Pipeline Companies

Quick Guide: How to Find Subsea Pipeline Companies?

Pipeline companies construct pipelines which basically is a connection of pipe lengths to a closed facility. Used for transporting liquids and gases. Larger pipelines for the transport of water and petroleum are being laid both on the mainland and offshore. Pipes can be laid at depths greater than 300 meters, and the diameter of the pipeline can be up to 1.5 meters. Diameters of 16–42 inches (40–105 cm) are common.

Pipeline companies
Pipeline Companies

Pipelay methods

The most common pipelay method is to weld the pipes together on board a pipelay vessel. In shallow water and over smaller distances, the pipes can also be pulled out from land as new pipe lengths are welded on (bottom drawing). The pipeline can also be laid by the spooling method, where the pipes are first welded together on land and wound up on a large drum.

eSubsea – PLEM Pipeline End Manifolds

The pipelines are often protected against external corrosion with asphalt and a concrete jacket, as well as zinc anodes. Most pipelines are dug down, both for the sake of fisheries and to protect the pipeline. Pipelines on the seabed are routinely checked externally by ROV (remote-controlled submarine) and possibly by divers, and internally by instruments guided by a spike. When connecting to the platforms’ risers and where different pipe runs must be connected under water, welding is used in the habitat, a kind of diving bell, or the work is carried out with ROV.

Pipelay vessel

Some of the common tasks for pipelay and pipeline companies are cutting and bevelling, jumper spools, inspection, hot tapping, leak detection, pigging, pipeline maintenance, piping contractors, piping operators, protection systems, repair, riser, services, tie-in system and insulation.

Subsea Pig Launcher and Receiver

Many of the pipeline companies are located in the major oil and gas cities and oil capitols such as Stavanger, Norway, Aberdeen, Scotland, Houston, Texas, USA and Perth, Australia. In addition, there are also many oil and gas businesses with head office or branches in the largest cities and town of the world such as London, Singapore, Luanda, Angola, Port Harcourt, Nigeria and Rio, Brazil. 

Top 5 Largest Pipeline Companies in the World

The following list gives the top 5 largest pipeline companies in the World (2021):

  • Enbridge
  • Energy Transfer
  • Enterprise Products Partners
  • TC Energy
  • Kinder Morgan

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List of Top 10 Pipeline Companies in The Subsea Oil and Gas Industry?

Below is the list of top 10 companies and firms that are related to the oil and gas pipeline category. Click the link to find company profile, jobs and contact details for each company:

  • Cecon Cecon
    Cecon Cecon in short: independent Subsea Installation Contractor Cecon ASA is an independent Subsea Installation Contractor located in Arendal, Norway. Cecon is focussing on EPCI contracts for steel pipelines – J/S-lay, flexible flowlines and risers together with cables and umbilicals for subsea oil and gas projects, Cecon ASA is listed on Oslo Stock Exchange, Oslo Axess. ...
  • Multiphase Solutions, Inc.
    Multiphase Solutions, Inc. in short: is an internationally-focused provider of technical consulting services and software systems. multiphase, multiphase flow, flow assurance, deepwater, pipeline management, asset management, leak detection, multiphase metering, inference metering, Virtual Pipeline Manager, Visit our web site for vacancies, jobs and Multiphase Solutions, Inc. careers! We are located in Houston, USA, America(North) www.multiphase.com Multiphase Solutions, Inc. Products Multiphase Solutions, ...
  • CRC-Evans Pipeline International, Inc.
    CRC-Evans Pipeline International, Inc. in short: manufacture equipment, sell and rent equipment, and subcontract pipeline construction services. CRC-Evans Pipeline International, Inc. builds the most complete line of pipeline construction equipment in the world today. It ranges from pipe bending machines to ditchpadding equipment, from pipe handling and support equipment to pipe facing and ...
  • McDermott International
    McDermott International in short: energy services, providing engineering, consultancy and project management McDermott International, Inc. Is a leading energy services company, providing engineering, procurement, and project management for customers involved in the production of energy. McDermott International, S.A. designs, engineers, fabricates, and installs marine pipelines and offshore structures for development drilling and production, and subsea production ...
  • Punj Lloyd Ltd
    Punj Lloyd Ltd in short: one of the largest engineering construction companies in India providing integrated design, engineering, procurement, construction and project management Punj Lloyd Limited is one of the largest engineering construction companies in India providing integrated design, engineering, procurement, construction and project management services for energy industry and infrastructure sector projects. Punj Lloyd Limited ...
  • Apache Pipeline Products
    Apache Pipeline Products in short: major manufacturer of pipeline cleaning and maintenance equipment. Apache Pipeline Products is a major manufacturer of pipeline cleaning and maintenance equipment. We produce and supply a complete line of pigs and pigging equipment for oil, natural gas, and industrial pipelines around the world. Visit our web site for vacancies, jobs and Apache ...
  • HWC Energy Services
    HWC Energy Services in short: Off-shore drilling products, pipeline, advanced connectors drilling, completions, workovers, and recompletions to plug and abandonment. Visit our web site for vacancies, jobs and HWC Energy Services careers! We are located in Houma, USA, America(North) www.hydraulicwellcontrol.com HWC Energy Services Products HWC Energy Services Vacancies Top Oil and Gas Jobs in USA Top Oil and Gas Jobs in Houma Top HWC ...
  • Airpac Bukom Oilfield Services
    Airpac Bukom Oilfield Services in short: are a market leading air compression rental company Airpac Bukom Oilfield Services rents out specialist equipment to the worldwide oil and gas industries. Our extensive fleet of offshore Zone II and Rigsafe air compressors, the largest in the world, is complemented by a range of steam generators (steam boilers), gas ...
  • Tri Tool Inc.
    Tri Tool Inc. in short: producer of pipe beveling machines and portable machine tools. Tri Tool Inc. is located in a rural setting in Rancho Cordova, California, a suburb of Sacramento. Many of our employees live in and around Sacramento or in the Sierra Foothills nearby. Tri Tool Inc. building is near Gold dredging fields which ...
  • Andrew Palmer & Associates
    Andrew Palmer & Associates in short: continues to provide the specialist consultancy services to our clients The Penspen Offshore Business Stream was formed from the ‘Andrew Palmer and Associates Limited’ business acquired by Penspen Limited in January 2000. In recognition of the strength of the ‘Andrew Palmer and Associates’ brand in the subsea and offshore ...

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