Terms, Abbreviations and Acronyms by H


HAPC Habitat area of particular concern
HAL Halliburton
HOA Hand/on/off (switch)
HA Hazard analysis
HAZOP Hazard and operability (analysis)
HAZCOM Hazard communications
HAZID Hazard identification (study)
HAZOP  Hazardous Operation
CESQG Hazardous waste conditionally exempt small quantity generator
LQG Hazardous waste large quantity generator
HAZWOPER Hazardous waste operations and emergency response
SQG Hazardous waste small quantity generator
HRCC  HCAl of Calliper (in Inches)
HSMP Health and safety management plan
HES Health, environment, and safety
HSE Health, safety, and environmental
HSSE Health, safety, security, and environment
HAZ  Heat Affected Zone
C7+  heavy hydrocarbon components
HLO  Heavy Load-out (Facility)
HWDP Heavy weight drill pipe
HWDP  Heavy Weight Drill Pipe
h Height or thickness
HLO  Helicopter Landing Officer
HUET Helicopter underwater egress training
HDA  Helideck Assistant
HTM  Helideck Team Member
HFRS Helix Fast Response System
HWCG Helix Well Containment Group (an industry cooperative of 24 deepwater E&P companies working in the Gulf of Mexico)
HE Henderson Gulf of Mexico leasing area
HH Henry Hub
HEXT  Hex Diplog
C6  hexanes
HGS  High (Specific-)Gravity Solids
HIPPS  High Integrity Pressure Protection System
HI High Island Area Gulf of Mexico leasing area
HPWBM  High Performance Water Base Mud
HP High pressure
HPGAG  High Pressure Gauge
HPHT High pressure, high temperature
HDT  High Resolution Dipmeter Log
HT High temperature
HTHP  High Temperature High Pressure (same as HPHT)
HVDC  High Voltage Direct Current
HCA High-consequence areas
HP/IP High-pressure and/or intermediate pressure
HPU High-pressure unit
HUD  Hold Up Depth
HL  Hook Load
HCCS  Horizontal Clamp Connection System
HCM  Horizontal Connection Module. To connect the Xmas Tree to the Manifold
HDD Horizontal directional drilling
HPU Horizontal pumping unit
hp Horsepower
HWP Hot work permit
HH Howell Hook Gulf of Mexico leasing area
HPPS  HP Pressure Log
HCAL  HRCC Calliper (in Logs)(in Inches)
HFE  Human Factors Engineering
HFL Hydraulic flying lead
HHP  Hydraulic Horsepower
HPU  Hydraulic Power Unit
HC  Hydrocarbons
HFC Hydrofluorocarbons
HISC  Hydrogen induced stress cracking
H2S Hydrogen sulfide
HYROP  Hydrophone Log
HP  Hydrostatic Pressure
HEC Hydroxyethylcellulose
HPG Hydroxyl propyl guar
HYPJ  Hyperjet