Terms, Abbreviations and Acronyms by S


SA Sabine Pass (Louisiana) Gulf of Mexico leasing area
SX Sabine Pass (Louisiana) Gulf of Mexico leasing area
SWP Safe work practices
SWL Safe working load
SWP Safe working pressure
SAFE Safety analysis function evaluation (charts)
SEMP Safety and environmental management plan as defined in API RP 75
SEMS Safety and Environmental Management System policy, as defined in US regulation CFR 30 Part 250 Subpart S
SPPE Safety and pollution prevention equipment
SIS Safety instrumented systems
SMS Safety management systems
SOLAS  Safety of Life at Sea
STOP  Safety Training Observation Program
SCE Safety-critical equipment
SW  Salt Water
SWD  Salt Water Disposal Well
SAML  Sample Log
SAMTK  Sample Taker Log
SANDA  Sandstone Analysis Log
SLCO Saudi Light Crude Oil (benchmark crude)
SCAP  Scallops Log
SLB Schlumberger
SCHLL  Schlumberger Log also SCHLO, SCHLU
SNIP Scotland-Northern Ireland Pipeline
SAGE Scottish Area Gas Evacuation
SDPBH  SDP Bottom Hole Pressure Report
SMLS  Seamless PipeMPP:
SN  Seat Nipple
SECGU  Section Gauge Log
SEDHI  Sedimentary History
SEDIM  Sedimentology
SEDL  Sedimentology Log
SEDRE  Sedimentology Report
SBT  Segmented Bond Tool
SC  Seismic Calibration
SL  Seismic Lines
SPROF  Seismic Profile
SQL  Seismic Quicklook Log
SREC  Seismic Record Log
SRD  Seismic Reference Datum, an imaginary horizontal surface at which TWT is assumed to be zero
SCBA Self-contained breathing apparatus
SCUBA Self-contained underwater breathing apparatus
SPMT  Self-Propelled Modular Transporter
SRL Self-retracting lifelines
SS Semisubmersible (MOU)
Semi Semi-Submersible Drilling Rig
SWE  Senior Well Engineer
SHA  Sensor Harness Assembly
SEPAR  Separator Sampling Report
SEQSU  Sequential Survey
SP  Set Point
SGR  Shale Gouge Ratio
SHA Shallow hazard assessment
SWF Shallow water flow
SPT  Shallower Pool Test, Lahee classification
SR  Shear Rate
S-wave Shear wave
SGSI  Shell Global Solutions International
SMAW Shielded metal arc welding
SS Ship Shoal Area Gulf of Mexico leasing area
SOPEP Shipboard oil pollution emergency plan
SHOCK  Shock Log
SSE Short service employee
STEL Short-term exposure limit
SP  Shot point (geophysics)
spf Shots per foot
SHOWL  Show Log
SDFD  Shut Down For Day
SDFN  Shut Down For Night
SIP  Shut In Pressure
SITHP  Shut In Tubing Hanger/Head Pressure (another term for CITHP)
SI  Shut In well
SI/TA  Shut In/Temporarily Abandoned
SDV Shutdown valve
SICP  Shut-In Casing Pressure
SIDPP  Shut-In Drill Pipe Pressure
SITP Shut-in tubing pressure
SIWHP  Shut-in Well Head Pressure
SPM  Side Pocket Mandrel or Strokes Per Minute (of a positive-displacement pump)
ST Sidetrack
SCDES  Sidewall Core Description
SCRS  Sidewall Cores
SNP  Sidewall Neutron Porosity
SIDSM  Sidewall Sample
SSG  Sidewall Sample Gun
Hs  Significant Wave Height
SIMCON  Simultaneous Construction
SIMOPS  Simultaneous Operations
SABS Single action bypass sub
SALM  Single Anchor Loading Mooring
SPFM  Single Phase Flow Meter
SITT  Single TT Log
SPBM Single-point buoy mooring system
SAT  Site Acceptance Test
SRT  Site Receival Test
SEA Site-specific environmental assessment
SV  Sleeve Valve or Standing Valve
SSD  Sliding Sleeve Door
SOW Slip-On Wellhead
SMA  Small Amount
SME Small and medium sized enterprises
SNAM  Societ? NAzionale Metanodotti now Snam S.p.A. (Italy)
SEG Society of Exploration Geophysicists
SIPES  Society of Independent Professional Earth Scientists, United States
SIGTTO  Society of International Gas Tanker and Terminal Operators
SPE Society of Petroleum Engineers
SPWLA Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts (formerly the Society of Professional Well Log Analysts)
SaaS Software as a service
SONCB  Sonic Calibration Log
SONRE  Sonic Calibration Report
SD  Sonic Density
SDIC  Sonic Dual Induction
MAST  sonic tool (records waveform).
