Subsea Jobs and Careers

Quick Guide: Where and How to Get Subsea Jobs and Careers in the Oil and Gas Industry?

There are thousands of subsea jobs and careers in subsea companies worldwide where you can get jobs in the oil and gas industry, most of them are listed in our company directory. In this jobs and careers guide, we will show you how to find the right companies for you based on your education and talents to get a relevant job and a great career. Subsea.Org has one of the best job search engines in the oil and gas industry.

Subsea Jobs and Careers
Subsea Jobs and Careers

Let Us Help You to Find Subsea Jobs

To help you find your new subsea job within the subsea oil and gas industry using our job search engine, we have categorised the opportunities into main categories as listed below. Click on them to go to the next level with a how to guide with more detailed job descriptions, information on suggested entry level jobs, information on expected salary, career paths and jobs near med search. In addition, the top 10 subsea jobs are listed together with companies that may be hiring now.

Accounting and Finance Jobs

The accountant works in accounting for a company, or works in an accounting and finance company that keeps accounts for other companies. The job includes preparing, performing financial reporting and keeping track of financial records.. Read the full guide on how to get accounting and finance jobs in subsea oil and gas.

Business Sales and Management Jobs

The business, sales and management person can work in any type of a firm or company, or in a special business, sales and management company that provide such sales services for other companies. Read the full guide on how to get business, sales and management jobs in subsea oil and gas.

Construction Jobs

The construction worker can work in any type of a firm or company, or in a special plumber, building construction, electrician of in construction engineering and management. Read the full guide on how to get construction jobs in subsea oil and gas.

Consultancy Jobs

The consultancy person can work in any type of a firm or company, or in a special consultancy company that provide consulting services for other companies. The consultancy job includes giving advice and solve problems within your line of work. Read the full guide on how to get consultancy jobs in subsea oil and gas.

Drilling Rig Jobs

The following subsea job positions or titles are normally onboard an offshore drilling platform. From simple roughneck, roustabout and floorman at the lower deck level all the way up to the rig manager, platform chief. Read the full guide on how to get drilling rig jobs in subsea oil and gas.

Subsea Engineering Jobs

Subsea engineering jobs educations are higher technical educations at university and college level. You can become an engineer by taking a bachelor’s or master’s degree in engineering. We have made special guides on how to get jobs for each of these engineering professions:

Subsea Jobs and careers
Engineering Subsea Jobs

Mechanical Engineering Jobs, Electrical Engineering Jobs, Structural Engineer Jobs, Materials Engineering Jobs, Petroleum Engineering Jobs.

Health Safety and Environment Jobs

The health safety and environment (HSE) person can work in any type of a firm or company, or in a health safety and environmentcompany that provide such specialized services for other companies. Read the full guide on how to get HSE jobs in subsea oil and gas.

Human Resources Subsea Jobs

A human resource person works, among other things, with hiring employees, following up sick leave and preparing personnel policy documents. The position is also called HR consultant, personnel employee or personnel consultant. Read the full guide on how to get human resources jobs in subsea oil and gas.

Mechanic Jobs

As a mechanic, you work with maintenance, repair and improvement of mechanical equipment. Mechanics work with small and large machines. The offshore mechanic jobs are usually maintenance, repair and improvement of mechanical equipment. Read the full guide on how to get mechanic jobs in subsea oil and gas.

Oilfield Jobs

The term oilfield jobs cover a wide range of professions working in an oil field or on an offshore drilling rig or platform. From roughneck, roustabout and floorman at the lower level all the way up to the rig manager, platform chief. Read the full guide on how to get oilfield jobs in subsea oil and gas.

Oil and Gas Jobs

The term oil and gas jobs are wide and covers almost any type of professions involved in the subsea oil and gas industry.  The oil and gas industry are among the largest and employ millions of people all over the world. Read the full guide on how to get oil and gas jobs in subsea oil and gas.

Oil Rig Jobs

When working in oil rig jobs, you often have a 2-4 rotation which means that you work two weeks, before there are four weeks off. When you are out on the rig there are 12-hour shifts, one weeknight shifts and one weekday shifts. Read the full guide on how to get oil rig jobs in subsea oil and gas.

Procurement Subsea Jobs

The subsea procurement person can work in any type of a firm or company, or in a procurement company that provide such specialized services for other companies. As a buyer or procurer, you are responsible for the supply chain such as ordering goods, equipment or services that the company you work for needs. Read the full guide on how to get procurement jobs in subsea oil and gas.

Technician Jobs

The oilfield technicians involved in the subsea oil and gas industry are responsible for maintenance and repair of mechanical equipment and systems. Typical work tasks are cleaning and removing obstructions from well systems, drilling machinery and pipes. Read the full guide on how technician jobs in subsea oil and gas.

