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The Subsea Oil and Gas Directory have a massive data base of subsea products, subsea equipment, offshore projects and upstream focused businesses and companies. It contains a lot of useful technical information and details on subsea production systems, integrated solutions, oil and gas products and equipment.

Subsea Products and Equipment

Categorised Products and Subsea Equipment

Search for subsea products, machinery and components in our database and you will find useful information such as the products and equipment specifications, water depth rating, deep water qualified, life of field information and contact details for the range of products and services the supplier design, manufacture and supply. The subsea products are divided into the following main product categories:

eSubsea – Engineering and Design of Subsea Structures

eSubsea Subsea Hardware

Auxiliary Equipment

Auxiliary or ancillary subsea oil and gas components are products and equipment that are used in addition to the main components.

  • Corrosion Control Products
    New Subsea Auxiliary Corrosion Control Products List of Auxiliary Corrosion Control Products Top Oil and Gas Corrosion Control Companies Auxiliary Corrosion Control Jobs
  • Pressure & Temperature Loggers Products
    Pressure & Temperature Loggers products from Aquatec Subsea Limited Fully Self-Contained, Miniature Data Loggers Pressure & Temperature Loggers The AQUAlogger 520 oceanographic instruments are fully self-contained, miniature data loggers More Aquatec Subsea Limited Products More Auxiliary Products from Other Companies Top Auxiliary Companies Jobs related to Auxiliary products
  • Hoisting Products
    New Subsea Auxiliary Hoisting Products List of Auxiliary Hoisting Products Top Oil and Gas Hoisting Companies Auxiliary Hoisting Jobs

Here is a list of auxiliary equipment products used in oil and gas

Downhole Tools Subsea Products

Downhole Tools means downhole tools and describes the machinery used at the bottom of the drill string as a tool to achieve an efficient and safe drilling or well operation.

  • Wireline Weight Indicator System Products
    Wireline Weight Indicator System products from Canglobal Products Simply To Operate, Low Maintenance, Accurate Readings For Your Protection Of Downhole Tools. Wireline Weight Indicator System Ideally suited for use by Wireline service trucks CanGlobal’s Wireline Weight Indicator systems protect your downhole tool investment by accurately monitoring the line tension to alert the operator of impending problems. More Canglobal ...
  • Ezeeglider Products
    Ezeeglider products from Pi Intervention As The Next Generation In Centralisation Tools Ezeeglider The EZEE-GLIDER™ is the next generation in centralisation tools More Pi Intervention As Products More Downhole Products from Other Companies Top Downhole Companies Jobs related to Downhole products
  • Apex Big Bore Completion Solutions Products
    Apex Big Bore Completion Solutions products from Baker Oil Tools Improving Asset Value In Big-Bore Well Operations Apex Big Bore Completion Solutions Baker Oil Tools’ APEX™ Big Bore Completion Solutions make it easier for you to choose the best, fit-for-purpose completion solutions for improving asset value in big-bore well operations. More Baker Oil Tools Products More Downhole Products from ...

Here is a list of downhole tools products and equipment used in oil and gas

Drilling Equipment

The drilling equipment products are all the components used for field development drilling of oil and gas wells from the topside drilling machinery and down to where the downhole tools starts, which is near the wellhead or seabed.

  • Decp Premium Centrifugal Pumps Products
    Decp Premium Centrifugal Pumps products from Derrick Equipment Company Derrick Offers A Complete Line Of Centrifugal Pumps To Accommodate A Full Variety Of Drilling Applications. Decp Premium Centrifugal Pumps The Derrick Premium 250 pump series incorporates proven oilfield features including a heavy-duty 2½ diameter shaft. Standard features include replaceable fluid casing wear pad, SKF premium bearings and tungsten ...
  • Pipe Handling Equipment Products
    New Subsea Drilling Pipe Handling Equipment Products List of Drilling Pipe Handling Equipment Products Top Oil and Gas Pipe Handling Equipment Companies Drilling Pipe Handling Equipment Jobs
  • Rotating Diverter System Products
    Rotating Diverter System products from Stacey Oil Services Ltd Key Piece Of Underbalanced Drilling Equipment Rotating Diverter System The Stacey Rotating Control Diverter Head™ is is a key piece of Underbalanced drilling equipment, it diverts hazardous gas, steam and cuttings away from the rig and personnel. Click on the links below to find out more. More Stacey Oil ...