SONWV  Sonic Waveform Log
SONWR  Sonic Waveform Report
SM South Marsh Island Gulf of Mexico leasing area
SMI South Marsh Island Gulf of Mexico leasing area
PS South Padre Island Gulf of Mexico leasing area
SP South Pass Area Gulf of Mexico leasing area
PL South Pelto Area Gulf of Mexico leasing area
ST South Timbalier Area Gulf of Mexico leasing area
SNS  Southern North Sea
SCAL  Special core analysis
SPCAN  Special core analysis
SEA Special end area
SPEAN  Spectral Analysis
SPEL  Spectralog
SWSS Sperm whale seismic study
SPRP Spill prevention and response plan
SPCC Spill prevention control and countermeasures
SONS Spills of national significance
SWHE  Spiral Wound Heat Exchanger
SP  Spontaneous Potential (Well Log)
SPOP  Spontaneous Potential Log
SGUN  Squeeze Gun
PB St. Petersburg Gulf of Mexico leasing area
SHO  Stab and Hinge Over
STAB  Stabiliser
SS Stainless steel
SPP  Stand Pipe Pressure
S&P Standard & Poors
scf  standard cubic feet (of natural gas)
SOP Standard operating procedure
ASTM F1166-95 Standard Practice for Human Engineering Design for Marine Systems, Equipment and Facilities
STP Standard temperature and pressure
SOSC State on-scene coordinator
SOR Statement of requirement
SOW Statements of work
SG  Static Gradient
STAGR  Static Gradient Survey Report
SAGD  Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage
SCR Steel catenary riser
SFL  Steel Flying Lead
SGS Steel Gravity Substructure
STFL  Steel Tube Fly Lead
STU  Steel Tube Umbilical
SDT  Step Draw-down Test (sometimes SDDT)
SKPLT  Stick Plot Log
STIMU  Stimulation Report
STL  STL Gamma Ray Log
ST Stock Tank – A measurement of liquids taken at specific pressure and temperature conditions
STB Stock tank barrel
STOIIP  Stock Tank Oil Initially In Place
STOOIP Stock tank oil initially in place
SWA Stop work authority
SEA  Strategic Environmental Assessment (United Kingdom)
SHDT  Stratigraphic High Resolution Dipmeter Tool
STGL  Stratigraphic Log
STRRE  Stratigraphy Report
STRAT  Stratigraphy, stratigraphic
SWOT  Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
STSH  String Shot
STKPT  Stuck Point
SSD  Sub Sea Level depth (in Metres or Feet, positive value in downwards direction with respect to the Geoid)
SME Subject matter expert
SPS Submerged production system
STL  Submerged Turret Loading
STP  Submerged Turret Production
SAM  Subsea Accumulator Module
SCM Subsea Control Module (Mounting Base)
SSCS  Subsea Control System
SSCV Subsea control valves
SDM/U  Subsea Distribution Module/Unit
SDU/M  Subsea Distribution Unit/Module
SEM  Subsea Electronics Module
SSIV Subsea isolation valve
SSM  Subsea Manifolds
SMPC Subsea Multiphase Pump: Pump, which can increase flowrate and pressure of the untreated wellstream
SSPLR  Subsea Pig Launcher/Receiver
SPCU  Subsea Power and Control Unit
SPS  Subsea Production Systems
SSV Subsea safety valve
SSTT Subsea test tree
SSTT  Subsea Test Tree
SSTV  Subsea Test Valve
SSTI Subsea tie in
SUT(A/B)  Subsea Umbilical Termination (Assembly/Box)
SUTA Subsea umbilical termination assembly
SUTU  Subsea Umbilical Termination Unit
SSU  Subsea Umbilicals
SSWI  Subsea Well Intervention
SS  Subsea, as in a datum of depth, e.g. TVDSS (True Vertical Depth Subsea)
SURF  Subsea/Umbilicals/Risers/Flowlines
SSSV Subsurface safety valve
SSSV  Sub-Surface Safety Valve
SSCSV Subsurface-controlled safety valve
SMO  Suction Module
SSCC  Sulphide Stress Corrosion Cracking
SUML  Summarised Log
SUMRE  Summary Report
SCADA  Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition
SEIS Supplemental environmental impact statement
SEP Supplemental exploration plan
SSSL  Supplementary Seismic Survey Licence (United Kingdom), a type of onshore licence
SABA  Supplied Air Breathing Apparatus
SDL  Supplier Document List
SCM Supply chain management
SCOTUS Supreme Court of the United States
SHL Surface hole location
SSV Surface safety valve
SURFR  Surface Sampling Report
SCSSSV Surface-controlled subsurface safety valve
SCSSV Surface-controlled subsurface safety valve
SURVL  Survey Chart Log
SURRE  Survey Report
SOP Suspension of production
SCP Sustained casing pressure
SBF  Synthetic Base Fluid
SCO  Synthetic crude oil
SOBM Synthetic oil-based mud
SSMAR  Synthetic Seismic Marine Log
SYNRE  Synthetic Seismic Report
SYSEI  Synthetic Seismogram Log
SBM Synthetic-based mud
SIT  System Integration Test