Terms, Abbreviations and Acronyms by V


VDU  Vacuum Distillation Unit, used in processing bitumen
VIR  Value Investment Ratio
VAT Value-added tax
VRU Vapor recovery unit
VSD Variable speed drive
VDENL  Variation Density Log
VO  Variation Order
VOR  Variation Order Request
Jewelry Various hardware, such as packers, inside the well attached to production tubing
VDL  VDL Log (Variable Density Log)
VELL  Velocity Log
VWL  Velocity Well Log
VERIF  Verification List
VERLI  Verification Listing
VR Vermillion Area Gulf of Mexico leasing area
VN Vernon Gulf of Mexico leasing area
VXT  Vertical Christmas Tree
VLP  Vertical Lift Performance
VS  Vertical Section
VSP  Vertical Seismic Profile
VSPRO  Vertical Seismic Profile
VERTK  Vertical Thickness
VTDLL  Vertical Thickness Dual Laterolog
VTFDC  Vertical Thickness FDC CNL Log
VTISF  Vertical Thickness ISF Log
VERAN  Verticality Analysis
VLCC Very large crude carrier
VLTCS  Very Low Temperature Carbon Steel
Macaroni Very thin tubulars used in drilling and completion activity
VOO Vessels of opportunity
VOSS Vessels of opportunity skimming systems
VK Viosca Knoll Gulf of Mexico leasing area
VISME  Viscosity Measurement
VRR  Voidage Replacement Ratio
VOC Volatile organic compounds
VOCs  Volatile Organic Compounds
VME Von Mises equivalent
VIV  Vortex induced Vibration