Campos Basin

Quick Guide: Subsea Projects in Campos Basin Oil and Gas Fields

Where is the Campos Basin?

The subsea oil and gas projects in the Campos Basin is located offshore the coast of Brazil. The oil and gas field are 50 to 150 km offshore the coast of Brazil and are being developed by Petrobras.

Campos Basin Subsea Oil and gas

How deep is the Campos Basin?

The water depths at the Campos Basin are ranging from just 80 meters down to 2,400 meters making it one of the deepest subsea oil and gas field in the world.

Campos Basin Subsea Oil and Gas and Petrobras

Petrobras is a Brazilian oil and energy company, and the largest industrial group south of the United States on the American continent. There are many Campos Basin projects under development. The company was started in 1953 and conducts oil and gas exploration, production, refining and resale of petroleum products, agricultural-based oil and alcohol production, other energy production and fertilizer production. In 2020, the company had operations in several countries in South America, in US waters in the Gulf of Mexico and in Asia. In Mexico, the company cooperates with the state-owned Mexican oil company Pemex. The company has had operations in Africa, but in 2020 was in the process of withdrawing from its African involvement.

Subsea Production Systems

Subsea oil and gas field developments and subsea oil and gas projects in the Campos Basin is complicated and it takes years from the initial successful geophysical and seismic surveys to first oil. Exploration drilling and the reservoir can be defined and the volume of oil and gas or condensate can be estimated. The Campos Basin Oil and Gas field layout can now be developed, including the design of the subsea production systems, subsea structures, pipelines routing and the topside oil production facilities and installations. After all the wells have been drilled and the subsea production systems are installed, the oil production can finally begin.

Campos Basin Subsea Projects and Oil Field Developments

Below is a list of Campos Basin Subsea oil and gas field developments:

  • Espadarte by Petrobras
    FPSO VI was originally the monohull tanker named Berge Pilot and was converted at Astano in Cadiz, for Ashland in Nigeria, to produce the Ebughu, Akam and Adanga fields. The actual conversion process was undertaken by the Keppel shipyard, in Singapore. The contract required Keppel to remove all the existing oil processing utility equipment, and install ...
  • Marlim Sul by Petrobras
    field was discovered in November 1987 by the wildcat well 4-RJS-382. The field is located 110km (68 miles) off the northern shore of the Rio de Janeiro state. Water depth varies from 720m in the north, to 2,600m in the south of the field. Marlim Sul, Campos Basin, Petrobras, America(South),
  • Roncador by Petrobras
    In March 2001, the P-36, which was stationed over the Roncador field, sank after three explosions left 11 workers dead. At the time, the world’s biggest semisubmersible had been producing 84,000b/d and 1.3 million m³/d of gas. Roncador, Campos Basin, Petrobras, America(South),
  • Bijupira and Salema by Enterprise Oil
    The fields have combined estimated recoverable reserves of around 170 million barrels of oil in place. Bijupira is the larger with 114 million barrels. The Bijupira and Salema crude oils are relatively light (28° API and 31° API, respectively). There is also 1.6 billion cubic metres of gas. The fields were discovered by Petrobras in 1990. ...
  • PROCAP 2000 by Petrobras
    The main target is to promote the development of flexible pipes, accessories and installation procedures for water depths up to 3,000m, so as to evaluate and validate new flexible pipe design criteria and new material applicability. The sub-projects include horizontal christmas trees for water 2,500m deep; a drill pipe riser for ultra deep water; alternatives ...
  • Barracuda and Caratinga by Petrobras
    The ANP had granted Petrobras concession rights for the production, gathering, processing, storage, sale and delivery of crude oil, natural gas and by-products extracted from the fields. Together, the two oil fields were expected to produce 773 million barrels of oil by 2025. The proved and probable oil reserves of the oil fields were estimated ...
  • Marlim Oil by Petrobras
    The Marlim field was discovered in January 1985 through the drilling of the RJS219A well. It is located in the Campos Basin, approximately 110 km off the coast of Rio de Janeiro. Due to the complexity of the project, the development of this field was planned in 5 modules, with 7 production units (4 of ...

More Worldwide Subsea Projects

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