List of Oil and Gas Jobs in Stavanger Norway

Quick Guide: How to Get Oil and Gas Jobs in Stavanger!

This is a guide on how to get an oil and gas job in the Norwegian city of Stavanger. We have made lists of subsea related oil jobs available in both Stavanger and in Norway. In addition, there are lists of subsea suppliers and oil companies that should be of interest and that may be hiring right now.

oil and gas jobs in stavanger norway
Oil and Gas Jobs in Stavanger, Norway

About the City of Stavanger

The city of Stavanger, Norway is called the “oil capital”, and Norway’s largest oil company Equinor is headquartered at Forus. The state oil company Equinor was established by a unanimous parliamentary decision and the head office was then added to the city. Stavanger is often, together with Aberdeen, referred to as the oil capital of Europe because it is the center of most of the oil sector in the Norwegian sector. Read more about Stavanger.

Oil Companies in Stavanger

All major oil company is represented in Stavanger, Norway, but of course dominated by Equinor.  The location of the city on the coast of Norway and being close to the North Sea and The Norwegian sector and also the proximity to the oil and gas suppliers makes this town a hot spot for subsea oil and gas professionals to get an oil job. There are also many oil and gas recruitment agencies in Stavanger and you may want to contact these to help you with the recruitment process especially is you have no working experience or network in the subsea oil and gas industry.

Oil Jobs in Stavanger

List of Oil and Gas Jobs in Stavanger, Norway

Oil Jobs in Norway

Oil and Gas Companies in Stavanger, Norway

  • Gann Mekaniske AS
    one of the leading companies within solids control/ mud treatment systems
  • Roxar AS
    flowmeters and products for reservoir management and production optimisation
  • Torque Tension International AS
    Offers expertise in bolting technology and tools to perform a leak-free joint

Oil Companies in Norway

  • Diesel Power AS
    Producer and supplier of tailormade diesel and gas generating sets for the shipping and offshore industries
  • Petrolia Drilling ASA
    owns and charters drilling vessels for offshore, deepwater oil and gas exploration and development drilling
  • Cecon Cecon
    independent Subsea Installation Contractor