Terms, Abbreviations and Acronyms by F


FL  F log
FMP Facility measurement point
FAT Factory Acceptance Testing
FAC  factual report
FS  fail safe
FIR Failure investigation reports
FMEA Failure modes and effects analysis
FMECA Failure modes, effects, and criticality analysis
FIT  fairing intervention tool
FRU Fast response units
FLT  fault (geology)
FTA Fault tree analysis
FCVE  F-curve log
FOGRMA Federal Oil and Gas Royalty Management Act (US Regulation)
FOSC Federal on-scene coordinator
FDP Field development planning
FER  field equipment room
FPLAN  field plan log
FR SIT Field Representation  System Integration Test 
FLRA  field-level risk assessment
CNCF  field-normalised compensated neutron porosity
FIL  FIL log
FCP  final circulating pressure
FGEOL  final geological report
FI  final inspection
FID  final investment decision
FNOS Final notice of sale
FRES  final reserve report
FINST  final stratigraphic report
FWR  final well report
FONSI Finding of No Significant Impact
FTM  fire-team member
FIFO First in, first out
FTP  first tranche petroleum
FCF Fishermen’s Contingency Fund
FSI  flawless start-up initiative
FC  float collar
FPS Floating production system
FPU Floating production unit
FPSO Floating production, storage, and offloading (vessel)
FSO Floating storage and offloading (vessel)
FL Florida
FM Florida Middle Ground Gulf of Mexico leasing area
q Flow
FPL  flow analysis log
FLOW  flow and buildup test report
FLOPR  flow profile report
FWV  flow wing valve (also known as production wing valve on a xmas tree)
FGBNMS Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary
FIP  flow-induced pulsation
FIV  flow-induced vibration
FBHP Flowing bottomhole pressure.
FTP Flowing tubing pressure
FWHP Flowing wellhead pressure
FLET Flowline end termination
FLIV  flowline injection valve
FLMT Flowline manifold termination
FSB  flowline support base
FM Flowmeter
FIT  fluid identification test
FLS  fluid sample
FLOT  flying lead orientation tool
FMC FMC Technologies
FMTAN  FMT analysis report
FX Foreign exchange
FSA Formal safety assessment
SEG-Y Format developed by the Society of Exploration Geophysicists for storing geophysical data
FANAL  formation analysis sheet log
FDC  formation density log
FEWD  formation evaluation while drilling
FFAC  formation factor log
FIT Formation integrity test
FINTP  formation interpretation
FIT  formation interval tester
FIV Formation isolation valve
FMI  formation micro imaging log (azimuthal microresistivity)
FMP  formation microscan report
FMS  formation multi-scan log; formation micro-scan log
XPT  Formation Pressure Test log (Schlumberger)
FT  formation tester log
FTRE  formation testing report
FVF Formation volume factor
FSU Former Soviet Union
FACHV  four-arm calliper log
FP Frac pack
FG Fracture gradient
FRA  fracture log
FPDM  fracture potential and domain modelling/mapping
FRARE  fracture report
FI(M)  free issue (materials)
FOB Free on board
FWKO  free water knock-out
FWL  free water level
FPIT  free-point indicator tool
FOB Freight on board
FEL From east line
FNL From north line
FSL From south line
FWL From west line
FEED Front-end engineering and design
FULDI  full diameter study report
FFM  full field model
FLMPI Full length magnetic particle inspection
FLUT Full length ultrasonic inspection
FH  full-hole tool joint
FOSV Full-opening safety valves
FDS  functional design specification
FV  funnel viscosity or float valve
FOET  Further Offshore Emergency Training
FBE  fusion-bonded epoxy