West of Africa

The West of Africa oil gas subsea exploration projects activities are dominated by the major oil and gas production companies as Total, Shell, Eni, Exxon Mobil, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC to mention a few. The crude oil and gas production from West of Africa is expected to double from 2018 to 2024 according to recent market research.

West of Africa Field Developments

  • Lobito Tomboco by Cabinda Gulf Oil Company
    The Lombito Tomboca Development will consist of three subsea centers tied back to the Benguela belize (BB) compliant Tower. Two centers in the Lobito reservoir and a third in the Tomboco reservoir. The Lobito and Tomboco discoveries are located in 1200 to 2000 feet of water in Block 14 offshore Cabinda in Angola. Lobito Tomboco, West ...
  • Espoir by CNR
    is leading production facility for oil & natural gas for Cote d’Ivoire, is situated in the block CI –26, located 19 km offshore of Jacqueville, 60 km southwest of Abidjan, in water depths ranging from 100m to 600m Espoir, West of Africa, CNR, Africa,
  • Sanha / Bomboco by Cabinda Gulf Oil Co
    Combined production from Sanha and the nearby Bomboco field is expected to reach its average annual peak of 100,000b/d of oil, condensate and LPG by 2007. Chevron Texaco’s Angolan affiliate, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company (Cabgoc – 39.2%), operates the block on behalf of its partners, including Sonangol (41%), Total (10%), and ENI (9.8%). Cabgoc and Sonasing ...
  • Ekpe Phase II by ExxonMobil
    compression platform is located in a water depth of 50m. Phase II of the Ekpe field development project consists of a new gas compression platform (OY) and a new living quarters platform (OQ). Ekpe Phase II, West of Africa, ExxonMobil, Africa,
  • Ceiba by Triton Energy
    Triton is the operator (85% share) of Blocks F and G, with South Africa-based Energy Africa holding the remaining 15% equity. Prior to drilling, Triton purchased 4,200km² of seismic data concerning Block G, as well as the adjacent Block F. The permeability ranges between 1mD to 1D and the porosity is 20-30%. It has an oil saturation ...
  • Agbami by Famfa
    field lies in OPL Block 216, approximately 220 miles south-east of Lagos and 70 miles offshore Nigeria, in the central Niger Delta. Agbami, West of Africa, Famfa, Africa,
  • Pazflor by Total
    is located in Angola Block 17, in deepwaters around 40 km east of the Dalia FPSO. The project will consist of development of 2 reservoirs. Miocene reservoirs with heavy, acid and viscous oil (using gas/liquid separation) and Oligocene with light paraffinic oil. Pazflor, West of Africa, Total, Africa,
  • Kizomba by ExxonMobil
    The Kizomba A field development, include the Hungo and the Chocalho fields. The total recoverable resources of about 1 billion barrels of oil (gross), and began producing more than 130,000 barrels of oil a day in August 2005. Kizomba A, in water 3,300 to 4,200 feet deep represents an investment of nearly $3.5 billion. Kizomba A ...
  • Xikomba by Esso
    Xikomba employs an Early Production System consisting of nine subsea wells tied back to a Floating Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) vessel. Xikomba is the third deployment of ExxonMobil’s Early Production System (EPS) Technology offshore West Africa and the first EPS offshore Angola. Technip-Coflexip was awarded the contract, by Esso Exploration Angola Limited, which included the ...
  • Bonga by Shell
    Production facilities comprise one of the world’s largest Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) vessels and deepwater sub sea infrastructure. The field’s initial 16 sub sea oil producing and water injection wells are connected to the two million barrel storage capacity FPSO by production flow lines, risers and control umbilicals. Notably, this is the first ...
  • Abana by Moni Pulo Ltd
    located on Block Oil Prospecting License (OPL) # 230, near the Calabar River in Nigeria, close to Cameroon in shallow 5m waterdepth . It is located 30km offshore Calabar Abana, West of Africa, Moni Pulo Ltd, Africa,
  • Dalia Field Development by Total
    field discovered in 1997, 135km offshore in water depths of between 1,200m and 1,500m. The launch of Dalia, which is due on-stream during the second half of 2006, is a key step in the development of Block 17. Dalia Field Development, West of Africa, Total, Africa,
  • Zafiro by ExxonMobil
    located in water depths of 300-5000ft about 40 miles offshore the Gulf of Guinea. The field is located in the Block B, about 68km (42 miles) west-northwest of Bioko island in Equatorial Guinea Zafiro, West of Africa, ExxonMobil, Africa,
  • Chinguetti Oil by Woodside
    field lies off the coast of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, North West Africa, in Block 4, PSC (Production Sharing Contract) area B, approx. 80km west of the Mauritanian coastline and 90km from the capital, Nouakchott. Chinguetti Oil, West of Africa, Woodside, Africa,
  • Girassol by Total
    The Girassol field was discovered of the west coast of Angola in deepwaters in 1996 and the development project started in 1998, after an agreement between Total and the oil company Sonangol. The Girassol project was completed in 3,5 years with start of production late 2001 – The investment budget was $2.8 billion. Total is the ...
  • Block 31 by BP
    BP acquired equity and operatorship for Block 31 in 1999 as one of four licenses awarded that year for the ultra-deep water offshore Angola. To date, fifteen fields have been discovered in the block. Sociedade Nacional de Combustíveis de Angola – Sonangol E.P. – has authorised BP and its co-venturers to develop a series of deepwater ...
  • Greater Plutonio, Block 18 by BP
    fields lies in 1,200m to 1,500m of water. In 1999, BP drilled the Platina and Plutonio wells using the deepwater drillship Pride Angola, and followed these in 2000 with four more: Galio, Paladio, Cromio and Cobalto. Greater Plutonio, Block 18, West of Africa, BP, Africa,
  • Yoho by Esso
    located in the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)/MPN Joint Venture fields, Oil Mining Lease (OML) 104, has estimated reserves of 0.4 billion barrels of oil Yoho, West of Africa, Esso, Africa,
  • Mossel Bay by EM
    The development consists of three new production wells, tied back by a 450mm (18in) pipeline to Mossgas’ production platform, on the FA field 49km to the east. Production is controlled by a buoy, overhead. The field has been developed by the Bredasdorp Alliance between the owner, Mossgas, and the managing contractor, Dresser Kellogg. The US$387.5 ...