London is the capital of England and the United Kingdom, and the largest city on the British Isles. London is located on both sides of the River Thames in the south-east of England, about 65 kilometers from the mouth of the English Channel.

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City of London, UK

History of London, UK

London’s history dates back to the year 40 AD, when the city became part of the Roman province of Britannia. In the early Middle Ages, the city became the capital of the Kingdom of Essex. In the late Middle Ages, The City became an important trading city, and from the 16th and 18th centuries, the city grew, despite plague epidemics and city fires, to the largest that ever existed.

The Capital City of England

Although London is the capital of England and the United Kingdom, the city is treated in many contexts as a separate region. Most international oil and gas companies have headquarters or branch offices in the City. The size of the city and its international character means that in many contexts it is perceived as a separate regional unit, which has more in common with similar metropolises in other parts of the world, than with the rest of England.

Top 10 Oil and Gas London Jobs

Below is the list of top 10 job descriptions that are related to the subsea oil and gas category. Click the link to find all jobs and available positions under each job description:

List of Jobs by City in United Kingdom

Oil and Gas Industry

London is an important industrial region with a large and varied industry, although industrial employment has long been in decline. The industry includes many headquarters of the oil and gas industry, but also the manufacture of metal products, electrical articles, chemicals, plastic products, textiles, clothing and food, as well as companies such as printing, publishing, record and film production.

Top 5 London Companies

Below is the list of top 5 companies related to the subsea oil and gas category:

  • AMEC plc
    AMEC plc in short: a leading provider of asset support to the oil and gas industry AMEC have long-term customer relationships with a portfolio of leading national and international oil and gas operating companies, affording us a unique and valuable combination of experience and global perspective. We have unparalleled experience of delivering large and complex ...
  • BG Norge
    BG Norge in short: engaged in exploration for and production, transmission, distribution and supply of natural gas leading player in the global energy market, BG Group is a dynamic growing business with operations in 20 countries over five continents. While our headquarters are in United Kingdom (UK), over 60% of the talented professionals who make up ...
  • Andrew Palmer & Associates
    Andrew Palmer & Associates in short: continues to provide the specialist consultancy services to our clients The Penspen Offshore Business Stream was formed from the ‘Andrew Palmer and Associates Limited’ business acquired by Penspen Limited in January 2000. In recognition of the strength of the ‘Andrew Palmer and Associates’ brand in the subsea and offshore ...
  • Energy Institute
    Energy Institute in short: is the leading professional body for the energy industries The Energy Institute (EI) is the leading professional body for the energy industries, supporting almost 12,000 professionals both nationally and internationally. A Royal Charter membership organisation, the Energy Institute serves society with independence, professionalism and a wealth of expertise in energy matters, creating ...
  • Infield Systems Limited
    Infield Systems Limited in short: provide geographical and sectoral analysis, market entry strategies, quantitative and qualitative surveys, custom reports Infield has been providing accurate, timely and detailed data and information on the worldwide oil and gas industry since 1986. Now widely acknowledged as one of the definitive independent reference sources, Infield Systems has developed a range ...

List of Companies by City in United Kingdom