Genesis by ChevronTexaco

Genesis – the production facility comprises a floating cylindrical hull (SPAR) moored to the seabed with integrated drilling facilities and a capacity of 20 wells. Oil and gas is exported via a newly built 49-kilometre, 14-inch pipeline to the South Timbalier 301B platform where it joins a 24-inch trunkline to shore. Developing the Genesis field began with a discovery well Chevron drilled in 1988 that foretold of the area’s vast petroleum wealth. Further drilling over the next few years confirmed the presence of oil and gas reserves, but the deepwater recovery technology of the day was considered too costly, risky, and complex to exploit the field. Seven production wells have been drilled and completed and development drilling was expected to continue into 2001. By 1993, Chevron had assembled a multidisciplinary team to determine whether new production facility designs—the spar and the floating production system —could be applied to the Genesis field. Chevron conducted feasibility studies of both concepts in 1994 and by May 1995, chose the spar concept to meet the design, budget, and time considerations. Chevron formed the Genesis Development Project as a joint venture with Exxon Co. and PetroFina Delaware Inc., Chevron owns 56.67 percent of the Genesis project, Exxon 38.38 percent, and PetroFina 4.95 percent. The cost of building the Genesis production spar and drilling its wells is projected at $750 million.

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