Canada Atlantic

Canada Atlantic Field Developments

  • White Rose Oil and Gas by Husky
    The field consists of both oil and gas pools, including the South White Rose oil pool. The oil pool covers approximately 40km2 and contains an estimated 200-250 million barrels of recoverable oil making it one of the largest North American oil discoveries. The White Rose field is approximately 50km from the Hibernia and Terra Nova ...
  • Deep Panuke Gas by Encana
    EnCana’s Deep Panuke Project consists of the installation of production (and support) infrastructure to produce gas from reserves located in the Deep Panuke field. The Project also consists of the transmission of those reserves in the form of natural gas to the Nova Scotia mainland. The main Project development activities involve the installation of three platforms: ...
  • Hibernia by Hibernia
    is located in the Jeanne d’Arc Basin, 315km east of St John’s, Newfoundland, in water 80m deep. The field consists principally of two early Cretaceous reservoirs – Hibernia and Avalon – located at average depths of 3700m and 2400m, respectively. Hibernia, Canada Atlantic, Hibernia, America(North),
  • Sable Offshore Energy Project by ExxonMobil
    project lies near Sable Island, 10km to 40km north of the edge of the Scotian Shelf, offshore Nova Scotia, in water depths ranging between 20 and 80m. The Sable Offshore Energy Project consists of the six gas fields Venture. Sable Offshore Energy Project, Canada Atlantic, ExxonMobil, America(North),
  • Terra Nova by Petro Canada
    The Terra Nova field, located 350km ESE of St John’s Newfoundland and 35km SE of Hibernia, was discovered in 1984 by Petro-Canada. Field reserves have been estimated at 406 million barrels (Mbbl). Terra Nova, Canada Atlantic, Petro Canada, America(North),