Luanda, Angola

Luanda, the capital of Angola, in the northwest of the country by the Atlantic Ocean. Luanda is Angola’s largest city and main port. The port is an important export port for the city industry, which includes oil and gas, offshore services, petroleum refining, breweries, textile manufacturing and food. Luanda has an international airport and is the terminus of the railway from Malanje.

Luanda, Angola, Oil and Gas, Subsea
City of Luanda, Angola

Oil and Gas Industry in Angola

It is difficult to overstate the importance of oil for the development of modern Angola. Control over the oil industry and oil revenues has therefore been crucial for the country’s political economy both before, but especially after the conclusion of the peace. From oil production started offshore, oil production was relatively stable, mostly in shallow water off the coast of Cabinda.

Top 10 Oil and Gas Luanda Jobs

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List of Oil and Gas Jobs in Luanda, Angola

National Oil Company Sonangol 

In 1976, right after independence, the colonial oil production company in Angola, ANGOL, was nationalized. The company that was formed in Luanda, with the state as sole owner, was named Sonangol, and took over several of the foreign companies’ infrastructures and employees. Sonangol still has a crucial role in the country’s oil industry, both as a commercial company, operator and industry regulator.

Subsea Oil and Gas Production in Deep Waters

In 1996 it became clear that Angola was facing a new oil age when the French company Elf found oil in deep water 140 km off the coast of Luanda. In the following years, many international oil companies were involved in exploration and constantly new discoveries in deep and ultra-deep water. From 2004, oil production increased drastically, so that Angola competed with Nigeria to be Africa’s largest oil producer. 

Top 5 Luanda Companies

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  • Sonangol
    Sonangol in short: angola oil gas exploration and production company Sonangols full name Sociedade Nacional de Combustiveis de Angola (Sonangol). Sonangol was established In 1976 as the national oil company of Angola. Sonangol is fully owned by the state and serves as the business arm of the Angolan government. Sonangol is the sole concessionaire for oil exploration ...
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  • Cabinda Gulf Oil Company Ltd, CABGOC
    Cabinda Gulf Oil Company Ltd, CABGOC in short: chevron, oil, gas, angola, natural gas, africa exploration and production Visit our web site for vacancies, jobs and Cabinda Gulf Oil Company Ltd, CABGOC careers! We are located in Luanda, ANGOLA, Africa Cabinda Gulf Oil Company Ltd, CABGOC is involved in international oil gas exploration and production industry. Unfortunately, there is ...

List of Oil and Gas Companies in Luanda, Angola