Ursa by Shell

The Ursa field uses a tension leg platform design for production operations. The TLP is a large floating platform permanently anchored to the seabed using 16 steel tendons, four per corner, each about 3,800 feet long. The TLP consists of a four leg hull with four pontoons connecting the four legs and forming a square below the water line. The legs for the Ursa TLP are each 85 feet in diameter and 177 feet in height while each pontoon is 38 feet wide and 29 feet high. The hull weighs in at approximately 28,600 tons. It was fabricated in Italy and transported to Louisiana for mating with the topsides aboard a Heerema transport barge. Ursa’s topsides are made up of six modules. The completed topsides/deck structure is 300 feet square by 50 feet in height. The topside modules were fabricated by J Ray McDermott in Louisiana.

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