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The unique subsea company directory currently has more than 2,000 subsea and offshore companies included. Each of these are with a company description and contact details, categorised in order for you to quickly find the companies you would like to contact or find out more about.

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Quick Guide: Where and How to Find Subsea Companies in the Oil and Gas Industry?

There are thousands of subsea companies worldwide that provide subsea products and services for the oil and gas industry, most of them are listed in our company directory. In this guide on how to find companies or subsea businesses, we will show you how to make a comprehensive list of companies that provide exactly what you are searching for. This could be used to find companies that should be interested in your product to or businesses to contact for request for quotation of their specific products and services. Subsea.Org has one of the best company search engines in the oil and gas industry.

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To help you find your new subsea opportunities within the subsea oil and gas industry using our company search engine, we have first categorised the companies into main categories as shown below. Click on them to go to the next detailed level with company profiles, products specification, contact details and updated subsea jobs and career opportunities. In addition, the top 5 companies within each of the subsea categories are listed.

We also use tags to compare and find related companies. The company are sorted into the following main categories:

Consulting Company Directory

Consulting company, a company that conducts consulting business, often combined with executive work in related areas. The rapid development of such companies in number and size is a result of the ever-increasing specialization in the business world. Find consulting companies.

Drilling and Well Service

Many of the drilling and well services companies are located in the major oil and gas cities and oil capitols such as Stavanger, Norway, Aberdeen, Scotland, Houston, Texas, USA and Perth, Australia. Find drilling and well service companies.

Engineering Companies

The top engineering companies nowadays have a strong focus on improving performance and reducing costs in all phases of subsea oil and gas projects, from development and investment costs to operation and maintenance costs.

Find engineering companies.

Explorations and Production 

Explorations drilling is necessary to be able to safely detect a petroleum reservoir, but drilling of exploration and production wells are expensive, especially when the areas to be investigated are below the seabed and the reservoirs are deep. Find explorations companies.

Oil Company Directory

Many of the crude oil companies are located in the major oil and gas cities and oil and natural gas capitols such as Stavanger, Norway, Aberdeen, Scotland, Houston, Texas, USA and Perth, Australia. Find oil company directory.

Natural Gas Companies

Natural gas extracted from the subsea production system, as on the Norwegian continental shelf, is first stabilized on the oil and gas production platform by removing water vapor and easily condensable components, so that the gas can be transported by pipeline to land for further processing. Find natural gas companies.

Fabrication and Construction

The offshore fabricators specialize in the fabrication and construction of large and heavy steel and concrete structures for the subsea oil and gas industry. They provide a comprehensive range of construction services, including initial concept evaluation and design, front-end (FEED) engineering, detailed fabrication and construction design and engineering, procurement, construction (EPC) and commissioning. Find fabrication and construction.

Remote Intervention Subsea Companies

The remote intervention work takes place in particular in connection with offshore installation, repair and maintenance activities, and is included in the exploration, development, operation and closure phase of a subsea oil field. Find remote intervention companies.


Collection of seismic data by seismic companies at sea takes place by a ship periodically firing shots with an air cannon. The sound waves propagate through the water and the bedrock under the seabed. Reflection signals from horizons in the subsoil are picked up by hydrophones that are towed after the boat. Find seismic companies directory.

Pipeline Companies

Pipeline companies construct pipelines which basically is a connection of pipe lengths to a closed facility. Used for transporting liquids and gases. Larger pipelines for the transport of water and petroleum are being laid both on the mainland and offshore. Find pipeline companies.

Subsea Products and Equipment

You can also browse the company directory after what subsea products they supply:

The following tag cloud shows the categories the companies are categorised as:

