Terms, Abbreviations and Acronyms by R


RFID Radio-frequency identification
RK Rankin Gulf of Mexico leasing area
RMS  Ratcheting Mule Shoe
ROP  Rate of Perforation
RAC  Ratio Curves
TV/BIP  Ratio of Total Volume (ore and overburden) to Bitumen In Place
RAWS  Raw Stacks VSP Log
RFLNG  Ready for Liquefied Natural Gas
RFSU  Ready For Start-Up
RT Real time
RWD  Reaming While Drilling
REL Recommended exposure limit
RP Recommended practice
API RP 96 Recommended Practice for Deepwater Well Design and Construction
API RP 14J Recommended Practice for Design and Hazards Analysis for Offshore Production Facilities
API RP 75 Recommended Practice for Development of a Safety and Environmental Management Program for Offshore Operations and Facilities (3rd ed., May 2004, affirmed 2008)
API RP 7G Recommended Practice for Drill Stem Design and Operating Limits
API RP 49 Recommended Practice for Drilling and Well Servicing Operations Involving Hydrogen Sulfide
API RP 14G Recommended Practice for Fire Prevention and Control on Open Type Offshore Production Platforms
API RP 2D Recommended Practice for Operation and Maintenance of Offshore Cranes
API RP T-1 Recommended Practice for Orientation Program for Personnel Going Offshore for the First Time
API RP T-2 Recommended Practice for Qualification Programs for Offshore Production Personnel Who Work With Anti-Pollution Safety Devices
API RP T-6 Recommended Practice for Training and Qualifications of Personnel in Well Control Equipment and Techniques for Completion and Workover Operations on Offshore Locations Recommended Practices for Well Control Operations
API RP T-4 Recommended Practice for Training of Offshore Personnel in Non-Operating Emergencies
API RP T-7 Recommended Practice for Training of Personnel in Rescue of Persons in Water
API RP 55 Recommended Practices for Oil and Gas Producing and Gas Processing Plant Operations Involving Hydrogen Sulfide
API RP 59 Recommended Practices for Well Control Operations
RIR Recordable incident rate
R&D Records and documentation
ROZ  Recoverable Oil Zone
RF  Recovery Factor
R&M Refining and marketing rate
RRT Regional response team
RSFO Regional Supervisor, Office of Field Operations, for BSEE
REACH Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals
RT Regular time
RVP Reid vapor pressure
RN Release notes
RCM  Reliability Centred Maintenance
RAM  Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability
RBW Remaining body wall
RCR  Remote Component Replacement (Tool)
RCU  Remote Control Unit
ROT  Remote Operated Tool
ROWS  Remote Operator Workstation
ROV Remotely Operated Vehicle
REZ  Renewable Energy Zone (United Kingdom)
REOR  Reorientation Log
RFMTS  Repeat Formation Tester
RFT  Repeat Formation Tester
RFTRE  Repeat Formation Tester Report
RFTS  Repeat Formation Tester Sample
RE-PE  Re-Perforation Report
RIK Replacement in kind
RQ Reportable quantity
RFI Request for interest
RMLC  Request for Mineral Land Clearance
RFP Request for proposal
RFI Requests for inspection
R&D Research and development
RESAN  Reservoir Analysis
RCI  Reservoir Characterization Instrument
RE  Reservoir Engineer
RESEV  Reservoir Evaluation
REWL Reservoir Evaluation – Wireline
RESFL  Reservoir Fluid
RESL  Reservoir Log
RMP  Reservoir Management Plan
RST  Reservoir Saturation Tool (Schlumberger) Log
RESOI  Residual Oil
RESI  Resistivity Log
RACI  Responsible / Accountable / Consulted / Informed
RCL  Retainer Correlation Log
RBP  Retrievable Bridge Plug
RTTS  Retrievable Test-Treat-Squeeze (packer)
ROCE Return on capital employed
ROIC Return on invested capital
ROI Return on investment
RPD Revised application for permit to drill
RPM Revised application for permit to modify
RPM  Revolutions Per Minute, (Rotations Per Minute)
RCKST  Rig Checkshot
RDMO  Rig Down Move Out
RIGMO  Rig Move
RSTC Rig safety training coordinator
RSS  Rig Site Survey
ROW Right of way
RUE Right-of-use and easement
RMC Rigid metal conduit
RPCM  Ring Pair Corrosion Monitoring
RESDV  Riser Emergency Shut Down Valve
RITT  Riser Insertion Tube (Tool)
RIMS  Riser Integrity Monitoring System
RMS  Riser Monitoring System
AS/NZS 4360 Risk management (a publication of Standards Australia)
ISO 31010 Risk Management Risk Assessment Techniques
RBD Risk-based design
RBI Risk-based inspection
RLOF  Rock Load-out Facility
R&R Roles and responsibilities
RCA  Root Cause Analysis
ROCT  Rotary Coring Tool
RKB  Rotary Kelly Bushing (a datum for measuring depth in an oil well)
RSS  Rotary Steerable Systems
RT Rotary table
RCD  Rotating Control Device
RROCK  Routine Rock Properties Report
RDS Royal Dutch/Shell
RIH Run in hole