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Quick Guide: How to Find Subsea Remote Intervention Companies?

The remote intervention companies works in particular in connection with offshore installation, repair and maintenance activities, and is included in the exploration, development, operation and closure phase of a subsea oil field. The subject of remote-controlled underwater operations includes a number of different work areas that use remote-controlled underwater vehicles and remote-controlled underwater tools. Operations, maintenance and repair work are carried out on remotely controlled seabed installations and processing plants.

Remote intervention companies
Remote Intervention Companies

What do Intervention Companies do?

The remove intervention companies perform subsea operations using remove operated vehicle (ROV). They perform integrity management, such as subsea inspection, repair and maintenance using ROV tools. Remotely controlled underwater operations are characterized in that the underwater operations are remotely controlled from control stations on the surface. The work tasks included ROV cameras & video, dredging, navigation, piling, ROV/AUV, trenching, survey, torque tools, suction anchor and underwater construction.

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Remove Intervention Companies Locations

Many of the remove intervention companies are located in the major oil and gas cities and oil capitols such as Stavanger, Norway, Aberdeen, Scotland, Houston, Texas, USA and Perth, Australia. In addition, there are also many oil and gas businesses with head office or branches in the largest cities and town of the world such as London, Singapore, Luanda, Angola, Port Harcourt, Nigeria and Rio, Brazil. To find “offshore remote intervention companies locations” you can use the search field at the right side on this web site and enter your country or city and you will get a comprehensive list of ROV companies near your location.

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Top 5 Largest Subsea Remove Intervention Companies in the World

The following list gives the top 5 largest remote and intervention companies in the World (2021):

  • Subsea 7
  • Oceaneering
  • Allseas
  • DOF Subsea
  • DeepOcean

List of Top 10 ROV Companies in The Subsea Oil and Gas Industry?

Below is the list of top 10 companies and firms that are related to the oil and gas underwater construction category. Click the link to find company profile, jobs and contact details for each company:

  • Jelec USA Inc.
    Jelec USA Inc. in short: providing expertise in Electrical, Monitoring and Instrumentation Systems for the Marine and Oil & Gas Industries Jelec uses cutting edge technology when integrating systems to provide ...
  • Seatools
    Seatools in short: dredging tools, process sensors and instrumentation systems for dredgers, free flying ROVs Seatools was founded in August 1999 by a team of specialists with many years of experience ...
  • GeoAcoustics Ltd
    GeoAcoustics Ltd in short: remote intervention as seabed profiling and survey systemst GeoAcoustics is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of seabed survey equipment for a range of applications which are perhaps ...
  • Chelsea Technologies Group
    Chelsea Technologies Group in short: designer and manufacturer of environmental and oceanographic monitoring equipment Chelsea Technologies Group manufacture a complete range of underwater transducers. They can be used either as ...
  • HERNIS Scan Systems AS
    HERNIS Scan Systems AS in short: world leader within high quality Closed Circuit Television Systems (CCTV) and Visual Integrated Systems (V.I.S) HERNIS Scan Systems is a world leder within high quality ...
  • General Acoustics GMBH
    General Acoustics GMBH in short: developer of innovative hydroacoustic technology for detecting sediment layers and properties, high-tech producer of echosounders, General Acoustics, with its origins as an acoustics and sensors research ...
  • SMD Hydrovision
    SMD Hydrovision in short: design and manufacture of ROV thrusters tooling Systems. SMD Hydrovision’s core business is the design and manufacture of ROV Systems. The range extends from small portable hydrovision ...
  • Global Offshore Consulting AS
    Global Offshore Consulting AS in short: Provides C-Nav world DGPS – globally corrected GPS system. Also provides ROV, survey and contract personnel to the offshore industry worldwide Global Offshore Consulting AS ...
  • Sidus Solutions, Inc.
    Sidus Solutions, Inc. in short: specialized closed circuit cameras and video for subsea Sidus Solutions, Inc. (SSI) is a single source / full service provider for specialized closed circuit video for ...
  • Perry Slingsby Systems Ltd
    Perry Slingsby Systems Ltd in short: recognized provider of remote intervention technologies and equipment systems. Perry Slingsby Systems traces its beginnings to the early days of the aviation and ocean engineering ...

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