List of Oil and Gas Jobs in Houston United States

Quick Guide: How to Get Oil and Gas Jobs in Houston!

List of Oil Jobs in Houston

This is a guide on how to get oil and gas jobs in the city of Houston, Texas, USA. We have made a few lists of subsea related oil jobs available in both Houston and in USA. In addition, there are lists of local subsea suppliers and oil companies that you may contact and that may be hiring someone in your profession right now.

Oil and Gas Jobs in Houston, USA
Oil and Gas Jobs in Houston Texas

The City of Houston

Houston is the largest city in the US state of Texas, and with its 2,300,000 residents (2019) is the fourth largest city in the United States. Over five million people live in the urban area around The City. Houston is known for being a financial center and an oil and gas hub in the United States employing thousands in the subsea oil and gas industry. Read more about Houston.

Oil Companies in Houston

All major oil company is represented in the Houston, Scotland. The location on the coast of USA and being close to the Gulf of Mexico offshore activities and also the proximity to the subsea suppliers and subsea engineering, design and analysis makes this city a center for oil and gas professionals who want to get an oil job. There are also many oil and gas recruitment agencies in Houston and you may want to contact these to help you with the recruitment process especially is you have no working experience or existing network in the subsea oil and gas industry.

Oil and Jobs in Houston

List of Oil and Gas Jobs in Houston, United States

Oil Jobs in United States

Oil and Gas Companies in Houston, United States

  • Sonsub
    remotely operated vehicles ROV and tooling systems
  • Seacor Marine Inc
    operates a fleet of offshore marine support vessels, serving the global offshore oil and gas exploration and production industry
  • Engineered Spring Products
    producing the highest quality springs

Oil Companies in United States