Drilling and Well Services

Quick Guide: How to Find Subsea Oil and Gas Drilling and Well Services Companies?

The offshore well drilling and services companies at sea can be done from several different offshore installations. There is mainly a distinction between fixed and floating platforms. Fixed offshore installations stand on the seabed in shallow waters using a steel truss, or a solid concrete structure. Floating platforms have no fixed connection with the seabed but use anchoring or dynamic positioning. 

Drilling and Well Services Companies
Drilling and Well Service Companies

What do Drilling and Well Services Companies Do?

In contrast to fixed installations, floating platforms will have a relative displacement in relation to the seabed as a result of external stresses. This entails a safety risk during drilling and well service operations, which means that only seabed-completed wells are drilled from floating installations. This mainly means wells that have the necessary safety valves located on the seabed, and not up on the platform as fixed ones have.

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The oilfield companies are doing the following drilling operations, Abandonment, Artificial Lift, Cased Hole, Cementing, Coil Tubing, Completions, Deepwater Drilling, Directional Drilling, Drill Cuttings, Drilling, Drilling Chemicals, Drilling Fluids, Drilling Mud, Drilling Tools, Drill pipe Inspection, Drilling Supplies, Intelligent Wells, Offshore Drilling, Oil and Gas Drilling, Snubbing, Top Drive, Sand Control, Underbalanced, Well Control, Well Drilling Contractor, Well Intervention, Well Services, Workover Riser, Workover.

Drilling and Well Services Companies Locations

Many of the drilling and well services companies are located in the major oil and gas cities and oil capitols such as Stavanger, Norway, Aberdeen, Scotland, Houston, Texas, USA and Perth, Australia. In addition, there are also many oil and gas well services businesses with head office or branches in the largest cities and town of the world such as London, Singapore, Luanda, Angola, Port Harcourt, Nigeria and Rio, Brazil. To find “well services companies locations” you can use the search field at the right side on this web site and enter your country or city and you will get a comprehensive list of drilling companies close to your location.

Top 5 Largest Drilling and Well Services Companies in the World

The following list gives the top 5 largest drilling and well services companies in the World (2021):

  • Schlumberger
  • Halliburton
  • Baker Hughes
  • Petrofac
  • Weatherford

List of Companies

Below is the list of top 10 companies and firms that are related to the oil and gas well services category. Click the link to find company profile, jobs and contact details for each company:

Wellhead Load Relief Calculations and Analysis – WLR

Brønnhode Avlastning Analyser og Beregninger av WLR Systemer

List of Top 10 Drilling Companies in The Oil and Gas Industry?

  • Petrolia Drilling ASA
    Petrolia Drilling ASA in short: owns and charters drilling vessels for offshore, deepwater oil and gas exploration and development drilling Petrolia Drilling ASA, a Norwegian publicly listed limited company, was established ...
  • DrawWorks, L.P.
    DrawWorks, L.P. in short: manufactures and sells circulating, fill-up and flow-back tools for oilfield tubulars including casing, tubing and drill pipe DrawWorks designs, manufactures and sells circulating, fill-up and flow-back tools ...
  • Jindal Drilling & Industries ltd
    Jindal Drilling & Industries ltd in short: deep ocean well drilling engineering and more The D.P. Jindal Group of Companies is an organization of a highly motivated, disciplined and trained team ...
  • Pride International
    Pride International in short: is one of the world’s largest offshore drilling companies with an increasing focus on deepwater and other high-specification drilling services , drilling, offshore, deepwater, drilling and well ...
  • Well Processing AS
    Well Processing AS in short: Swit system provides treatment and injection of seawater on the seabed Well Processing is a provider of engineering services for subsea processing. We work as an ...
  • LMG Marin
    LMG Marin in short: Offers naval architecture and marine engineering services for the shipping and offshore industries LMG Marin AS descends from the private and independent company Lund, Mohr & Giæver-Enger, ...
  • Punj Lloyd Ltd
    Punj Lloyd Ltd in short: one of the largest engineering construction companies in India providing integrated design, engineering, procurement, construction and project management Punj Lloyd Limited is one of the largest ...
  • Optimum Production AS
    Optimum Production AS in short: engineering products and consulting services for oil companies and oil service companies, reservoir engineering, drilling and well technology. The company provides a range of engineering products ...
  • DOTgroup International
    DOTgroup International in short: focused towards the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power, Ship building and Building Services / Construction industries DOTgroup International began trading in January 2001 and is entirely focused ...
  • SPN Resources
    SPN Resources in short: acquire, operate and abandon mature properties in the Gulf of Mexico SPN Resources was established to acquire, operate and abandon mature properties in the Gulf of Mexico. ...

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