Canyon Express by Total

Canyon Express is a unique development not only for its depth and technical merits, but for the way three producers from three fields have come together to produce fields that would otherwise have been too marginal to be viable. The project connects to three separate deep water gas fields in the Mississippi Canyon and Desoto Canyon areas, with TotalFinaElf (TFE) as designated operator. The three independent gas fields serviced by Canyon Express are (1) Camden Hills, discovered by Marathon Oil Company (MOC) in Mississippi Canyon (MC) Block 348, (2) Aconcagua, discovered by TFE in MC Block 305, and (3) King’s Peak, discovered by Amoco, now British Petroleum (BP) in MC Blocks 217 and 173 and Desoto Canyon (DC) Blocks 133 and 177. The Canyon Express system jointly owned by the operators of the three serviced gas fields. After collection from the three fields, gas is transported via undersea pipeline to the Canyon Station platform for processing. The Canyon Express project was approved for development in June 2000 and reached first production in September 2002. The Canyon Express system was the first built in the area, offering the project partners the opportunity to collect gathering and handling revenues for the future use of the system. Depths on the Canyon Express project range from 1,900 to 2,200 meters. The project’s umbilical system is the deepest steel tube umbilical ever installed, containing steel tubes, electrical cables and fiber optics. The $600 million project is one of the most advanced subsea tiebacks yet achieved. The projects has been reported to be a likely candidate to serve as a blueprint for the development of future marginal deepwater production.

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