Agar Corporation

Agar Corporation in short: innovative hydrocarbon/water/gas measurement and control devices for the up/down stream Oil industry

Agar Corporation

Agar Corporation Inc., founded in 1980, has succeeded in creating uniquely innovative hydrocarbon/water/gas measurement and control systems for the up/down stream Oil industry, the Chemical, Food Processing and Pharmaceutical industries.The company’s principal, Mr. Agar, applied his knowledge gained from years of experience in the scientific research and development industry – where he pioneered a new measurement technique using the patented energy absorption principle – to create new and improved Interface Detectors, Oil-Water or Water Cut Monitors, Wet Gas Meters, and Agar Corporation Inc. Multi-Phase Flow Meters.

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We are located in Houston, USA, America(North)

Agar Corporation Products

  • Interface Detectors Products
    Interface Detectors products from Agar Corporation Measuring The Energy Absorption Of The Fluid Surrounding The Antenna Interface Detectors The AGAR ID-200 Series ...
  • Wet Gas Meter Products
    Wet Gas Meter products from Agar Corporation Tracer Measurements And Works Independent Of Phase Densities Wet Gas Meter The Agar Wet Gas ...
  • Tank Profilers Products
    Tank Profilers products from Agar Corporation Industrial Instrument For Measuring Emulsion And Temperature Profiles Tank Profilers The ID-310 is a portable "tank ...
  • Water Cut Meters Products
    Water Cut Meters products from Agar Corporation Water-Cut Monitor Is The Only Microwave Watercut Meter On The Market Able To Measure ...

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