it joins a 24-inch trunkline to shore. Developing the Genesis field began ...
  • Manatee by Shell
    Manatee is expected to recover in excess of 12 million barrels of oil equivalent, with peak production rates potentially reaching up to 25,000 barrels of oil per day. Production began during the third quarter of 2002, with peak production rates reaching up to 25,000 barrels of oil per day. Manatee will be the fourth subsea ...
  • Holstein Oil and Gas Development by BP
    oil and gas development lies approximately 150 miles South of New Orleans in Green Canyon block 645. It was discovered in 1999 adjacent to the Mad Dog and Atlantis fields. Holstein Oil and Gas Development, Gulf of Mexico, BP, America(North),
  • Nansen and Boomvang Gas Fields by Kerr McGee
    fields lie in the East Breaks area of the Gulf of Mexico, approx. 150 miles south of Houston. Nansen lies in East Breaks block 602 and Boomvang lies in blocks 642, 643 and 683. Nansen and Boomvang Gas Fields, Gulf of Mexico, Kerr McGee, America(North),
  • Ursa by Shell
    The Ursa field uses a tension leg platform design for production operations. The TLP is a large floating platform permanently anchored to the seabed using 16 steel tendons, four per corner, each about 3,800 feet long. The TLP consists of a four leg hull with four pontoons connecting the four legs and forming a square below ...
  • Horn Mountain NWFX by BP
    Horn Mountain (HM) is a single piece truss spar located in Mississippi Canyon Blocks 126-127, approximately 84 mile south of Venice, Louisiana. Horn Mountain NWFX, Gulf of Mexico, BP, America(North),
  • Marco Polo by Anadarko
    is located in Green Canyon block 608, 160 miles south of New Orleans. It is fully owned and operated by Anadarko Petroleum. The field was discovered in April 2000 and lies in water 4,300ft deep. It produced its first oil in March 2004 Marco Polo, Gulf of Mexico, Anadarko, America(North),
  • Tanzanite by Anadarko
    is located in the Gulf of Mexico, 75 mi offshore in 314-ft water in Eugene Island block 346. Anadarko Petroleum Corporation is the 100% owner and operator in the field. Anadarko estimates at least 140 MED MER bo equivalent reserves in Tanzanite. Tanzanite, Gulf of Mexico, Anadarko, America(North),
  • Mensa Gas by Shell
    encompasses Mississippi Canyon Blocks 686, 687, 730 and 731. The natural gas field is located in the Gulf of Mexico 225 km (140 miles) southeast of New Orleans in water depths of 1,610 m (5,300 ft). Mensa Gas, Gulf of Mexico, Shell, America(North),
  • Devil’s Tower Gas by Dominion E&P
    is located about 140 miles south-east of New Orleans, at Mississippi Canyon (MC) Block 773 in 5,610ft of water. Devil’s Tower Gas, Gulf of Mexico, Dominion E&P, America(North),
  • Matterhorn by Total
    Matterhorn Field is developed with a floating structure, comprising the wellheads and the separation and treatment installations. The platform has a throughput capacity of 33,000 barrels of oil per day and more than 55 million cubic feet of natural gas per day. Production is brought to shore through connections to the existing subsea pipeline network. The ...
  • Glider by Shell
    The Glider field is located in Green Canyon Block 248 in the Gulf of Mexico, approximately 165 miles south-southwest of New Orleans in around 3,400ft of water. The GC 248 lease was wholly acquired by Shell at the OCS Lease Sale 152 in 1995. Glider, Gulf of Mexico, Shell, America(North),
  • Cameron Highway Oil Transport System by Enterprise Oil
    It is the first to bring multiple production streams from the Louisiana Gulf to the main hubs of Texas City and Port Arthur. The Cameron Highway starts at the Block 332 hub, receiving oil from Holstein / Mad Dog / Atlantis, as well as Constitution / Ticonderoga. The network consists of a gathering platform on Ship ...
  • Mad Dog Drilling Unit by BP
    field is located in Western Atwater Foldbelt, Gulf of Mexico, approx. 190 miles south of New Orleans. The nominal water depth is 4,500ft and the field runs along the Sigsbee Escarpment. Mad Dog Drilling Unit, Gulf of Mexico, BP, America(North),
  • Atlantis North Flank by BP
    Atlantis North Flank is the first of several options to develop resources in the Atlantis North area. The appraisal well has confirmed significant hydrocarbon pay in the area. A phased development approach will be adopted, with the first phase tieback to the Atlantis production facility in 2009. Atlantis North Flank, Gulf of Mexico, BP, America(North),
  • Neptune by Kerr McGee
    The Neptune Spar has a 72 foot diameter hull which is 705 feet long. A square centerwell, 32 feet by 32 feet, runs through the 275 foot long buoyant section and the 100 foot long tank at the keel, accommodating sixteen well slots. Freeboard is 55 feet and the hull supports an integrated deck assembly ...
  • Thunder Horse Oil by BP
    One of the most eagerly awaited offshore projects in the United States took a giant leap forward with ExxonMobil’s decision to sanction funding for the 1.5 billion bbl Thunder Horse project. Operator BP already approved the project, but Thunder Horse is part of a bigger picture, too, as the tentacles of the infrastructure system start ...
  • Tahoe by Shell
    The Tahoe Unit encompasses the blocks 783 and 827, in the Viosca Knoll area. These blocks are located in the Gulf of Mexico approximately 140 miles ESE of New Orleans and 105 miles south of Mobile, Alabama in water 1,500ft deep. Tahoe, Gulf of Mexico, Shell, America(North),
  • Typhoon by ChevronTexaco
    First production is scheduled to take place less than 3.5 years after the first discovery. Typhoon has an estimated field life of around six to eight years. The Typhoon field is a combination structural-stratigraphic trap, with four separate fault blocks. Subsequent to the discovery well in 1998, four appraisal wells were drilled. The late Pliocene stacked ...
  • Constitution / Ticonderoga by Kerr McGee
    field is located in Green Canyon blocks 679 and 680, approximately 190 miles southwest of New Orleans in the Gulf of Mexico. The field has estimated proven and probable resources of approximately 110 million barrels of oil. Constitution / Ticonderoga, Gulf of Mexico, Kerr McGee, America(North),