Measurement Products

Measurement products

New Subsea Instruments Measurement Products

  • Vibrating Level Switch Products
    Vibrating Level Switch products from Ametek Drexelbrook Excellent Choice For Most High Or Low-LevelVibrating Level Switch TF-L-Relay Output and TF-P-Transistor Output or TF-T-Current Output The TF-100 series tuning fork is a point level switch for clean liquids and light slurries. It ...
  • Memory Pressuretemp Sensor Products
    Memory Pressuretemp Sensor products from Antech Internal Or External Pressure MeasurementMemory Pressuretemp Sensor Measure pressure and temperature downhole during coiled tubing runs using this in-line tool. Its features make it suitable for all types of pumping operations More Antech Products More Memory Sensors ...
  • Low Pressure Diaphragm Gauges Products
    Low Pressure Diaphragm Gauges products from Noshok, Inc Low Pressure Diaphragm GaugesLow Pressure Diaphragm Gauges NOSHOK 200 Series Diaphragm Gauges are designed for extremely low pressure or vacuum measurement. The ultra sensitive diaphragm capsules are rated for pressure (or vacuum) as ...
  • Sentinel Adcp Products
    Sentinel Adcp products from Teledyne Rd Instruments The Global Leader In High Accuracy Data CollectionSentinel Adcp RDI’s vessel-mounted Ocean Surveyor family of ADCPs continues to raise the bar, collecting detailed maps of the distribution of water currents and suspended materials through ...
  • Compassfor Molbox Products
    Compassfor Molbox products from Dh Instruments Compass For Molbox Software Works With Molbloc/Molbox To Create A Full Function Calibration System.Compassfor Molbox The DHI molbloc/molbox™ is a unique gas flow standard offering state of the art metrology from
  • Workhorse Long Ranger Products
    Workhorse Long Ranger products from Teledyne Rd Instruments The Long Ranger Adcp Is A Key Component Of Deep Water Column Profiling Applications.Workhorse Long Ranger For long-range, long-term deployments, the Long Ranger is the best choice for collecting detailed data on ...
  • Herman Flame Test Manikin Products
    Herman Flame Test Manikin products from Measurement Technology Northwest Able To Withstand Sustained TemperaturesHerman Flame Test Manikin The fire suit test manikin "Herman" was developed to test the safety of firefighter suits and other protective apparel. This manikin is able to ...
  • Smart Check Well Products
    Smart Check Well products from Ametek Drexelbrook Ignores Mineral Deposits On The SensorSmart Check Well Water well level measurement for water depth up to 800 ft. with RF Admittance technology. More Ametek Drexelbrook Products More Instrumentation Products from Other Companies Top Instrumentation Companies Jobs related ...
  • Dumpstar Products
    Dumpstar products from Ametek Drexelbrook Cut Costs By Increasing Your Operating EfficiencyDumpstar You can depend on Drexelbrook point level controls to help cut costs by increasing your operating efficiency by controlling water dump more precisely. More Ametek Drexelbrook Products More Level Measurement Products ...
  • Orificemaster Single Chamber Orifice Fitting Products
    Orificemaster Single Chamber Orifice Fitting products from Fmc Technologies The Ultimate In Economy, Accuracy And Safety.Orificemaster Single Chamber Orifice Fitting The Ultimate in Economy, Accuracy and Safety – Measurement Solutions’ orifice fittings are engineered and manufactured to ensure complete safety and ...

