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Control products

New Subsea Valve Control Products

  • Control System Products
    New Subsea Instruments Control System Products List of Instruments Control System Products Top Oil and Gas Control System Companies Instruments Control System Jobs
  • Control Products
    New Subsea Valve Control Products List of Valve Control Products Top Oil and Gas Control Companies Valve Control Jobs
  • Level Digital Metercontroller Products
    Level Digital Metercontroller products from Ametek U.S. Gauge Peak/Valley Display Level Digital Metercontroller The AMETEK Model DMC Digital Meter/Controller powered by 100 to 240 VAC will display data from transmitters, transducers, scales and other process instruments. More Ametek U.S. Gauge Products More Level Sensors ...
  • High Pressure Injection Hpi Systems Products
    High Pressure Injection Hpi Systems products from Cummins Hpi (Hhp Hpi) System Is An Electronically Controlled Unit Injection System. High Pressure Injection Hpi Systems HPI (HD HPI) system is an electronically controlled unit injection system currently used on the Cummins Inc. ISX ...
  • Flomaster Downhole Flow Regulator Products
    Flomaster Downhole Flow Regulator products from Xl Technology The Middle East And Far East For The Accurate Placement Of Cement Plugs Flomaster Downhole Flow Regulator The drillpipe conveyed FloMASTER™ DP has been employed in wells in the N. Sea More Xl Technology Products More ...
  • Level Transmitter Products
    Level Transmitter products from Arjay Engineering Reliable Monitoring Of Liquids And Solids For A Continuous Level Output Level Transmitter Over 30 years of Arjay’s field proven HF capacitance technology has been applied to the 9080 level transmitter. The probe continuously monitors product ...
  • Kill Manifold Products
    Kill Manifold products from New Continental Equipment Co., Ltd. Equipment To Carry Out Pressure Control At The Oil/Gas Wellhead Kill Manifold The Kill Manifold is a necessary piece of equipment to carry out pressure control at the oil/gas wellhead preventing the well ...
  • Interface Detectors Products
    Interface Detectors products from Agar Corporation Measuring The Energy Absorption Of The Fluid Surrounding The Antenna Interface Detectors The AGAR ID-200 Series interface detector (ID) enables the operator to precisely control the interface level in the most difficult of applications. More Agar Corporation ...
  • Design Bodies Products
    Design Bodies products from Cvs Controls Flanged End Connections Are Raised Face, And Ring-Type Joint. Design Bodies This configuration is used for general applications where tight shutoff is not required. More Cvs Controls Products More Control Valves Products from Other Companies Top Control Valves Companies Jobs ...
  • Oceanview Control System Flyer Products
    Oceanview Control System Flyer products from Oceanworks International Straightforward Windows Oceanview Control System Flyer The OceanView control system combines a straightforward Windows interface with rugged pressure rated electronics that are suitable for depths up to 3,000 meters. More Oceanworks International Products More Oceantools Products ...

List of Valve Control Products

  • Chemical Injection Pump Products
    Chemical Injection Pump products from Cvs Controls Molded Diaphragm To Drive A Piston Through The Chevron. Chemical Injection Pump choice of three plunger sizes, two stroke lengths and controllable strokes per minute (SPM) with an optional slow-speed controller allows for a wide ...
  • Solid Control Products
    New Subsea Drilling Solid Control Products List of Drilling Solid Control Products Top Oil and Gas Solid Control Companies Drilling Solid Control Jobs
  • Decp Premium Centrifugal Pumps Products
    Decp Premium Centrifugal Pumps products from Derrick Equipment Company Derrick Offers A Complete Line Of Centrifugal Pumps To Accommodate A Full Variety Of Drilling Applications. Decp Premium Centrifugal Pumps The Derrick Premium 250 pump series incorporates proven oilfield features including a heavy-duty 2½ ...
  • Oil & Water Preheater Products
    Oil & Water Preheater products from Aalborg Industries Electronic P-Controller For Use With Electrical Heaters Oil & Water Preheater The VESTA™ thermostat type TC-E 8/4 is an electronic P-controller for use with electrical heaters. The thermostat is based on a PT100 sensor mounted ...
  • Slickline Triggers Products
    Slickline Triggers products from Expro Group Reduces Personnel Needs And Simplifies Pressure Control Issues Slickline Triggers Expro’s Combined Trigger Unit (CTU) can be used to fire any perforating gun, tubing puncher, tubing cutter, setting tool on slickline without the need for radio ...
  • Permanent Measurement And Control System Products
    Permanent Measurement And Control System products from Friedrich Leutert Control Components Of The Well Installation Permanent Measurement And Control System The PK system records pressure and temperature in deep wells. Typical applications are oil or gas, deep water and geothermal wells. Surface ...
  • Generator Control Cubicles Products
    Generator Control Cubicles products from Electronic Technical Services Corporation Engine/ Generator Control Systems Can Be Modified For Land Rig Operation. Generator Control Cubicles Electronic Technical Services manufactures a wide range of Engine/ Generator Controls. This allows efficient power control on all ...
  • Snubbing Back Pressure Valve Products
    Snubbing Back Pressure Valve products from Thru Tubing Solutions Teflon Seats Snubbing Back Pressure Valve The Snubbing Back Pressure Valve was designed to provide a dependable method of well control. More Thru Tubing Solutions Products More Snubbing Tools Products from Other Companies Top Snubbing Tools ...
  • Side Mount Electronic Control Products
    Side Mount Electronic Control products from Kobelt Manufacturing Ltd Side Mount Electronic Control Side Mount Electronic Control The 6506 is a side mounting electronic control that can be used for single lever clutch and throttle, or any combination of CP propeller and/or ...
  • Corrosion Control Products
    New Subsea Auxiliary Corrosion Control Products List of Auxiliary Corrosion Control Products Top Oil and Gas Corrosion Control Companies Auxiliary Corrosion Control Jobs

Top Oil and Gas Control Companies

  • SEACON (europe) Ltd
    a range of standard, dry-mate, fiber optic, hybrid connectors
  • Sealed Enclosures
    specialise in providing underwater housings
  • CRC-Evans Pipeline International, Inc.
    manufacture equipment, sell and rent equipment, and subcontract pipeline construction services.
  • American LEWA
    manufacturer of metering pumps, process pumps and systems for chemical feed, injection, proportioning and controlled volume pumping of liquids
  • Solent & Pratt
    manufacturing high-performance and triple-offset butterfly valves
  • HWC Energy Services
    Off-shore drilling products, pipeline, advanced connectors
    deep electromagnetic (EM) imaging,
  • Kobelt Manufacturing
    rugged construction, quality materials and prompt delivery to the customers
  • Scientific Technologies
    machine safeguarding products in the United States and is recognized throughout the world for its superior products and services
  • Gaumer Process Heaters
    supplier of electric industrial heaters, heating systems, and controls to the process industries

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