Terms, Abbreviations and Acronyms by C


CsF  Caesium formate (coincidentally also an acronym of the sole large-scale supplier of caesium formate brine, cabot specialty fluids.)
CALVE  calibrated velocity log data
CHDTP  calliper HDT playback log
CALI  calliper log
CART  cam-actuated running tool (housing running tool)
CAPP Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers
CSUG  Canadian Society for Unconventional Gas
CSPG  Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists
CART  Cap Replacement Tool
CAPEX Capital expenditure
COTP Captain of the port
CCS Carbon capture and storage (or sequestration)
COXY  carbon/oxygen log
C&S  cased and suspended
CH Cased hole
CSHN  cased-hole neutron log
Csg Casing
csg  casing
CCL Casing collar locator
CCLP  casing collar locator perforation
CCLTP  casing collar locator through tubing plug
CHART Casing hanger assembly running tool
CHP  casing hanger pressure (pressure in an annulus as measured at the casing hanger)
CHRT  casing hanger running tool
CAS  casing log
CRT  Casing Running Tool
CIBP  cast iron bridge plug
CP  Cathodic Protection
C&E Cause and effect
CDIS  CDI synthetic seismic log
CE  CE log
CECAN  CEC analysis
CBL  cement bond log (measurement of casing cement integrity)
CEME  cement evaluation
CET  cement evaluation tool
CERE  cement remedial log
CRET  cement retainer setting log
CTRAC  cement tracer log
API RP 65 Cementing Shallow Water Flow Zones in Deep Water Wells
COS Center for Offshore Safety
cP Centipoise
CATS Central Area Transmission System
CNS  Central North Sea
COC  Certificate of Conformance
COFR Certificate of Financial Responsibility
CMTR Certified material test reports
CWI Certified Welding Inspector
CA Chandeleur Area Gulf of Mexico leasing area
CS Chandeleur Sound Gulf of Mexico leasing area
d Change (delta)
CO  change out (ex. from rod equipment to casing equipment)
CH Charlotte Harbor Gulf of Mexico leasing area
CHCNC  CHCNC gamma ray casing collar locator
CHECK  checkshot and acoustic calibration report
CHKSS  checkshot survey log
CHKSR  checkshot survey report
CDR Chemical Data Reporting rule
CIDL  chemical injection downhole lower
CIDU  chemical injection downhole upper
CIMV  chemical injection metering valve
CIV  chemical injection valve
COD  Chemical Oxygen Demand
CPI Chemical process industries
CVX Chevron
CFO Chief financial officer
CFC Chlorofluorocarbon
C&K Choke and kill
CBM  choke bridge module 
CM  choke module
XMT Christmas tree
CHROM  chromatolog
CST  Chronological Sample Taker log (Schlumberger)
CALOG  circumferential acoustic log
CRT  Clamp Replacement tool
CCA Clean Carribbean & Americas
CGA Clean Gulf Association
CW Clockwise
CITHP  closed-in tubing head pressure (tubing head pressure when the well is shut in)
CMR  CMR log
CNFDP  CNFD true vertical-depth playback log
DTPB  CNT true vertical-depth playback log
CSG  Coal Seam Gas
CBM Coalbed methane
CMP Coastal Management Program
CWPPRA Coastal Wetlands Protection, Planning & Restoration Act
CZMP Coastal Zone Management Program
CFR Code of Federal Regulations
CTLF  coil tubing lift frame
CT Coiled tubing
CTCO  coiled tubing clean-out
CTD Coiled tubing drilling
CTU Coiled tubing unit
CHOPS Cold heavy oil production with sand
COL  collar log
Brent crude Collection of contracts and futures contracts regarding oil from the Brent, Forties, Oseberg, and Ekofisk fields
CSI  Combinable Seismic Imager (VSP) log (Schlumberger)
CDP  common depth point (geophysics)
CMP  common midpoint (geophysics)
CRP  common/central reference point (subsea survey)
CGTL  compact gas to liquids (production equipment small enough to fit on a ship)
COML  compaction log
WAV5  Compensate Amplitudes
CDRCL  compensated dual resistivity cal. log
CND  compensated neutron density
CNGR  compensated neutron gamma-ray log
CNL  compensated neutron log
CTLF  compensated tension lift frame
CSO  complete seal-off
CWOP  complete well on paper
CF  completion fluid
COMPR  completion program report
COMRE  completion record log
CWOR  completion work over riser
CT Complex total
COMP  composite log
COMAN  compositional analysis
CAGR Compound annual growth rate
CDP  comprehensive drilling plan
CNG Compressed natural gas
P-wave Compressional wave
CFD Computational fluid dynamics
CBT Computer-based training
COMPU  computest report
CONDE  condensate analysis report
GE  Condensate gas equivalent
CGR  condensate gas ratio
COA  Conditions of Approval
CILD  conduction log
CAT  Connector Actuating Tool
C/P Consumption/production (ratio)
CONDR  continuous directional log
API RP 76 Contractor Safety Management for Oil & Gas Drilling and Production Operations
CHESM  contractor, health, environment and safety management
CDU  control distribution unit
CRP  control riser platform
CBM  conventional buoy mooring
CA  core analysis log
CORAN  core analysis report
CB  core barrel
CCHT  core chart log
CDATA  core data
CD  core description
CGL  core gamma log
CGPH  core graph log
CL  core log
CLG  core log and graph
COROR  core orientation report
CORE  core report
CSTAK  core sample taken log
CSMT  core sampler tester log
CORG  corgun log
CORIB  coriband log
CSR  Corporate Social Responsibility
CC Corpus Christi Gulf of Mexico leasing area
CORLG  correlation log
CRA Corrosion-resistant alloy
CPI separator  corrugated plate interceptor
CCW Counterclockwise
CPICB  CPI coriband log
CPI  CPI log (computer-processed interpretation)
CPIRE  CPI report
CTOD  crack tip opening displacement
CIKR Critical Infrastructure and key resources
XC  Cross-connection, cross correlation
X-linked Cross-linked (to increase gel viscosity)
XMAC  Cross-Multipole Array Acoustic log
X-over Crossover
XO  Cross-Over
XOV  Cross-Over Valve
XPOR  Crossplot Porosity
XPHLOC  Crossplot Selection for XPHI
DSPT  cross-plots log
Heavy oil Crude oil with API gravity of 20 or less
Xln  Crystalline (minerals)
CSTRE  CST report
CRM Customer relationship management
CUT  cutter log
CUTTD  cuttings description report
CYBD  cyberbond log
CYDIP  cyberdip log
CYDN  cyberdon log
CYBLK  cyberlook log
CYPRO  cyberproducts log
CSS Cyclic steam stimulation (method)