List of Instruments Measurement Products

  • Huey Aluminum Thermal Manikin Products
    Huey Aluminum Thermal Manikin products from Measurement Technology Northwest High Accuracy Evaluation Of Garment Systems And Environmental ConditionsHuey Aluminum Thermal Manikin Measurement Technology Northwest’s field-proven aluminum manikin meets most general purpose metal skin manikin needs. It is designed for high accuracy ...
  • Fluorocheck Benchtop Ppm Monitor Products
    Fluorocheck Benchtop Ppm Monitor products from Arjay Engineering Benchtop Monitor For Ppm Concentrations Of Petroleum Oils In Effluent And Produced WaterFluorocheck Benchtop Ppm Monitor The FluoroCheck from Arjay offers a fast and easy approach to the measurement of hydrocarbons in water. ...
  • Permanent Measurement And Control System Products
    Permanent Measurement And Control System products from Friedrich Leutert Control Components Of The Well InstallationPermanent Measurement And Control System The PK system records pressure and temperature in deep wells. Typical applications are oil or gas, deep water and geothermal wells. Surface ...
  • Ptec Subsea Probes Cmep Products
    Ptec Subsea Probes Cmep products from Cormon Optimised Production, Lower Operating Costs, Extended Facility LifePtec Subsea Probes Cmep Corrosion and Erosion rate measurements are made in line using CEION® high sensitivity metal loss technology. More Cormon Products More Subsea & Pipeline Products from ...
  • Sand Erosion Measurement Cmep Products
    Sand Erosion Measurement Cmep products from Cormon The Optimum Sand Erosion DetectorSand Erosion Measurement Cmep Sand erosion management and production optimisation The technical and commercial threats posed by solids produced from the reservoir formation are well known to Oil & Gas ...
  • Low Cost Submersible Level Transducer Products
    Low Cost Submersible Level Transducer products from Ametek U.S. Gauge Advanced Digital CompensationLow Cost Submersible Level Transducer The Model SDT Low Cost Submersible Level Transducer is specially designed to provide the convenience of direct submergence in many types of liquid for quick, accurate and reliable ...
  • Isosplitwellhead And Test Separator Sampling Products
    Isosplitwellhead And Test Separator Sampling products from Petrotech Enable Accurate Measurement Of Gor And Representative Sampling Of WellsIsosplitwellhead And Test Separator Sampling Petrotech are recognised experts in the field of gas/condensate welltesting. The unique methods employed by the company enable accurate ...
  • Smith Meter Series Control Valves Products
    Smith Meter Series Control Valves products from Fmc Technologies Smith Meter 200 Series Control Valves Is A Compact Design And Mechanical Simplicity .Smith Meter Series Control Valves True Flow Control – Measurement Solutions offers a full line of the highest performing ...
  • Fractional Sanitary Gauge Products
    Fractional Sanitary Gauge products from Noshok, Inc Fractional Sanitary Pressure GaugeFractional Sanitary Gauge NOSHOK Sanitary Pressure Instruments meet current 3A standards along with ASME BPE-2002. They are designed and suited for applications within the food & beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, chemical, and ...
  • Eagle Benchtop Ppm Monitor Products
    Eagle Benchtop Ppm Monitor products from Arjay Engineering Benchtop Monitor For Ppm Concentrations Of Petroleum Oils In Industrial Wastewater.Eagle Benchtop Ppm Monitor The Eagle offers a unique Dual Mode sample measurement approach. A solvent free filter extraction is used for a quick indication of ...

Top Oil and Gas Measurement Companies

  • Insensys
    providing improvements in performance, safety and profitability by fibre optic strain and temperature measurement.
  • FUGRO Survey Ltd
    Operates a fleet of six vessels permanently equipped with survey spreads, including geophysical/hydrographic vessels
  • Phase Dynamics, Inc
    is the leading supplier of Analyzers for the measurement of water and oil in the Petroleum Industry
  • GP:50
    manufacturer of pressure transducers / transmitters manufacturing pressure instruments
  • Drexelbrook
    chemical, petrochemical, refining, power, water and wastewater, food, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, mining, automotive, and many others.
  • Belsim
    data validation technology in many process industries to deliver optimum solutions
  • Measurement Technology Northwest
    designs and manufactures sophisticated testing and measurement instrumentation systems
  • Agar Corporation
    innovative hydrocarbon/water/gas measurement and control devices for the up/down stream Oil industry
  • eProduction Solutions
    providing production optimization solutions for flowing wells and all forms of artificial lift
  • Obar AS
    High-pressure control system. Subsea acoustic transmission systems. Engineering, well and completion services.

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