List of Oil and Gas Companies in Maracaibo Venezuela

Oil and Gas Companies in Maracaibo

List of Oil and Gas Companies in Maracaibo, Venezuela

    Companies in Venezuela

    • Teikoku Oil
      japan oil and gas exploration, production and pipeline
    • Lundin Petroleum
      independent oil and gas exploration and production company
    • Equipos Petroleros C.A.
      manufactures products and generates services for the oil and steel industry,
    • Nouel Consult
      Engineering Consulting Services for Marine Works and Port Facilities
    • PDVSA – Petroleos de Venezuela SA/CITGO
      is responsible for the efficient, profitable, and dependable exploration, production, refining, transport and commerce of hydrocarbons.
    • Socotherm SPA
      The largest pipe coating and insulation facility in South America, Asia-Pacific and west Africa
    • Boots & Coots de Venezuela
      has full firefighting capabilities including personnel, engineering and equipment.
    • Workstrings LLC
      tubular rental company specializing in renting primary drill pipe string, tubing, landing strings
    • Tenaris
      seamless steel drill pipe tubulars, casing tubing
    • Vepica Wood Group, CA
      maintenance engineering and operations to logistics services at oil and gas installations and camp