Production Products

Production products

New Subsea Instruments Production Products

  • Jars Products
    New Subsea Production Jars Products List of Production Jars Products Top Oil and Gas Jars Companies Production Jars Jobs
  • Drilling Fluid Products
    New Subsea Production Drilling Fluid Products List of Production Drilling Fluid Products Top Oil and Gas Drilling Fluid Companies Production Drilling Fluid Jobs
  • Chemical Products
    New Subsea Production Chemical Products List of Production Chemical Products Top Oil and Gas Chemical Companies Production Chemical Jobs
  • Filtration Products
    New Subsea Production Filtration Products List of Production Filtration Products Top Oil and Gas Filtration Companies Production Filtration Jobs
  • Compressor Products
    New Subsea Production Compressor Products List of Production Compressor Products Top Oil and Gas Compressor Companies Production Compressor Jobs
  • Processing System Products
    New Subsea Production Processing System Products List of Production Processing System Products Top Oil and Gas Processing System Companies Production Processing System Jobs
  • Power Products
    New Subsea Production Power Products List of Production Power Products Top Oil and Gas Power Companies Production Power Jobs
  • Vessels Products
    New Subsea Production Vessels Products List of Production Vessels Products Top Oil and Gas Vessels Companies Production Vessels Jobs
  • Advanced Fiber Optic Termination Products
    Advanced Fiber Optic Termination products from Bennex Stand-Alone Unit Or Integrated In The Umbilical Head Advanced Fiber Optic Termination The Advanced Fiber Optic Termination (AFT) is an add-on unit to the Anguila ACT Electrical System. More Bennex Products More Production Products from Other Companies Top ...
  • Models Cmd And Cmu Nonelastomeric Sliding Sleeves Products
    Models Cmd And Cmu Nonelastomeric Sliding Sleeves products from Baker Oil Tools Tubing And Annulus For Circulation Or Selective-Zone Production Models Cmd And Cmu Nonelastomeric Sliding Sleeves The Model CM™ Series Sliding Sleeves are high-performance, equalizing sliding sleeves which allow communication between ...

List of Instruments Production Products

  • Forgings Products
    Forgings products from Avins Industrial Products Corporation Enable True Cost Reductions And Superior Performance Forgings We have been supplying precision forgings for more than 40 years and have been continuously improving our production capabilities and steadily expanding our product line of specialized ...
  • Premier Removable Production Packer Products
    Premier Removable Production Packer products from Baker Oil Tools The Best In A New Class Of Packers Premier Removable Production Packer New Large Bore Packer Delivers Advantages of Industry’s Best Permanent and Retrievable Tools More Baker Oil Tools Products More Packer Systems Products from ...
  • Ptec Subsea Probes Cmep Products
    Ptec Subsea Probes Cmep products from Cormon Optimised Production, Lower Operating Costs, Extended Facility Life Ptec Subsea Probes Cmep Corrosion and Erosion rate measurements are made in line using CEION® high sensitivity metal loss technology. More Cormon Products More Subsea & Pipeline Products from ...
  • Deepwater Hpht Subsea Trees Products
    Deepwater Hpht Subsea Trees products from Fmc Technologies Subsea Systems Most Technically Advanced Oil And Gas Solutions. Deepwater Hpht Subsea Trees FMC’s 15,000 psi, 350F, High-Pressure, High-Temperature (HPHT) subsea completion systems are the most technically advanced oil and gas solutions in the ...
  • Sand Erosion Measurement Cmep Products
    Sand Erosion Measurement Cmep products from Cormon The Optimum Sand Erosion Detector Sand Erosion Measurement Cmep Sand erosion management and production optimisation The technical and commercial threats posed by solids produced from the reservoir formation are well known to Oil & Gas ...
  • Hydrostatic & Inert Gas Pressure Testing Products
    Hydrostatic & Inert Gas Pressure Testing products from Bilco Tools Pressure Test Your Production Tubing And Accessories For A Leak-Free Completion Hydrostatic & Inert Gas Pressure Testing Bilco’s Hydrostatic and Inert Gas Pressure Testing services will internally pressure test your production tubing ...
  • Virtual Production Planner Products
    Virtual Production Planner products from Multiphase Solutions To Provide The Automated Generation Of A Recommended Production Plan Virtual Production Planner Virtual Production Planner™ (VPP) is a rigorous planning, analysis and optimization module aimed at addressing the needs of the production control group ...
  • Labomba Products
    Labomba products from Canada Tech Corp Labomba Is Ideal For Long Term Testing And Production Labomba The LaBomba tool could be classified as a semi-permanent gauge. Designed to run for a period of 2 to 3 years, the LaBomba is ideal for long term ...
  • Snubbing Products
    New Subsea Production Snubbing Products List of Production Snubbing Products Top Oil and Gas Snubbing Companies Production Snubbing Jobs
  • Transmission Products
    New Subsea Production Transmission Products List of Production Transmission Products Top Oil and Gas Transmission Companies Production Transmission Jobs

Top Oil and Gas Production Companies

  • Diesel Power AS
    Producer and supplier of tailormade diesel and gas generating sets for the shipping and offshore industries
  • Weidmuller, Inc.
    manufacturer of components for electrical connection technology.
  • Petrolia Drilling ASA
    owns and charters drilling vessels for offshore, deepwater oil and gas exploration and development drilling
  • Applied Electronic Systems Inc.
    design and manufacturing of electric wireline tools and electronics designing downhole wireline tools that can handle hostile drilling environments
  • BHP Billiton
    an international oil and gas exploration and production company in australia
  • PetroChina
    is the largest oil/gas producer and distributor, playing a dominant role in the oil and gas industry in China
  • Devon Energy
    independent oil and gas exploration services and producer
  • Shanghai Saige Composite Materials
    specializes in production of fiberglass reinforced polymer(FRP) products. As member of FGMC(Fiberglass Grating Manufacturers Council)
  • McDermott International
    energy services, providing engineering, consultancy and project management
  • Landmark Graphics
    software, consultancy and engineering for seismic and exploration

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