Drilling Rig Jobs

Quick Guide: How to Get Drilling Rig Jobs in Subsea Oil and Gas Now!

Drilling Rig Jobs Description

The term drilling rig jobs covers a wide range of oil and gas professions working on an offshore or inshore drill barge or offshore platform or installation. The following job positions or titles are normally onboard an offshore drilling platform. From simple roughneck, roustabout and floorman at the lower deck level all the way up to the rig manager, platform chief. There are also positions directly involved in the drilling or workover operation such as derrickman, driller and the drilling supervisor.

Drilling Rig Jobs
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Entry Level Drilling Rig Jobs

You may start you work as a drilling deck worker / floorman / roughneck without a degree or formal education. This is one of the entrance professions for work offshore on a drilling rig. The drilling deck worker works with practical tasks on the drilling deck in the actual drilling deck operation.

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The entry level drilling rig jobs work tasks may include to operate rotary and percussion offshore drilling machinery and equipment for drilling oil and gas wells, clean and replace drill strings, liners and pipes, remote operating hydraulic and mechanical equipment, maintenance of equipment and putting drill pipes in the right place, have emergency tasks such as lifeboat operator.

Drilling Rig Jobs Salary

How much do you earn from working on a drilling rig? The drilling rig jobs salary and how much you will actually earn in an offshore job depends on which position and which company you are employed in, but a starting salary of $25k – $35k a year, plus supplements, is considered normal. As the experience and with higher ranking positions, the salary may increase significantly. You will also be on an offshore rotation, which means you will probably be working 12 hours a day when offshore for 2-3 weeks and then have 1-2 weeks off when you are onshore.

Top Oil and Gas Job Careers Paths for Graduates

What do I need to get a job offshore? The career path depends on which profession you want to enter. Having an education as a mechanic or electrician is good basis for graduates. The minimum for everyone who will work offshore is that they must have an approved health certificate, as well as safety course. Most drilling positions require that you have good knowledge of English and applicants with a trade certificate and relevant experience will most often be preferred.

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Oil and Gas Drilling Rig Jobs Near Me

Most of the jobs are with companies in the major oil and gas hot spots such as Stavanger, Norway, Aberdeen, Scotland, London, UK, Houston, USA and Perth, Australia. If you like to travel there are also many drilling rig jobs in Singapore, Luanda, Angola, Port Harcourt, Nigeria and Rio, Brazil. To find “drilling rig jobs near me” you can use the search field at the right side on this web site and enter your country or part of the world you want to work in and the search results gives you offshore companies hiring. Transocean have many offshore opportunities.

List of Top 10 Job Descriptions

Below are the full list of work descriptions that are related to the drilling rig category. Click the link to find all jobs and available positions under each job description:

Top 10 Drilling Rig Jobs

Below are the top 10 offshore oil and gas jobs list in the subsea oil and gas jobs and careers database:

  • Toolpusher Jobs in Gabon, Gabon
    The Toolpusher – Senior provides overall direction and management of safe and economical drilling operations on the rig. The Senior Toolpusher may perform the duties of the OIM/PIC on designated rigs. Supervises and monitors drilling operations; makes judgment to proceed with, suspend or cease drilling operations if there is doubt about the safety or accuracy ...
  • HR Leader Eastern Hemisphere Jobs in Offshore, Norway
    HR Leader Eastern Hemisphere (temporary position, approx. June 09-August 10) Seadrill Deep Water Units Eastern Hemisphere has an opening for an HR leader for its Eastern Hemisphere operations. This position will be responsible for several areas in HR, including but not limited to: • Following up on general recruiting on the existing deep water units • Work with ...
  • CAD Designer Jobs in Dubai, UAE
    Be able to create CAD drawings using AutoCAD. General computer skills with company software and network system. Can produce reports or lists to track progress of required project drawings. Has ability to work with plotters and printers thru a network system. Can perform inspections of construction projects to meet requirements of engineering construction drawings. We have ...
  • Diver Jobs in Sulphur, USA
    (1) Descends into water with the aid of a tender, communicates with surface by signal line or telephone. (2) Inspects docks and bottoms of propellers on ships. (3) Repair vessels below water line, replacing missing or leaking rivets with bolts. (4) Caulks leaks in ships or caissons. (5) Guides placement of pilings for structures such ...
  • Subsea Engineer Jobs in Offshore, International
    Accountable for providing Subsea support to ENSCO’s Business Units and other departments with regards to Subsea Operations of semi-submersible drilling rigs. The Subsea Engineer is a hands on Subsea supervisor role based offshore on a single rig who is responsible for the proper maintenance, monitoring, and operation of the Subsea systems and equipment onboard. We have ...
  • Pump Man Jobs in Mumbai, India
    We have been in the offshore drilling business for the last 20 years. Now we have three new jack-up rigs, with AC driven motors and Amphion based automated drilling systems. They are already operating in Indian waters. For these state of the art Jack-Ups, we need quality staff and experienced hands to be a part ...
  • Structural Analysis Engineer Jobs in Kongsberg, Norway
    Main tasks: * Perform global analysis on workover riser systems. Dynamic analysis of workover risers, marine risers, pipe in pipe systems, this includes FMC systems and rig systems. * Fatigue assessment on now systems, connectors, components and pipe systems, in or outside of a marine riser. ...
  • Marine Captain Jobs in Miri, Malaysia
    Responsibilities : * To plan, co-ordinate and execute safe and efficient berthing and loading of crude oil tankers at the Company’s Single Buoy Mooring * To plan, co-ordinate and execute safe and economic movement and positioning of rigs and barges offshore * To provide marine expertise and advise to Company’s offshore marine operations * To formulate and enforce Company ...
  • Operations Geologist Jobs in Houston, USA
    The INT GEX NA organisation is responsible for all StatoilHydro’s exploration interests in Gulf of Mexico and operations support for one well offshore Newfoundland. At present, these GOM interests consist of multiple non-operated licences and 6-12 operated licenses in the Gulf of Mexico to be drilled starting December 2008. Two deepwater drilling rigs are to ...
  • Derrickman Jobs in Offshore, Australia
    Maersk Drilling designs, develops and operates a global fleet of advanced drilling rigs. With offices throughout the world, Maersk Drilling is a truly global player in the offshore drilling market. Oil companies from South America to lease our rigs because they know what we deliver: world-class drilling efficiency. With a constantly expanding fleet of jack-up rigs, ...