List of Oil and Gas Jobs in Aberdeen Scotland

Quick Guide: How to Get Oil and Gas Jobs in Aberdeen!

Oil Jobs in Aberdeen

This is a guide on how to get oil and gas jobs in Aberdeen or in the surrounding Aberdeenshire. We have made lists of subsea related oil jobs available in both Aberdeen and in Scotland. In addition, there are lists of subsea suppliers and oil companies that should be of interest and that may be hiring right now.

Oil and gas jobs in Aberdeen
Oil and Gas Jobs in Aberdeen, Scotland

The City of Aberdeen

Aberdeen is often, together with Stavanger, referred to as the oil capital of Europe because it is the center of most of the oil sector in the UK sector and the oil industry is the backbone of the local economy. A number of Norwegian companies in the oil industry are represented in the City. Read more about the city.

Oil Companies in Aberdeen

All major oil company is represented in the Aberdeen, Scotland. The location on the coast of Scotland and being close to both the UK sector of the North Sea and The Norwegian sector and also the proximity to the subsea suppliers and subsea engineering makes this town a hot spot for oil and gas professionals to get an oil job. There are also many oil and gas recruitment agencies in Aberdeen and you may want to contact these to help you with the recruitment process especially is you have no working experience or network in the subsea oil and gas industry.

Oil Jobs in Aberdeen

List of Oil and Gas Jobs in Aberdeen, Scotland

Oil Jobs in Scotland

Oil and Gas Companies in Aberdeen, Scotland

  • impROV Ltd
    engineering and manufacturing across, drilling, production and workover equipment, both surface and subsea
  • Sub-Drill
    Sub-X Wellhead & BOP Gaskets, MS-V Mud Saver Range, DSV Test Stand and Side Entry Sub
  • Total Waste Management Alliance PLC
    specialises in offshore and onshore cuttings handling, cuttings processing, oily water treatment, pit cleaning, drill cuttings containment

Oil and Gas Companies in Scotland

    Rovotics is based in the United Arab Emirates , Rovotics was formed in 2011 when a group of experienced ROV technical experts felt the market ...
  • Airpac Bukom Oilfield Services
    are a market leading air compression rental company
  • Score Group Plc
    Score Group plc is an international organisation, providing clients with a worldwide around the clock range of engineering solutions. Available 24 hours a day, our ...