MAUÁ JURONG S.A. in short: construction and integration of floating units of oil production and gas


The Mauá Jurong S/A (MJ), joint venture formed in 2000 with the group Jurong Shipyard (Cingapura), operates one of the biggest shipyards of Brazil that initiated its activities in 1845, being, therefore the oldest and traditional company of the naval area still in operation in the Country. Installed in the Tip D’ Areia, Niterói, Been of Rio De Janeiro, Mauá Jurong S/A is the only shipyard of great transport in the Bay of Guanabara and strategically is located Da Ponte Rio – Niterói before, what it facilitates the mooring of boats that possess restrictions of height or maneuver. The Mauá Jurong offers to its customers an ample line of services, including docagem, repairs, specialized engineering, conversions, new constructions and diverse activities correlatas. The Mauá Jurong S/A comes if detaching as one of the biggest centers of construction and integration of floating units of oil production and gas in the whole world. The performance integrated with the Jurong Shipyard (Cingapura) made possible great sinergia with otimização of resources and addition of experiences. Of this form, the traditional Mauá Shipyard, in the Tip D’ Areia, its associate, the CEC Equipment, in the Island of the Cashew and the Caximbau, in the Island of the Conceição, all in Niterói, fully is reactivated and ready for bigger challenges, in the activities of Construction of Ships, Offshore and Reparo. Topsides of the FPSOs of the Petrobras P-43, P-48, P-50 and P-54 had been constructed by the MJ, as well as the services of integration and comissionamento of the FPSOs P-43, P-50 and P-54. The company is located as shipyard of international classroom, with emphasis in the improvement of the activities of SMS&Q (Security, Environment and Health & Quality)

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We are located in Niterói, BRASIL, America(South)


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