eSubsea – Advanced Subsea Engineering, Design and Analysis

List of Subsea Companies in the Company Directory

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    Rovotics is based in the United Arab Emirates , Rovotics was formed in 2011 when a group of experienced ROV technical experts felt the market was lacking advanced systems that ...
  • ARGO International
    ARGO International in short: renewal spare parts for the worldwide Industrial, Marine, Metal Mining, Oil Well Drilling, Utility, Refineries and Petroleum industries. Argo International Corporation, established in 1952, is a global ...
  • Diesel Power AS
    Diesel Power AS in short: Producer and supplier of tailormade diesel and gas generating sets for the shipping and offshore industries Diesel Power A/S was established 1985. Since then Diesel Power ...
  • Harris Pye Marine Ltd.
    Harris Pye Marine Ltd. in short: leading specialists in repair of marine boilers, including all associated steam systems Marine Boiler Repairs & Surveys, FPSO, FSO, LNG Projects, Condenser Technology, Ship Outfitting, ...
  • SEACON (europe) Ltd
    SEACON (europe) Ltd in short: a range of standard, dry-mate, fiber optic, hybrid connectors SEACON (europe) Ltd (formerly Sea Connections Systems) was formed in 1987 and was the first international addition ...
  • Weidmuller, Inc.
    Weidmuller, Inc. in short: manufacturer of components for electrical connection technology. The company develops, produces and sells customer-oriented solutions comprising the entire Weidmüller product portfolio. As an OEM supplier, the company ...
  • Hawke Cable Glands Ltd
    Hawke Cable Glands Ltd in short: is recognised as a world leader in the development and manufacture of Cable Glands for hazardous areas Hawke International is recognised as a world leader ...
  • Petrolia Drilling ASA
    Petrolia Drilling ASA in short: owns and charters drilling vessels for offshore, deepwater oil and gas exploration and development drilling Petrolia Drilling ASA, a Norwegian publicly listed limited company, was established ...
  • DrawWorks, L.P.
    DrawWorks, L.P. in short: manufactures and sells circulating, fill-up and flow-back tools for oilfield tubulars including casing, tubing and drill pipe DrawWorks designs, manufactures and sells circulating, fill-up and flow-back tools ...
  • Falmouth Divers Ltd
    Falmouth Divers Ltd in short: diving support services and general Marine Civil Engineering and Hydrographic Surveying. Falmouth Divers was established in 1978 to provide diving support services to the Marine and ...
  • High Pressure Equipment Company
    High Pressure Equipment Company in short: providing quality components and systems for elevated pressure applications, high pressure valves and fittings High Pressure Equipment Company is proud to celebrate its 50th anniversary ...
  • Applied Electronic Systems Inc.
    Applied Electronic Systems Inc. in short: design and manufacturing of electric wireline tools and electronics designing downhole wireline tools that can handle hostile drilling environments applied electronics, applied electronic systems, downhole ...
  • Jindal Drilling & Industries ltd
    Jindal Drilling & Industries ltd in short: deep ocean well drilling engineering and more The D.P. Jindal Group of Companies is an organization of a highly motivated, disciplined and trained team ...
  • Cecon Cecon
    Cecon Cecon in short: independent Subsea Installation Contractor Cecon ASA is an independent Subsea Installation Contractor located in Arendal, Norway. Cecon is focussing on EPCI contracts for steel pipelines – J/S-lay, ...
  • BHP Billiton
    BHP Billiton in short: an international oil and gas exploration and production company in australia BHP Billiton is an international oil and gas exploration and production company with a predominant upstream ...
  • Multiphase Solutions, Inc.
    Multiphase Solutions, Inc. in short: is an internationally-focused provider of technical consulting services and software systems. multiphase, multiphase flow, flow assurance, deepwater, pipeline management, asset management, leak detection, multiphase metering, inference ...
  • Sealed Enclosures
    Sealed Enclosures in short: specialise in providing underwater housings Sealed Enclosures specialise in providing underwater housings, both ‘ off the shelf ‘ and bespoke designs for more specific ...
  • Gardline Geosurvey Ltd
    Gardline Geosurvey Ltd in short: geophysical specialist providing a fully integrated service with environmental, oceanographic and geotechnical expertise Gardline Geosurvey Limited is a geophysical specialist providing a fully integrated service with ...
  • CRC-Evans Pipeline International, Inc.
    CRC-Evans Pipeline International, Inc. in short: manufacture equipment, sell and rent equipment, and subcontract pipeline construction services. CRC-Evans Pipeline International, Inc. builds the most complete line of pipeline ...
  • General Robotics Ltd
    General Robotics Ltd in short: World leader in developing customised simulation solutions for the subsea environment. Founded in 1988, General Robotics Ltd is the world leader at developing simulation solutions for ...
  • MCT Brattberg AB
    MCT Brattberg AB in short: Cable and pipe penetrations for installation in high-risk environments MCT Brattberg´s earliest origins reach as far back as 1759, a time when Lyckeåborg was designated the ...
  • Ramboll Oil & Gas
    Ramboll Oil & Gas in short: expertise covers overall solutions in design and engineering for all types of oil and gas installations With more than 1,700 employees at 18 offices all ...
  • Owens Corning
    Owens Corning in short: innovator of glass fiber technology. Owens Corning was founded in 1938, the company has continued to grow as a market-leading innovator of glass fiber technology. Owens Corning ...
  • Pride International
    Pride International in short: is one of the world’s largest offshore drilling companies with an increasing focus on deepwater and other high-specification drilling services , drilling, offshore, deepwater, drilling and well ...
  • Princetel
    Princetel in short: communication, fiber optic rotary joints Princetel, Inc. Is a privately funded manufacturer of single, dual, and multiple channle fiber optic rotary joints, sometime also called fiberoptic sliprings or ...