Electrical Products

Electrical products

New Subsea Instruments Electrical Products

  • Electrical Actuator Products
    New Subsea Valve Electrical Actuator Products List of Valve Electrical Actuator Products Top Oil and Gas Electrical Actuator Companies Valve Electrical Actuator Jobs
  • Halar Direct Burial Cable Products
    Halar Direct Burial Cable products from Corrpro Protection For The Harshest Environments Halar Direct Burial Cable Cathodic protection stops corrosion attack on metallic structures by making a complete electrical circuit. To create a system with high circuit reliability it is important to ...
  • Modular Jumper Installation Tool Products
    Modular Jumper Installation Tool products from Bennex The Termination Is Fully Temperature And Pressure Compensated And Has A Low Internal Overpressure Compared To Ambient In Working Condition. Modular Jumper Installation Tool The Modular Jumper Installation Tool is designed to ease the subsea ...
  • Anguila Act Products
    Anguila Act products from Bennex The Anguila Advanced Cable Termination (Anguila Act) Electrical System, Provides A Reliable Subsea Termination Of Electrical Umbilical Cable. Anguila Act The Anguila Advanced Cable Termination (Anguila ACT) electrical system, provides a reliable subsea termination of electrical umbilical ...
  • Advanced Fiber Optic Termination Products
    Advanced Fiber Optic Termination products from Bennex Stand-Alone Unit Or Integrated In The Umbilical Head Advanced Fiber Optic Termination The Advanced Fiber Optic Termination (AFT) is an add-on unit to the Anguila ACT Electrical System. More Bennex Products More Production Products from Other Companies Top ...
  • Anguila Hose Conduit Products
    Anguila Hose Conduit products from Bennex Oil Filled Hose Conduits Containing Electrical Or Optical Wires For Power And Signal Transfer. Anguila Hose Conduit The Anguila Hose Conduit is an integral part of the Anguila Subsea Distribution System, using oil filled hose conduits ...
  • Incharge Products
    Incharge products from Baker Oil Tools Eliminates Hydraulics From Subsea Dynamic Systems Incharge InCharge is the first intelligent completion system to use electrically powered and controlled valves and infinitely variable chokes. More Baker Oil Tools Products More Intelligent Wells Products from Other Companies Top Intelligent ...
  • Electron Products
    Electron products from Tronic Represent A Significant Improvement In Wellhead Electrical Feedthrough Reliability Electron Tronic introduces its ElecTRON range of connection systems that represent a significant improvement in wellhead electrical feedthrough reliability More Tronic Products More Electronics Products from Other Companies Top Electronics Companies Jobs related ...
  • Bootseal Electrical Barriers Products
    Bootseal Electrical Barriers products from Benestad Secure Insulation Resistance Of Electrical Terminations And Connections Bootseal Electrical Barriers Many of our penetrators incorporate advanced bootseal design to secure insulation resistance of electrical terminations and connections. More Benestad Products More Technology Products from Other Companies Top Technology ...
  • Thermistors Products
    Thermistors products from Applied Sensor Technologies Negative Temperature Coefficient Thermistors Like an RTD, a thermistor capitalizes on the fact that the electrical resistance of a material changes as its temperature changes. More Applied Sensor Technologies Products More Thermistor-Based Temperature Sensors Products from Other Companies Top ...

List of Instruments Electrical Products

  • Electrical Products
    New Subsea Instruments Electrical Products List of Instruments Electrical Products Top Oil and Gas Electrical Companies Instruments Electrical Jobs
  • Medical Electronic Implantables Products
    Medical Electronic Implantables products from Bal Seal Engineering Reliable, Long Term, Electrical Interface Medical Electronic Implantables Bal Seal connecting technologies are designed to provide a more reliable, long term, electrical interface between your lead and your source of electrical stimulation. More Bal Seal ...
  • Oil & Water Preheater Products
    Oil & Water Preheater products from Aalborg Industries Electronic P-Controller For Use With Electrical Heaters Oil & Water Preheater The VESTA™ thermostat type TC-E 8/4 is an electronic P-controller for use with electrical heaters. The thermostat is based on a PT100 sensor mounted ...
  • High Voltage Switchgear Products
    High Voltage Switchgear products from Bal Seal Engineering Many Advantages With Respect To Inhomogenious Electrical Fields High Voltage Switchgear Coaxial conductors are widely used in high voltage equipments. This typical conductor shape has many advantages with respect to inhomogenious electrical fields (it ...
  • Submersible Generators Products
    Submersible Generators products from Hayward Tyler Ltd Suitable For Immersion In Sea Or River Water Submersible Generators The electrical generator can be supplied to compliment a turbine arrangement powered by water, either tidal or river.The generator can be supplied in a variety ...
  • Penetrators Products
    Penetrators products from Benestad Typical Applications Are Electrical Penetrator Penetrators Benestad has certified a series of multi-pin Glass-to-Titanium Sealed penetrators for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. More Benestad Products More Oil & Gas Products from Other Companies Top Oil & Gas Companies Jobs related to Oil ...
  • Flexible Right Angle Strain Relief Bushing Products
    Flexible Right Angle Strain Relief Bushing products from Hayata Of North America Protect Power Cable From Computer Flexible Right Angle Strain Relief Bushing Protect power cable from computer, house appliance or electronic/electrical equipment when power cable run out from bottom of equipment. More Hayata ...
  • Wireline Fault Protection Sub Products
    Wireline Fault Protection Sub products from Antech Multi-Fault Protection Wireline Fault Protection Sub Many well operations involving electric wireline in the coil are marred by problems with electrical insulation and continuity More Antech Products More Electronics Products from Other Companies Top Electronics Companies Jobs related to ...
  • Pipeline Heating Systems Products
    Pipeline Heating Systems products from Tronic Provide The High Power Required For Direct Current Injection Flowline Heating Pipeline Heating Systems To provide the high power required for direct current injection Flowline Heating, Tronic has developed a wet mateable electrical connector system. More Tronic ...
  • Anguila High Power Changeover Switch Hpcs Products
    Anguila High Power Changeover Switch Hpcs products from Bennex The Switching Sequence Is Only To Take Place In Power Off Mode With No Voltage On The Input Cable Anguila High Power Changeover Switch Hpcs Designed for switching of 3 phase electrical power ...

Top Oil and Gas Electrical Companies

  • ARGO International
    renewal spare parts for the worldwide Industrial, Marine, Metal Mining, Oil Well Drilling, Utility, Refineries and Petroleum industries.
  • Weidmuller, Inc.
    manufacturer of components for electrical connection technology.
  • AMEC Black & McDonald
    electrical, mechanical, utility, and maintenance
  • DOTgroup International
    focused towards the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power, Ship building and Building Services / Construction industries
    provide all disciplines in mechanical fabrication as well as hydraulic and electrical assembly and testing. Offers high quality delivered on schedule
  • ODI
    subsea electrical and fibreoptic interconnect systems. High-reliability connectors, cable assemblies and junction boxes
  • Ultima Labs, Inc
    provide full service design and manufacturing services to the oilfield service industry.
  • Jelec USA Inc.
    providing expertise in Electrical, Monitoring and Instrumentation Systems for the Marine and Oil & Gas Industries
  • ODI Ocean Design Inc
    is the world leader in subsea electrical and fiber optic interconnect systems
  • The Ex Zone
    supplies a wide range of advanced explosion protected equipment

Instruments Electrical Jobs