Belsim in short: data validation technology in many process industries to deliver optimum solutions


Created end of 86 as a spin-off from University of Liège, Belsim is an independent Belgian Company active in the field of Computer Aided Process Engineering (CAPE) which specialises in delivering software, providing solutions and consulting for process performance follow-up, production accounting and optimization mainly in petroleum production, refining and chemical industries as well as in the energy sector. Belsim also provides its software and experience to engineering companies. The core business of Belsim is the innovating field of data validation where it is the leader with the software VALI. VALI gives to the plant managers a better insight of the actual plant performance and balances (mass, thermal and thermodynamic balances). Thanks to advanced data validation methods, VALI extracts reliable and accurate information from plant and lab measurements. As the developer of VALI, Belsim is uniquely equipped to install, implement and support the VALI data validation system. In addition, Belsim chemical and energy engineers have developed an extensive body of experience through their work on data validation and engineering projects at a wide variety of process plants in many countries

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