Oil Rig Jobs

Quick Guide: How to Get Oil Rig Jobs in Subsea Oil and Gas

Oil Rig Jobs Description

When working in oil rig jobs, you often have a 2-4 rotation which means that you work two weeks, before there are four weeks off. When you are out on the rig there are 12-hour shifts, one weeknight shifts and one weekday shifts. You often travel to work by helicopter.

Oil Rig Jobs
Oil Rig Jobs

In oil rig jobs, your job is mainly to contribute to the drilling operations. You work mostly on drilling decks, where the crew handle a lot of different drilling equipment. The workers have both manually and automatically operated drilling equipment. When they drive the automatic drilling equipment, you can sit in a chair and work, but most often the offshore workers are out on deck. There they can do everything from rinsing with a high pressure washer to doing equipment inspections. Also, there are rig tasks as carry out maintenance, pressure testing and routine checks. Ensuring that the submerged structure have sufficient subsea corrosion protection is also part of the job, replacing anodes and applying paint and coating.

The oil rig job is quite technical, and you work with the whole spectrum from gross mechanics to fine mechanics, which is very exciting. One definitely gets dirty on the hands and gets to do a lot of practical things. On the rig there are many different professions, and all are equally important.

Entry Level Oil Rig Jobs No Experience

You may start you work as a tower man, drilling deck worker, floorhand, roughneck or roustabout without experience or education. This is a typical of the entrance professions for work offshore on a fix offshore installation or floating drilling rig. The deck worker works with practical tasks on the drilling deck in the actual drilling operation.

Career Path

It is possible to work your way up to and including the tower man when you have a trade certificate. Then you can take technical vocational school. You can do this in combination with a job, and with that education and a number of courses, you are qualified all the way up to drilling manager. In oil rig jobs, you can take some courses through work, such as. truck driver, crane course, fall protection course, etc. It can also open up opportunities for other jobs. The shift scheme provides a good opportunity to study part-time if you wish.

Oil Rig Jobs Salary

After you have received a trade certificate, you start with a basic salary of a little over $60k. There are also a number of supplements, so the salary is closer to $70k. Then it rises a little gradually, according to the tariff. It makes a difference whether you work on a floating oil rig or fixed offshore installations.

The following drilling companies may be hiring now:

Oil Rig Jobs Near Me

Most of the opportunities are with companies in the major oil and gas hot spots such as Stavanger, Norway, Aberdeen, Scotland, London, UK, Houston, USA and Perth, Australia. If you like to travel there are also many oil rig jobs in North Dakota, Singapore, Luanda, Angola, Port Harcourt, Nigeria and Rio, Brazil. To find “oil rig jobs near me” you can use the search field at the right side on this web site and enter your country or part of the world you want to work in and the search results gives you drilling companies hiring.

List of Top 10 Job Descriptions

Below are the full list of job descriptions that are related to the drilling rig category. Click the link to find all jobs and available positions under each job description:

Top 10 Oil Rig Jobs

Below are the top 10 oil rig jobs list in the subsea oil and gas jobs and careers database:

  • Drilling Section Leader, Drillships Jobs in Offshore, Angola
    he Drilling Section Leader’s main functions include but are not limited to: a) Ensure operation of the drilling unit are planned and executed in a safe and proper manner according to the drilling program. b) Responsible for a clean and tidy area of responsibility. c) Develop and maintain good working relations with other departmental managers, operator’s representatives onboard, ...
  • Assistant Driller Jobs in Offshore, UK
    Responsible for own personal safety and the safety of co-workers. • Ensures that activities are conducted in accordance with corporate Permit to Work system. • Assist in the operation of machinery and equipment necessary to prepare to drill and to drill. • Assists in the operation of the drilling fluid circulating system. • Interprets gauge readings showing status of ...
  • Directional Driller Jobs in Port Gentil, Gabon
    Monitor and operate directional drilling equipment at the field site. - Provide advice for well planning. - Provide advice for bit selection and BHA composition. - Liaise with customer representative to ensure smooth operation and understanding of requirements. - Pre / Post job briefing and reporting as required. - Monitor effective use of down hole and surface equipment to fully ...
  • Operations Geophysicist Jobs in Reading, UK
    An expert advisory role primarily optimising land and marine seismic acquisition and site survey operations requiring excellent communication skills liaising with Geoscientists, Well Engineering and Drillers. Ability to become involved in supervising processing projects would be an advantage. Key reponsibilities include: - BG Advance point-of-contact to support BG Asset Geophysicist with Geophysical Data Acquisition with responsibility ...
  • Subsea Engineer Jobs in Offshore, Australia
    Job Description AGR are currently looking to recruit two Subsea Engineers to work back to back for our client a drilling contractor who is operating a MODU in Australian Waters. As a Subsea Engineer you will work on an even time rotation offshore and will be experienced with Subsea BOP stacks and related equipment having ...
  • Driller Jobs in Offshore, UK
    Ensco require a Driller on the E100 based in the UK on a 21×21 rotation. Responsible for operation of drilling machinery and equipment including the circulating system. Directs drilling crew and assures optimum drilling process. Reports directly to the Toolpusher. Supervises the Drill Crew. • Operates drilling equipment to coordinate the operation of machinery and equipment functions ...
  • Experienced Directional Driller Jobs in Luanda, Angola
    Manage the running of INTEQ tools and services as assigned • Perform basic maintenance on various types of field equipment and determine the equipment’s current operational status at the well site • Perform all required responsibilities safely and as described in work instructions, job-site analyses and training manuals • Execute other related duties as assigned • Conduct all business activities in accordance to ...
  • Specialized Tool Engineer Jobs in Offshore, Netherlands
    Reporting to the Wellbore Productivity Operations Manager you will be responsible for the provision of operational support at client locations and M-I SWACO operational bases in a professional and organised manner. This role has been developed to fulfil our Specialized Tool offshore and onshore operational support commitments to our clients. The job consists of two ...
  • Floorhand – Offshore Drilling Rig Jobs in Offshore, Australia
    Maersk Drilling Australia is on the threshold of a major expansion providing longterm career opportunities. If you are looking to take your career places via skill diversification and international exposure; Why not come and experience the difference, you will be joining a team who sets high standards & strategies to exceed them. As a Floorhand ...
  • Deepwater Driller Jobs in Offshore, USA
    Responsible for the operation of drilling equipment and machinery, including the fluids-circulation system. Directs drilling crew in assuring op-timum drilling process. We have a vacant oil and gas industry position as Deepwater Driller in Offshore, USA, America vacant at Ensco USA. The job opening is in the Drilling and Driller department at Ensco America where ...