Terms, Abbreviations and Acronyms by W


WOC  Wait on Cement
WOM  Wait(ing) on Material
WO/O  Waiting on Orders
WOW Waiting on weather
WALKS  Walkaway Seismic Profile
WR Walker Ridge Gulf of Mexico leasing area
WHRU Waste heat recovery unit
WAG  Water Alternating Gas (describes an injection well which alternates between water and gas injection)
WATAN  Water Analysis
W/C  Water Cushion
W/C Water cut
WD Water depth
WF  Water Flooding
WGR  Water Gas Ratio
WGUNT  Water Gun Test
WI  Water Injection
WOC  Water Oil Contact (or Oil Water Contact)
WPC  Water Pollution Control
WQCA  Water Quality Control Act
WQCB  Water Quality Control Board
Sw Water saturation
WSM Water Shut Off
WUT  Water Up To
WBM Water-based mud
WC  Watercut
WOR  Water-Oil Ratio
WFAC  Waveform Acoustic Log
WAVF  Waveform Log
WFT Weatherford
Tare Weight of empty container
WOB  Weight On Bit
WPQ/S  Weld Procedure Qualification/Specification
WPS Welding procedure specification
WABAN  Well Abandonment Report
WAR Well activity report
C&E  well completion and equipment cost
WCID Well construction interface document
WCP Well containment plan
WCST Well containment screening tool
WPLAN  Well Course Plan
WELDA  Well Data Report
WE  Well Engineer
WEQL  Well Equipment Layout
 well flowing to Tank
WGEO  Well Geophone Report
WH  Well History
WO  Well in Work Over
WELP  Well Log Plot
WLTS  Well Log Transaction System
WOA  Well Operations Authorization
WOE  Well Operations Engineer (a key person of Well services)
WPR  Well Prognosis Report
WP  Well Proposal or Working Pressure
WRS  Well Report Sepia
WSE  Well Seismic Edit
WSERE  Well Seismic Edit Report
WSP  Well Seismic Profile
WSSUR  Well Seismic Survey Plot
WSU  Well Service Unit
WSS  Well Services Supervisor (leader of Well services at the wellsite)
WSHT  Well Shoot
WSR  Well Shoot Report
WSCL  Well Site Core Log
WITS  Well Site Information Transfer System
WSL  Well Site Log
WSSAM  Well Site Sample
WSTL  Well Site Test Log
WSOG  Well Specific Operation Guidelines
WESTR  Well Status Record
WLSUM  Well Summary
WESUR  Well Summary Report
WT  Well Test
WVS  Well Velocity Survey
WBS Wellbore schematic
WBS Wellbore seismic
WBS Wellbore stability
WH Wellhead
WHFP Wellhead flowing pressure
DAT  wellhead housing drill-ahead tool
WHM  Wellhead Maintenance
WHP Wellhead pressure
WHCE Wellhead/tree completion equipment
WC West Cameron Area Gulf of Mexico leasing area
WD West Delta Area Gulf of Mexico leasing area
WOS  West of Shetland, oil province on the UKCS
WTI West Texas Intermediate (crude benchmark)
WFT Wet film thickness
WGFM  Wet Gas Flow Meter
WMPI Wet magnetic particle inspection
WR  Wet Resistivity
Wh  White
WHIG  Whitehouse Gauge
WCEP Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership
WMA Wildlife management area
WIPSP  WIP Stock Packer
WL Wireline
WLC  Wireline Composite Log
WEG  Wireline Entry Guide
WLL  Wireline Logging
WR  Wireline Retrievable (as in a WR Plug)
WRSCSSV  Wireline Retrievable Surface Controlled Sub-Surface Valve
WI  Working Interest
WLL Working load limit (WLL)
WSS  Working Spread Sheet (for logging)
W/O Workover
WO Workover
WORKO  Workover
WHMIS  WorkPlace Hazardous Material Information Systems
WTO World Trade Organization
WCD Worst-case discharge (scenario)
WSSOF  WSS Offset Profile