Subsea Career Opportunities

If you dream of a subsea engineering or related job within the subsea industry and lack working experience, you may have been told that the easiest way to get an engineering job is if you already have related experience. It may seem hopeless if you haven’t, but it is not. There are several ways in, and keep in mind that most people employed subsea today have previously been in your position. Below are some helpful tips for you looking for a job in subsea engineering.

Subsea Careers
Subsea Careers

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Work Offshore

If you want to work offshore, remember that while it can be beneficial with a lot of leisure time, there is also a lot of travel, time away from home, and long, hard work days in all kinds of weather and conditions. You should have thought in advance if this is a type of job you can think of. Also, be aware that many of the subsea professions involve a certain risk and that it is one of the reasons why you get better paid. If you are prepared and ready for all this, just start the job search now.

Entry Level Jobs

Most people who work in higher positions in the subsea industry have started at the bottom, such as deck work or maintenance work. To get started on subsea oil and gas jobs offshore, it’s important to be willing to take whatever you are offered. It may not be the most festive job, but it will give you a foot inside the door. Then you have the opportunity to work your way up or to another more relevant job. Many people start their offshore jobs and career as a substitute, so it is important that you are flexible and can set up at short notice.

Top 10 Subsea Jobs

Below are the top 10 jobs listed in the subsea oil and gas jobs and careers database (one of the largest and best job search engines):

  • ROV Supervisors Jobs in Offshore, Australia
    Day to day supervision of the i-Tech resource operating on work site. * When acting as the senior i-Tech representative offshore, maintaining communications with the clients offshore representative and project engineer. * Execution of the i-Tech operations and ensuring its timely completion in accordance with the relevant proposal and ...
  • Marine Engineers – Dynamic Positioning Jobs in Singapore, Singapore
    Scope of role * Assist in developing DP work in the Far East, in particular DP and FMEA * FMEA analysis and proving trials * Crane/Winch/Windlass inspections * Gap analysis for non DP vessels We have a vacant oil and gas industry position as ...
  • Subsea Process & Boosting Project Engineer Jobs in Houston, USA
    Aker Solutions have a long track record in subsea processing and boosting. We deliver both complete subsea systems and equipment. The subsea process and boosting department in Houston is facing many new exciting challenges and will increase its staff. As a project engineer you will assist in tenders and projects for subsea process projects. Your ...
  • Project Director Jobs in Lagos, Nigeria
    Reporting to the Subsea Projects SVP, you will provide direction to the Project team for this major Subsea EPC project, having the responsibility for the contractual and financial delivery of the project. You will be the key interface across the business, the client and the management team on all project matters. We have a vacant oil ...
  • Sales Manager – Northern Europe Jobs in Various, Netherlands
    Maintaining bookings forecast for the area of responsibility. • Winning new orders against the forecast as well as developing upsides opportunities. • Preparing monthly reports for Sales and Senior Management. • Assist in collecting aged receivable customer accounts. • Ensuring that all non standard terms and conditions are directed to the EH Contracts and Legal department for review and ...
  • Hook-Up HSE Advisor Jobs in Offshore, Various
    Responsible for providing support and guidance to ensure compliance with national and international regulations. To assist in the induction and familiarisation process for new people. To assist in identifying and fulfilling training requirements for all work-site people to achieve necessary HSE competency requirements. To contribute to the HSE readiness of the work-site. To produce and maintain work-site HSE documentation ...
  • Motorman Jobs in Offshore, International
    Ensure that incomplete repairs and projects are finished timely * Ensure that equipment failure is kept to a minimum and within contractual limits * Maintain good two-way communication with crew members * Ensure entries on permits, isolation tags, and logs reflect the current status ...
  • Business Manager-Subsea Thermal Insulation Jobs in Houston, USA
    Manage FMC Subsea’s global ambition to develop and implement new business initiatives in the area of thermal insulation for subsea production systems and expand into flowlines, pipelines and risers market • Develop business plan for subsea thermal insulation business and establish action plans for sales and marketing, sourcing and manufacturing of materials, application service, project execution ...
  • Principal geoscientist Jobs in Houston, USA
    The successful candidate will have a broad knowledge of geology, geophysics, and entrepreneurial thinking, to develop and make substantial contributions to an operated exploration and appraisal program focused on high impact prospect generation in frontier regions of the deepwater Gulf of Mexico. A range of positions are available depending on level of experience. Highly qualified candidates ...
  • Riser Engineer Jobs in America, Houston
    Manage the contractor with respect to all pipeline activities for the system SCR/Flexiable, Risers. Monitor technical performance and review Design Premise, design deliverables and offshore construction manuals throughout all project phases. Review dynamic analyses of the riser system covering transportation, installation and operation phases. Liaise with Company specialists to gather comments to design documentation and ...

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