Exploration and Production

Quick Guide: How to Find Subsea Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Companies?

Explorations drilling is necessary to be able to safely detect a petroleum reservoir, but drilling of exploration and production wells are expensive, especially when the areas to be investigated are below the seabed and the reservoirs are deep, as is the case on the Norwegian shelf. Therefore, one usually looks for the most promising areas using various geological and geophysical surveys before the drilling process begins.

Exploration and production companies
Exploration and Production Companies

What do exploration and production companies do?

An oil company is involved in oil and gas exploration and production of oil and gas, exploring, extracting, refining, transporting or selling petroleum. Integrated oil companies are involved in the entire process from exploration / extraction to sale, while other oil companies may be involved only in upstream or subsea (exploration and extraction) or downstream activities (refining and marketing).

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Petroleum exploration is chance-based, although modern survey methods have improved the hit rate considerably. The exploration and production companies are involved in the following operations, crude oil production, investors, FPSO, LNG, natural gas production, oil gas exploration, oil gas field operator, petroleum products and joint Venture company.

Exploration and Production Companies Locations

Many of the Exploration and Production companies are located in the major oil and gas cities and oil capitols such as Stavanger, Norway, Aberdeen, Scotland, Houston, Texas, USA and Perth, Australia. In addition, there are also many oil and gas Exploration and Production businesses with head office or branches in the largest cities and town of the world such as London, Singapore, Luanda, Angola, Port Harcourt, Nigeria and Rio, Brazil. To find “oil and gas engineering companies locations” you can use the search field at the right side on this web site and enter your country or city and you will get a comprehensive list of companies near your location.

Top 5 Largest Oil and Gas Production Companies in the World

The following list gives the top 5 largest oil and gas exploration companies in the World (2021):

  • China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation
  • PetroChina
  • Saudi Aramco
  • Royal Dutch Shell
  • BP

Subsea Engineering

List of Top 10 Exploration Companies in The Subsea Oil and Gas Industry?

Below is the list of top 10 companies and firms that are related to the oil and gas engineering category. Click the link to find company profile, jobs and contact details for each company:

List of Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Companies

  • Petrolia Drilling ASA
    Petrolia Drilling ASA in short: owns and charters drilling vessels for offshore, deepwater oil and gas exploration and development drilling Petrolia Drilling ASA, a Norwegian publicly listed limited company, was established ...
  • BHP Billiton
    BHP Billiton in short: an international oil and gas exploration and production company in australia BHP Billiton is an international oil and gas exploration and production company with a predominant upstream ...
  • PetroChina
    PetroChina in short: is the largest oil/gas producer and distributor, playing a dominant role in the oil and gas industry in China PetroChina Company Limited (“PetroChina”) is the largest oil/gas producer ...
  • Devon Energy
    Devon Energy in short: independent oil and gas exploration services and producer Devon Energy is one of the top 10 public independent oil and gas producers based in the United States. ...
  • Landmark Graphics
    Landmark Graphics in short: software, consultancy and engineering for seismic and exploration In 1984, Landmark introduced the first commercial workstation for 3-D seismic interpretation. Since that time, the company has grown ...
  • Anadarko Petroleum
    Anadarko Petroleum in short: one of the largest independent crude oil and natural gas exploration and production companies Anadarko Petroleum Corporation (NYSE: APC) is one of the largest independent oil ...
  • Hercules Offshore
    Hercules Offshore in short: provider of offshore contract drilling, liftboat and inland barge services Hercules Offshore is a leading provider of offshore contract drilling, liftboat and inland barge services with operations ...
    EMGS AS in short: deep electromagnetic (EM) imaging, Electromagnetic Geoservices (EMGS) is the market leader in deep electromagnetic (EM) imaging, a groundbreaking technique that is proving highly effective in the search ...
  • ChevronTexaco
    ChevronTexaco in short: among the world’s largest global energy companies ChevronTexaco Corp. ranks among the world’s largest and most competitive global energy companies. ChevronTexaco Corp is Headquartered in San Francisco, it ...
  • BG Norge
    BG Norge in short: engaged in exploration for and production, transmission, distribution and supply of natural gas leading player in the global energy market, BG Group is a dynamic growing business ...

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