Here is a list of drilling equipment used in oil and gas

Subsea Products and Equipment

Subsea Instrumentation

Instrumentation, equipping with instruments, often in connection with automation of processes and plants. Industrial processes, large drilling machinery plants, etc. require close monitoring, and this is done by different types of sensors that are connected to common (display) or writing instruments, or, which are more common today; directly to computers that can monitor and control the installation or process.

  • Signal Converter Products
    Signal Converter products from Aanderaa Data Instruments Environmental And Meteorological Measuring Systems Signal Converter A unit for converting the Aanderaa signal forms VR22 and SR10 to 0–5V and 4–20mA signals More Aanderaa Data Instruments Products More Instrumentation Products from Other Companies Top Instrumentation Companies Jobs related to Instrumentation products
  • Cable Flats Products
    Cable Flats products from Flotation Technologies Hydrodynamic, Low-Drag Design Cable Flats Flotation Technologies Cable Floats fit directly around cables, chain or line without the need for additional attachment hardware More Flotation Technologies Products More Instrumentation Products from Other Companies Top Instrumentation Companies Jobs related to Instrumentation products
  • Dolphin Mk 2 Products
    Dolphin Mk 2 products from International Submarine Engineering Ltd Deep Ocean Logging Platform With Hydrographic Instrumentation And Navigation Dolphin Mk 2 The DOLPHIN unmanned semi-submersible was developed by International Submarine Engineering Ltd. to provide a stable sensor platform for operation in adverse sea states. Because it is a snorkeling diesel powered vehicle, More International Submarine Engineering Ltd ...

Here is a list of instrumentation products and equipment used in oil and gas

Marine Subsea Equipment

The marine subsea equipment or subsea products used in marine operation such as transportation, installation and during operation.

  • Glass Spheres Products
    Glass Spheres products from Teledyne Technologies Incorporated Unique, Reliable, Cost-Effective Method For Flotation. Glass Spheres Deep Sea Glass Spheres are a unique, reliable, cost-effective method for flotation and the housing of electronic instruments in the marine environment. More Teledyne Technologies Incorporated Products More Flotation Products Products from Other Companies Top Flotation Products Companies Jobs related to Flotation Products products
  • Submarine Pod Posting System Products
    Submarine Pod Posting System products from Brooke Ocean Technology Submarine Pod Posting System For The Canadian Navy Submarine Pod Posting System This system will be used to deliver emergency life support stores (ELSS) transfer pods to a distressed submarine. More Brooke Ocean Technology Products More Handling Systems Products from Other Companies Top Handling Systems Companies Jobs related to Handling Systems products
  • Anchor Pendant Buoys Apb Products
    Anchor Pendant Buoys Apb products from Crp Group Have Been Developed To Operate In The Some Of The Most Arduous Conditions Associated With The Offshore Industry Anchor Pendant Buoys Apb Trelleborg CRP manufactures a range of APB’s with sizes ranging from 1,000Kg to over 60,000Kg net buoyancy. More Crp Group Products More Marine Products Products from Other Companies Top Marine ...

Here is a list of marine equipment used offshore

Material Subsea Products

In the Offshore and Subsea industries, there are high requirements for tensile strength and impact resistance. The materials should have good fatigue resistance and stability and dimensional stability at high temperature. Corrosion due to continuous exposure to seawater is one of the offshore industry’s worst enemies.

  • Tungsten Carbide Products
    New Subsea Materials Tungsten Carbide Products List of Materials Tungsten Carbide Products Top Oil and Gas Tungsten Carbide Companies Materials Tungsten Carbide Jobs
  • Chainwire And Chain Swivel Products
    Chainwire And Chain Swivel products from Moorlink Chain/Wire Swivel Is Supplied In Either Forged Or Cast Version In All Material Grades Chainwire And Chain Swivel The low friction ultra compact Chain/Wire Swivel is supplied in either forged or cast version in all material grades. More Moorlink Products More Mooring Systems Products from Other Companies Top Mooring Systems Companies Jobs related to ...
  • Submersible Generators Products
    Submersible Generators products from Hayward Tyler Ltd Suitable For Immersion In Sea Or River Water Submersible Generators The electrical generator can be supplied to compliment a turbine arrangement powered by water, either tidal or river.The generator can be supplied in a variety of materials suitable for immersion in sea or river water. More Hayward Tyler Ltd Products More Engineered ...

