Terms, Abbreviations and Acronyms by L


LSD  Land Surface Datum
LIFO Last in, first out
LL  Laterolog
LARS  Launch & Recovery System
LD  Lay Down (tubing, rods, etc.)
LOPA Layers of protection analysis
LWR Lazy-wave catenary riser
LCNLG  LDT CNL Gamma Ray Log
LDTEP  LDT EPT Gamma Ray Log
LIT  Lead Impression Tool
LEAKL  Leak Detection Log
LOT  Leak-Off Test
LACT  Lease Automatic Custody Transfer
LOE  Lease Operating Expenses
LD Lethal dose
LCL Lethal dose (low)
LOA  Letter of Authorisation/Agreement/Authority
LCV Level control valve
LSH Level safety high (sensor)
LSL Level safety low (sensor)
LEEA Lifting Equipment Engineers Association
LOLER  Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations
LP Limited partnership
LOGGS Lincolnshire Offshore Gas Gathering System
LAOT  Linear Activation Override Tool
LOT  Linear Override Tool
LT  Linear Time or Lag Time
LVOT  Linear Valve Override Tool
LVEL  Linear Velocity Log
LINCO  Liner and Completion Progress Report
LNG Liquefied natural gas
LNG  Liquefied Natural Gas
LPG Liquefied petroleum gas
LGR  Liquid Gas Ratio
LP Liquid penetrant
LDL  Litho Density Log
LITDE  Litho Density Quicklook Log
LEPRE  Litho-Elastic Property Report
LIOG  Lithography Log
LITHR  Lithological Description Report
LITST  Lithostratigraphic Log
LITRE  Lithostratigraphy Report
LPH  Litres Per Hour
LQ Living quarters
LL Lloyd Gulf of Mexico leasing area
LFRD Load and resistance factor design
LMAP  Location Map
LOT  Lock Open Tool
LOTO  Lock Out / Tag Out
LOTO Lock out tag out
LAS  Log ASCII Standard
LOGRS  Log Restoration Report
LOGSM  Log Sample
LWOP  Logging Well on Paper
LWD Logging while drilling
LOGGN  Logging Whilst Drilling
LIBOR London Interbank Offered Rate
LSBGR  Long Spacing BHC GR Log
LSSON  Long Spacing Sonic Log
LAH  Lookahead
LCM  Lost Circulation Material
LTI(FR)  Lost Time Incident (Frequency Rate)
LTIR Lost time incident rate
LA Louisiana
LMOGA Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association
LGS  Low (specific-)Gravity Solids
LP  Low Pressure
LPWHH  Low Pressure Well Head Housing
LEL Lower explosive limit
LFL Lower flammable limit
LMRP Lower marine riser package
LMV  Lower Master Valve (on a Xmas tree)
LRP  Lower Riser Package
LAT  Lowest Astronomical Tide
LKO  Lowest Known Oil
LUMI  Luminescence Log
LU Lund Gulf of Mexico leasing area