List of Oil and Gas Jobs in Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Quick Guide: How to Get Oil and Gas Jobs in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

This is a guide on how to get oil and gas jobs in Rio de Janeiro or in the surrounding Brazilian area. We have made lists of subsea related oil jobs available in both Rio de Janeiro and in Brazil. In addition, there are lists of subsea suppliers and oil companies that should be of interest and that may be hiring right now.

Oil and Gas Jobs in Rio de Janeiro
Jobs in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

About the City of Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is a city in Brazil, and the capital of the state of Rio de Janeiro, located on the west side of the entrance to Baía de Guanabara. The metropolitan region has around 13 million inhabitants. Read more about the city.

Oil Companies in Rio de Janeiro

All major oil companies are represented in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The location near the coat of Brazil and being close to the offshore oil fields as Campos Basin and also the proximity to the local subsea suppliers design and verification and engineering makes this town a hot spot for oil and gas professionals to get an oil job. There are also many oil and gas recruitment agencies in Rio and you may want to contact these to help you with the recruitment process especially is you have no working experience or network in the subsea oil and gas industry.

Oil Jobs in Rio de Janeiro

List of Oil and Gas Jobs in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Jobs in Brazil

Oil and Gas Companies in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • Petrobras
    brazilian integrated corporation whose business is oil and natural gas exploration, production
  • Brasilamarras
    is the outcome of a joint venture between the Marajó Group (Brasil) and the Vicinay Group (Spain).
    construction and integration of floating units of oil production and gas
  • Advanced Subsea sas
    specialized in deepwater subsea construction support & services
  • Coester
    supplying integrated solutions with advanced data communication technology
  • Advanced Production and Loading
    Production systems: turret and mooring systems for FPSOs and FSOs.
  • G-Comex
    provision of logistics, procurement, management and commercial representation services for the Oil & Gas market
  • INTEC Engineering
    provides engineering services to the Exploration and Production, Construction, and Transportation sectors of the energy industry worldwide.

Companies in Brazil

  • Encana
    one of North America’s largest independent gas and oil exploration producers
  • Alstom Power UK
    is the world leder in hydroelectric equipment, combined-cycle electric power plants, energy production services and environmental control systems
  • Master Flo Valve Inc.
    manufacturer of subsea choke valves, specialty control valve, and subsea pig ball valve
  • Transocean
    the world’s largest offshore well services drilling company
  • Blue Water Shipping A/S
    is an international shipping, transport and freight forwarding company with head office in Esbjerg
  • G-Comex
    provision of logistics, procurement, management and commercial representation services for the Oil & Gas market
  • Guido Perla & Associates, Inc
    full service consulting engineering firm, specializing in providing design and engineering services for clients in the marine industry
  • Tenaris
    seamless steel drill pipe tubulars, casing tubing
  • DHI Water & Environment
    ecology and environmental chemistry, water resources, hydraulic engineering and hydrodynamics
  • Socotherm SPA
    The largest pipe coating and insulation facility in South America, Asia-Pacific and west Africa