List of Oil and Gas Companies in Southern Europe

The subsea oil and gas companies in Southern Europe are involved in all stages of the petroleum industry worldwide, but of mostly in the Mediterranean and West Of Africa. The Southern Europe petroleum companies search for, explore and produce petroleum, they transport, refine and market petroleum and petrochemical products. They are hence called integrated oil and gas companies. So, who is the largest oil companies South in Europe?

oil and gas companies in southern europe

The South Europe

Central Europe is the region between Western Europe and Eastern Europe. Like these concepts, Central Europe has also been constantly changing geographically. It started as a designation that covered German-dominated areas in Germany and the Austrian Empire, largely disappeared as a designation during the Cold War, but has recently re-emerged as a designation for the countries east of Germany and west of Russia.

Top 5 Oil and Gas Companies in the Southern Europe

Oil companies are among the world’s largest companies due to the importance of oil for heating, fuel and the petrochemical industry. The following list gives the top 5 companies in the South of Europe:

Top 20 List of Largest and Biggest Oil and Gas Companies in Southern Europe

Below is the list of top 20 biggest oil and gas companies and firms in Southern Europe. Click the links to find company profile, jobs and contact details for each company. Also, use the search buttons as there are many more in the company database:

List of Oil and Gas Companies in Southern Europe

  • Diesel Power AS
    Producer and supplier of tailormade diesel and gas generating sets for the shipping and offshore industries
  • Harris Pye Marine Ltd.
    leading specialists in repair of marine boilers, including all associated steam systems
  • SEACON (europe) Ltd
    a range of standard, dry-mate, fiber optic, hybrid connectors
  • Hawke Cable Glands Ltd
    is recognised as a world leader in the development and manufacture of Cable Glands for hazardous areas
  • Petrolia Drilling ASA
    owns and charters drilling vessels for offshore, deepwater oil and gas exploration and development drilling
  • Falmouth Divers Ltd
    diving support services and general Marine Civil Engineering and Hydrographic Surveying.
  • Cecon Cecon
    independent Subsea Installation Contractor
  • Gardline Geosurvey Ltd
    geophysical specialist providing a fully integrated service with environmental, oceanographic and geotechnical expertise
  • General Robotics Ltd
    World leader in developing customised simulation solutions for the subsea environment.
  • MCT Brattberg AB
    Cable and pipe penetrations for installation in high-risk environments
  • Ramboll Oil & Gas
    expertise covers overall solutions in design and engineering for all types of oil and gas installations
  • Insensys
    providing improvements in performance, safety and profitability by fibre optic strain and temperature measurement.
  • Well Processing AS
    Swit system provides treatment and injection of seawater on the seabed
  • FUGRO Survey Ltd
    Operates a fleet of six vessels permanently equipped with survey spreads, including geophysical/hydrographic vessels
  • Selantic AS
    Slings, tethers, suction anchors, synthetic fibre engineering, ROV-friendly rigging, seabed foundation and anchoring techniques
  • Rolf Lycke AS
    supplier and stockist of pipes, fittings and flanges in carbon, low temperature and stainless steel.
  • Marin Teknikk AS
    design, spesifications and calculations for all types of advanced vessels
  • LMG Marin
    Offers naval architecture and marine engineering services for the shipping and offshore industries
  • Autexier
    swing check valve, check valve, non-return valve
  • Optimum Production AS
    engineering products and consulting services for oil companies and oil service companies, reservoir engineering, drilling and well technology.