Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is a city in Brazil, and the capital of the state of Rio de Janeiro, located on the west side of the entrance to Baía de Guanabara. The metropolitan region has around 13 million inhabitants. The city was the capital of Brazil from the country’s independence Brazil was inaugurated, but is still a very important center of finance, communication, trade and culture.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Oil and Gas
City of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The Industrial City of Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is one of the country’s most important industrial cities with significant food, textile and electrical industries, oil and gas industry, petrochemical industries and the manufacture of pharmaceutical products. Shipyards and offshore services and support are also important. However, it is in connection with trade and tourism that the city derives its largest income. The city’s annual carnival is one of the biggest tourist attractions.

Top 10 Oil and Gas Rio de Janeiro Jobs

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Oil and Gas Industry

Oil extraction from the subsea field off the coast has been steadily increasing, but Brazil is still not fully self-sufficient in oil. Most of the production takes place on the continental shelf, and the largest field is outside Campos in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Focus is also on the deep and ultradeep water field and the pre-salt oil field. The former state-owned company Petrobras is a leading operating company.

Top 10 Rio de Janeiro Companies

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  • Encana
    Encana in short: one of North America’s largest independent gas and oil exploration producers Encana’s name is derived from Energy, Canada, and Alberta, but EnCana encompasses more than Canada’s major oil patch. The company, one of North America’s largest independent gas and oil producers, was formed when PanCanadian Energy bought natural gas heavyweight Alberta Energy in ...
  • Alstom Power UK
    Alstom Power UK in short: is the world leder in hydroelectric equipment, combined-cycle electric power plants, energy production services and environmental control systems In the world of power generation, one in four light bulbs worldwide is powered by electricity generated through ALSTOM-made equipment (turbines, alternators, boilers, combined-cycle power plants…) The company is the world leader in ...
  • Master Flo Valve Inc.
    Master Flo Valve Inc. in short: manufacturer of subsea choke valves, specialty control valve, and subsea pig ball valve Master Flo Valve Inc. Is a supplier of choke, specialty control valve, and pig ball valve technology. With the head office and manufacturing facility in Edmonton Alberta, Canada and with sales and support offices in the United ...
  • Transocean
    Transocean in short: the world’s largest offshore well services drilling company At Transocean Inc. -- the world’s largest offshore drilling company -- we are never out of our depth™ from the deepest waters to shallowest swamps. We are the: – Largest offshore driller with 165 mobile offshore drilling and production units, inland drilling barges and supporting assets.* ...
  • Blue Water Shipping A/S
    Blue Water Shipping A/S in short: is an international shipping, transport and freight forwarding company with head office in Esbjerg Blue Water is an international shipping, transport and freight forwarding company with head office in Esbjerg. The head office pulls the strings of the other Blue Water offices in Denmark – Copenhagen, Odense, Aarhus, Aalborg, Padborg, ...

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