Here is a list of materials product used in oil and gas

Subsea Production Equipment

  • Forgings Products
    Forgings products from Avins Industrial Products Corporation Enable True Cost Reductions And Superior Performance Forgings We have been supplying precision forgings for more than 40 years and have been continuously improving our production capabilities and steadily expanding our product line of specialized alloys More Avins Industrial Products Corporation Products More Forgings Products from Other Companies Top Forgings Companies Jobs related to ...
  • Premier Removable Production Packer Products
    Premier Removable Production Packer products from Baker Oil Tools The Best In A New Class Of Packers Premier Removable Production Packer New Large Bore Packer Delivers Advantages of Industry’s Best Permanent and Retrievable Tools More Baker Oil Tools Products More Packer Systems Products from Other Companies Top Packer Systems Companies Jobs related to Packer Systems products
  • Ptec Subsea Probes Cmep Products
    Ptec Subsea Probes Cmep products from Cormon Optimised Production, Lower Operating Costs, Extended Facility Life Ptec Subsea Probes Cmep Corrosion and Erosion rate measurements are made in line using CEION® high sensitivity metal loss technology. More Cormon Products More Subsea & Pipeline Products from Other Companies Top Subsea & Pipeline Companies Jobs related to Subsea & Pipeline products

Here is a list of production equipment used in oil and gas


Software, the binary files that make it possible to use a computer or other electronics. Without software, a computer is nothing, and the most important thing when choosing a computer is that it is able to run the programs you want to use in an appropriate way.

  • Boltcalc Products
    Boltcalc products from Fastorq Bolting Systems User Friendly Engineering Software Boltcalc Indicate a flange type, ANSI or API and fastener type, studs or bolts. Then select the flange class (900#) and flange size (ANSI 10" – 900# RF). More Fastorq Bolting Systems Products More Drilling Products from Other Companies Top Drilling Companies Jobs related to Drilling products
  • Vam Virtual Asset Manager Products
    Vam Virtual Asset Manager products from Multiphase Solutions Virtual Asset Manager™ (Vam) Is A High-Level Business Management System Vam Virtual Asset Manager Virtual Asset Manager™ (VAM) is a high-level business management system. It is the latest in MSi’s cutting edge technology for the management, operations and optimization of complex oil and gas, multi-asset infrastructures. More Multiphase Solutions Products More ...
  • Pipeline Integrity Management System Products
    Pipeline Integrity Management System products from Multiphase Solutions Integrity Management System™ Is A Proprietary, Dynamic, Rigorous Multiphase Pipeline Pipeline Integrity Management System MSi’s Pipeline Integrity Management System™ is a proprietary, dynamic, rigorous multiphase pipeline modeling application designed to assist operators in real-time, on-line monitoring of the operational integrity. More Multiphase Solutions Products More Software Systems Products from Other Companies Top ...

Here is a list of software products used in oil and gas

Subsea Valves

Valve, shut-off device in pipelines and on liquids and gases. Generally consists of a valve housing with a valve seat that the valve body seals against when shut off. The valve body is lifted from the seat by the lift valve, or displaced along the lock valve.

  • TBall Valve Products
    TBall Valve products from Alco Valves The Original High Pressure Ball Valve TBall Valve The ‘PB’ Series high pressure 3 piece ball valve, like it’s lower pressure range brother the ‘B’ Series, it offers flexibility where by the end connection sizes and types can be mixed i.e. PB4NS-12N offers 1/2” to 1/4” reduction in size across the ...
  • Gate Valve Model Products
    Gate Valve Model products from T3 Energy Services Normally Open Or Closed Position Gate Valve Model T3 Energy’s DF Gate Valves are hydraulically actuated, balanced stem valves intended primarily for sub sea drilling applications. With a balanced stem, there is no fluid displacement in the valve body during operation. More T3 Energy Services Products More Pressure Products from Other ...
  • Compact Plug Valve Products
    Compact Plug Valve products from Anson Designed To Meet The Needs Of Service Companies Compact Plug Valve ANSON have recognized the need for a more compact and rugged valve in applications where weight and space are at a premium More Anson Products More Valves Products from Other Companies Top Valves Companies Jobs related to Valves products

Here is a list of subsea valves products used in oil and gas