Mechanic Jobs

Quick Guide: How to Get Mechanic Jobs in Subsea Oil and Gas Now!

Mechanic Jobs Description

As a mechanic, you work with maintenance, repair and improvement of mechanical equipment. Mechanics work with small and large machines. The offshore mechanic jobs are usually maintenance, repair, subsea services and improvement of mechanical equipment. Technical insight and the ability to see practical solutions are important. The work is physically demanding.

Mechanic Jobs
Mechanic Jobs

Subsea oil and gas mechanics maintain and assemble oilfield machines and equipment. The mechanics maintain, stock, assemble and repair oil and gas machinery and equipment. Subsea mechanics replace parts on subsea components, equipment and machines and rebuild them.

Common tasks for the mechanic working in the oil and gas industry is to assembly and maintenance of machines, pipe and sheet metal work, troubleshooting machines and process equipment, use of power tools. The work also consists of simpler machine work and putting parts together. As an industrial mechanic, you have knowledge of hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical control systems for machinery.

Entry Level Mechanic Jobs

Subsea oil and gas mechanics are often employed in private oil service companies, and work in the fabrication and construction and mechanical industry, oil industry, offshore, shipbuilding and construction of drilling rigs. Entry level mechanic jobs could be as an apprentice in any of these companies.

Mechanic Jobs Salary

Electricians on rig, rig mechanics, and rig mechanics with a certificate as a mechanic and certificate in hydraulics, can count on a starting mechanic jobs salary of about $50k excluding holiday pay, and about $60k including holiday pay.

Top Oil and Gas Job Careers Paths for Graduates

As a mechanic you have a good basis for a careers as offshore mechanic. The minimum for everyone who will work offshore on a drilling rig is that they must have an approved health certificate, as well as safety course. Most positions also require that you have good knowledge of English and applicants with a trade certificate and relevant experience will most often be preferred.

The following companies may be hiring now:

Mechanic Jobs Near Me

Most of the jobs are with companies in the major oil and gas hot spots such as Stavanger, Norway, Aberdeen, Scotland, London, UK, Houston, USA and Perth, Australia. If you like to travel there are also many mechanic jobs in Texas, Singapore, Luanda, Angola, Port Harcourt, Nigeria and Rio, Brazil. To find “mechanic jobs near me” you can use the search field at the right side on this web site and enter your country, town, city or part of the world you want to work in and the search engine results gives you companies hiring.

List of Top 10 Job Descriptions

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Top 10 Mechanic Jobs

Below are the top 10 oil and gas jobs list in the subsea oil and gas jobs and careers database:

  • Motorman Jobs in Offshore, International
    Ensure that incomplete repairs and projects are finished timely * Ensure that equipment failure is kept to a minimum and within contractual limits * Maintain good two-way communication with crew members * Ensure entries on permits, isolation tags, and logs reflect the current status ...
  • Mechanical Superintendent Jobs in Lyngby, Denmark
    The main responsibilities for the Mechanical Superintendent will be: - Ensure that set objectives are carried out to Operational specifications and are in compliance with rules, regulations and standards - Ensure all documentations within your area of responsibility are up to date - Provide technical guidance of equipment and systems within your area of responsibility - Establish and maintain ...
  • Principal Subsea Pipeline Engineer Jobs in Houston, USA
    * Experienced with one or more Pipeline design engineering activities; * pipeline and flowline mechanical design * line sizing * pipeline coatings * insulation systems * cathodic protection design * span analysis * diver ...
  • ROV Supervisor Jobs in Houston, USA
    The ROV Supervisor is responsible for the safety of the ROV, Tooling and system related third party personnel. The incumbent is responsible for organizing and managing the project team, effective handling of operations and emergency situations. Ability to oversee the tasks of both the Mechanical and Electrical Technician positions. Training new personnel as necessary and also ...
  • Integrated Services Co-coordinator Jobs in Jurong Town, Singapore
    We’re ready With advanced technology products and services for the oil and gas industry. All we need is you. GE Oil & Gas is a global leader in the supply of technology-based equipment and services for the entire oil and gas industry – from drilling and completion to production, transportation, refining, processing, petrochemical and pipeline integrity. Due to ...
  • Riser & Flowline Systems Engineer Jobs in Houston, USA
    The Riser and Flowline Systems Engineer will be responsible to provide engineering support for the long-term integrity management of risers and flowlines for deepwater floating production systems in the Gulf of Mexico. Primary focus areas are mechanical and structural integrity, corrosion and erosion, hazard evaluation, management of change, emergency response, system performance monitoring, maintaining regulatory ...
  • Connection Engineer Jobs in Sandvika, Norway
    The Senior Connection Engineer will contribute to the MCS Connection team focused on solving mechanical challenges for the product line extension and development of the next generation connection systems. This role will be responsible for analyses and mechanical design to develop design solutions for discipline and cross- disciplinary engineering problems. Essential Responsibilities * Recommend approaches and improvements ...
  • Rig Floor Mechanic Jobs in Offshore, USA
    Position Reports To: Rig Hydraulic; Deputy, Other Mechanic or Floorhand who is qualified for supervision and maintenance of drilling equipment. Responsibility and Authority The Rig Floor Mechanic is responsible for the safe execution of the instructions given by the Maintenance Supervisor. The Rig Floor Mechanic is responsible for ensuring that the relevant requirements of the Management System are ...
  • Mechanical Supervisor Jobs in Offshore, International
    If you can live up to Transocean’s core values and meet these requirements we would like to hear from you. Has an internationally recognized trade qualification or has undergone an apprenticeship in heavy machinery repair or manufacture. Supervises the maintenance and repair of mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic equipment onboard the rig. High school diploma or equivalent ...
  • Senior Mechanical Technician Jobs in Offshore, International
    Offshore repair, maintenance and testing of a wide range of fixed and mobile equipment within the relevant asset equipment inventory Onshore construction, preparation, overhaul, repair, maintenance and testing of a wide range of fixed and mobile systems equipment and miscellaneous operational equipment within the relevant asset equipment inventory. Advise and assist other Technicians with technical expertise as ...