Terms, Abbreviations and Acronyms by M


MRBP  Magna Range Bridge Plug
MGL  Magnelog
MP Magnetic particle
MPI Magnetic particle inspection
NUMAR  Magnetic Resonance Image Log
MRIRE  Magnetic Resonance Image Report
MSS  Magnetic Single Shot
MAGST  Magnetostratigraphic Report
MT Magnetotellurics
MCHE  Main Cryogenic Heat Exchanger
MP Main Pass Area Gulf of Mexico leasing area
MHA Major hazards analysis
MPD  Managed Pressure Drilling
MOC Management of Change
MSC Management system coordinator
MCS  Manifold & Connection System
MCM  Manifold Choke Module
MCP Manifold compression platform
MPQT  Manufacturing Procedure Qualification Test
MPS  Manufacturing Procedure Specification
MARA  Maralog
MLF  Marine Loading Facility
MMO Marine mammal observer
MOF  Marine Offloading Facility
MR  Marine Riser
MSRC Marine Spill Response Corporation
MWS  Marine Warranty Survey
MWCC Marine Well Containment Co. Partners in the nonprofit include BP, BHP Billiton, Apache Corp., Anadarko Petroleum, and Statoil.
MTSRU Maritime Transportation System Recovery Unit
MQ Marqesas Gulf of Mexico leasing area
MF  Marsh Funnel (mud viscosity)
MS Mass spectrometry
MCS  Master Control Station
MSA Master service agreement
MSC Master services contract
MVB  Master Valve Block on Xmas Tree
MI Matagorda Island Area Gulf of Mexico leasing area
MRR  Material Receipt Report
MSDS Material Safety Data Sheets
MTO  Material Take Off
MTR Material test reports
MOT  Materials/Marine Offloading Terminal
XPERM  Matrix Permeability in the X-Direction
MAASP  Maximum Acceptable (or Allowable) Annular Surface Pressure
MAOP Maximum allowable operating pressure
MASP Maximum allowable surface pressure
MAWOP Maximum allowable wellhead operating pressure
MAWP Maximum allowable working pressure
MASPcc Maximum anticipated surface pressure for the completion case
MGW Maximum gross weight
MIYP  Maximum Internal Yield Pressure
MSP Maximum source pressure
Hmax  Maximum Wave Height
MSL Mean sea level
MTBF  Mean Time Between Failure
MTTF Mean time to failure
MD Measured depth
MD  Measured Depth (see also MDSS)
MDSS  Measured Depth Sub-Sea
M&R Measurement and regulation
MWD Measurement while drilling
MWDRE  Measurement While Drilling Report
MD  Measurements/Drilling Log
MSI  Mechanical and Structural Inspection
MCD  Mechanical Completion Dossier
MEM Mechanical earth model
MEIC  Mechanical Electrical Instrumentation Commission
MI Mechanical integrity
MEPRL  Mechanical Properties Log
MSD Mechanical setting devices
MSCT  Mechanical Sidewall Coring Tool
LD50 Median lethal dose
MJ Megajoule
MOU Memorandum of understanding
MERCR  Mercury Injection Study Report
MNP  Merge and Playback Log
MERG  Merge FDC/CNL/Gamma Ray/Dual Laterolog/Micro SFL Log
MPK  Merged Playback Log
mKB  Meters below Kelly Bushing
C1  methane
MDL  Methane Drainage Licence (United Kingdom), a type of onshore licence allowing natural gas to be collected “in the course of operations for making and keeping safe mines whether or not disused”
MH Methane hydrate (methane clathrate, or fire ice)
MDEA  Methyl Diethanolamine (aMDEA)
MTBE Methyl tertiary butyl ether
MBT  Methylene Blue Test
MT Metric tons
MA Miami Gulf of Mexico leasing area
MSFL  Micro SFL Log; Micro-Spherically Focussed Log (resistivity).
MSL  Micro Spherical Log
MEST  Micro-electrical scanning tool (a dipmeter, aka. MST or FMS).
MLL  Microlaterolog
ML  Microlog, or Mud Log
MPA  Micropalaeo Analysis Report
MIPAL  Micropalaeo Log
MENA Middle East and North Africa (region)
MWA Military warning area
mD  millidarcy, measure of permeability, with units of area
mmHg Millimeters of mercury (a unit of pressure)
MMboe  million barrels of oil equivalent
MMboed  million barrels of oil equivalent per day
MMbod  million barrels of oil per day
MMbd  million barrels per day
MMbpd  million barrels per day
MMbtu Million btu
MMcfe  million cubic feet (of natural gas equivalent)
MMcf  million cubic feet (of natural gas)
MMTA Million metric tons per annum
MMscf Million standard cubic feet
mmscfd  million standard cubic feet per day
mmstb  million stock barrels
MMTPA  Millions of Metric Tonnes per Annum
MMS  Minerals Management Service, (United States)
MIFR  Mini Frac Log
MINL  Minilog
MBR  Minimum Bend Radius
MIST  Minimum Industry Safety Training
MS Mississippi
MC Mississippi Canyon Gulf of Mexico leasing area
MO Mobile Gulf of Mexico leasing area
MODU Mobile offshore drilling unit
MOPU Mobile offshore production unit
MOU Mobile offshore unit
MDT  Modular formation Dynamic Tester
MSIP  Modular Sonic Imaging Platform (Sonic Scanner)
MCC Molded case circuit breaker
MEA  Monoethanolamine
MEG  Mono-Ethylene Glycol
MOM Month on month
MR  Morning Report
MIRU  Move In and Rig Up
STARS MSRC’s Spill Team Area Responders network of contractors
MST  MST EXP Resistivity Log
MTT  MTT Multi-Isotope Trace Tool
MLH  Mud Liner Hanger
MUD  Mud Log
MUDT  Mud Temperature Log
MW Mud weight
MBWH  Multi Bowl Wellhead
MPV  Multi Purpose Vessel
MQC  Multi Quick Connection Plate
MRCV  Multi Reverse Circulating Valve
MSIPC  Multi Stage inflatable Packer Collar
MACL  Multiarm Caliper Log
MBRO  Multi-Bore Restriction Orifices
MFCT  Multifinger Calliper Tool
ML Multilateral
MPFM  Multi-Phase Flow Meter
MPFM Multiphase flowmeter
MPP  Multiphase Pump
MAC  Multipole Acoustic Log
MU Mustang Island Area Gulf of Mexico leasing area
MuSol  Mutual Solvent