Terms, Abbreviations and Acronyms by P


PCKR  Packer
PAL  Palaeo Chart
PEA  Palaeo Environment Study Report
PALYN  Palynological Analysis Report
PSD Particle size distribution
PM Particulate matter
ppb Parts per billion
ppm Parts per million
ppt Parts per thousand
PBD  Pason Billing System
PAM Passive acoustic monitoring
PHC  Passive Heave Compensator
PDKR  PDK 100 Report
PENL  Penetration Log
PE Pensacola Gulf of Mexico leasing area
PFC Perfluorocarbon
PCOLL  Perforation and Collar
PCCL  Perforation Casing Collar Locator Log
PDC  Perforation Depth Control
PERDC  Perforation Depth Control
PERFO  Perforation Log
PFPG  Perforation Plug Log
PREC  Perforation Record
PFREC  Perforation Record Log
PDG/PDHG  Permanent Downhole Gauge
PGB  Permanent Guide Base
POF  Permanent Operations Facility
k Permeability
PERM  Permeability
PERML  Permeability Log
kh permeability thickness (k = permeability, h = height)
PEL Permissible exposure limit
PTO  Permit to Operate
PTW  Permit to Work
PIC Person in charge
PPE Personal protective equipment
POB  Personnel on Board
PJ Petajoule
PETD  Petrographic Data Log
PETA  Petrographical Analysis Report
PETPM  Petrography Permeametry Report
PEMEX Petroleos Mexicanos SA
PE  Petroleum Engineer
PESA Petroleum Equipment Suppliers Association
PEDL  Petroleum Exploration and Development Licence (United Kingdom), introduced in the 8th Onshore Licensing Round
PESGB  Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain
PON  Petroleum Operations Notice (United Kingdom)
PTTC  Petroleum Technology Transfer Council, United States
PETLG  Petrophysical Evaluation Log
PETRP  Petrophysical Evaluation Report
PH  Phasor Log
PHASE  Phasor Processing Log
PHOL  Photon Log
PHYFM  Physical Formation Log
PU  Pick Up (drill pipe, bha, tubing, rods, power swivel, etc.)
PIP  Pipe in Pipe
PSR Pipe slip ram
PSV  Pipe Supply Vessel
PLSV  Pipelay Support Vessel
PL Pipeline
PLEM  Pipeline End Manifold
PLET  Pipeline End Termination
PRCI Pipeline Research Council International, Inc.
PTA/S  Pipeline Termination Assembly/Structure
P&ID Piping and Instrument diagrams
POE Plan of exploration
PSD  Planned Shut-Down
PUR  Plant Upset Report
PV Plastic viscosity
PFHE  Plate Fin Heat Exchanger
PFE  Plate/Frame Heat Exchanger
PEX  Platform Express toolstring (resistivity, porosity, imaging)
PHPU  Platform Hydraulic Power Unit
PBDMS  Playback DMSLS Log
P&A Plug and abandon
PBTD  Plug Back Total Depth
PLG  Plug Log
PSQ  Plug Squeeze Log
PBR Polished bore receptacle
PCB  Poly Chlorinated BiPhenyl
PA  Polyamide
PDC  Polycrystalline Diamond Compact (a type of drilling bit)
PAH Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon
PE Polyethylene
PE  Polyethylene
PVC Polyvinyl chloride
PVDF  Polyvinylidene Fluoride
PP Pore pressure
PV Pore volume
Phi Porosity
PI Port Isabel Gulf of Mexico leasing area
PBS Ported bypass sub
PLS  Position Location System
PDM  Positive Displacement Motor
PMI  Positive Material Identification
POSFR  Post Fracture Report
PPI  Post Pipelay Installation
PPI  Post Production Inspection/Intervention
PWHT  Post Weld Heat Treat
POSTW  Post Well Appraisal Report
POSWE  Post Well Summary Report
PINC Potential incident of noncompliance
pptf  Pounds (per square inch) Per Thousand Feet (of depth) 
lbf pounds force
lbm pounds mass
PPA Pounds of proppant added
ppcf  Pounds Per Cubic Foot
ppg  Pounds Per Gallon
psi Pounds per square inch
PSIA  Pounds Per Square Inch Atmospheric
PSIG  Pounds Per Square Inch Gauge
PCDM  Power and Control Distribution Module
PDPM  Power Distribution Protection Module
PAR  Pre-Assembled Rack
PAU  Pre-Assembled Unit
PPE  Preferred Pressure End
B or b  prefix denoting a number in billions
MM or mm  prefix designating a number in millions (or SI unit 
M or m  prefix designating a number in thousands (not to be confused with SI prefix M for mega- or m for milli)
PHB  Pre-Hydrated Bentonite
P Pressure
PSANA  Pressure Analysis
PADPRT  Pressure Assisted Drillpipe Running Tool
PBU  Pressure Build Up (applies to integrity testing on valves)
PCV Pressure control valve
PVC Pressure control valve
PDR Pressure differential ratio
PSVAL  Pressure Evaluation Log
PG  Pressure Gauge (Report)
PRSRE  Pressure Gauge Report
PI Pressure indicator
PIT pressure integrity test
PSLOG  Pressure Log
PRESS  Pressure Report
PSE Pressure safety element
PSH Pressure safety high (sensor)
PSHL Pressure safety high low
PSL Pressure safety low (sensor)
PSV Pressure safety valve
PSV  Pressure Safety Valve
PVSV Pressure vacuum safety valves
PVT  Pressure Volume Temperature
PVTRE  Pressure Volume Temperature Report
PSR Pre-startup review
PSD Prevention of significant deterioration
P/E Price to earnings (ratio)
PRA Probabilistic risk assessment
PQR Procedure qualification record
PFD Process flow diagrams
PHA Process hazards analysis
PSM Process safety management
PGOR  Produced Gas Oil Ratio
PW  Produced Water
PWRI  Produced Water Re-Injection
PA  Producing Asset
PA  Producing Asset with Exploration Potential
 Producing well (as opposed to NP 
PSL Product service line
PSL Product specification level
PSL  Product Specification Level
PCA  Production Concession Agreement
PINTL  Production Interpretation
PL  Production Licence
PROD  Production Log
PLT Production logging tool
PLTQ  Production Logging Tool Quicklook Log
PLTRE  Production Logging Tool Report
PPS  Production Packer Setting
PRA  Production Reporting & Allocation
PSA  Production Service Agreement
PSC  Production Sharing Contract
PROTE  Production Test Report
PTSET  Production Test Setter
PWB  Production Wing Block (XT)
PWV  Production Wing Valve (also known as a flow wing valve on a Xmas tree)
PSC Production-sharing contract
PI Productivity index
P&L Profit and loss
PART Program Assessment Rating Tool
PLC Programmable logic controller
PCP Progressive cavity pump
PM Project management
C3  propane
PBHL  Proposed Bottom Hole Location
PSO Protected species observer
PDNP  Proved Developed Not Producing
PDP  Proved Developed Reserves
PNP  Proved Not Producing
PUD  Proved Undeveloped Reserves
3P Proved, probable, and possible reserves
PUWER  Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations
PROX  Proximity Log
POBM  Pseudo-Oil-Based Mud
PSP  Pseudostatic Spontaneous Potential
PSPL  PSP Leak Detection Log
PAGA  Public Address General Alarm
PLC Public limited company
POOH Pull out of hole
POOH / POH  Pull Out Of Hole
PR Pully Ridge Gulf of Mexico leasing area
POF Pump open force. Used in drilling jar hydraulic calculations.
PP  Pump Pressure
PU Pumping unit
PUN  Puncher Log