Chemical Products

Chemical products

New Subsea Production Chemical Products

  • Chemical Products
    New Subsea Production Chemical Products List of Production Chemical Products Top Oil and Gas Chemical Companies Production Chemical Jobs
  • Circulating Tool Products
    Circulating Tool products from Bilco Tools Bore Fluids Or Spotting Of Chemical Pills.Circulating Tool Bilco’s Circulating Tool is used to boost flow rates at Liner tops, which is essential for proper hole cleaning. It also enables an efficient exchange of well ...
  • Fastorq Coppertorq Products
    Fastorq Coppertorq products from Fastorq Bolting Systems Better Protection From Galling Under Heavy Loads.Fastorq Coppertorq FASTORQ CopperTorq 30+ is a thread compound containing over 30% copper. Significant amounts of other solid lubricants are also included. More Fastorq Bolting Systems Products More Chemicals Products ...
  • Loresco Dw Sc And Sc Petroleum Coke Backfill Products
    Loresco Dw Sc And Sc Petroleum Coke Backfill products from Corrpro Designed To Lower Anode-To-Earth ResistanceLoresco Dw Sc And Sc Petroleum Coke Backfill Low Resistivity for Deep Groundbeds Coke breeze backfills are designed to lower anode-to-earth resistance More Corrpro Products More Chemicals Products ...
  • Impactor El Products
    Impactor El products from Impact Selector Protection Against Down Hole Hang-UpsImpactor El Using patented Impact Selector technology, this jar is ideal for perforators, chemical cutters, jet-cutting tools, and other equipment prone to getting hung up down hole. More Impact Selector Products More Cased ...
  • Fastorq Rs Lubricant Products
    Fastorq Rs Lubricant products from Fastorq Bolting Systems Excellent Thread LubricantFastorq Rs Lubricant FASTORQ RS18 is an excellent thread lubricant designed to eliminate wear & galling on stainless or other gall-susceptible threaded connections. More Fastorq Bolting Systems Products More Chemicals Products from Other ...
  • Fastorq Moly Lubricant Products
    Fastorq Moly Lubricant products from Fastorq Bolting Systems To Provide Lower And More Consistent Torque RequirementsFastorq Moly Lubricant FASTORQ 70+ is a lubricant designed to provide lower and more consistent torque requirements, and prevent rust and corrosion. More Fastorq Bolting Systems Products More Chemicals Products ...
  • Fastorq Ag Products
    Fastorq Ag products from Fastorq Bolting Systems Most Effective Anti-Gall Lubricant & Sealant In The World!Fastorq Ag FASTORQ A/G is "quaranteed" to prevent galling on stainless threaded connections. It is equally effective on other gall-susceptible materials, as well as ferrous metals. More ...
  • Metallurgical Grade Coke Backfill Products
    Metallurgical Grade Coke Backfill products from Corrpro For Improved Anode PerformanceMetallurgical Grade Coke Backfill Impressed current cathodic protection is an effective method for defending buried metallic structures against corrosion attack More Corrpro Products More Chemicals Products from Other Companies Top Chemicals Companies Jobs related to ...
  • Diaphragms Products
    Diaphragms products from Ftl Seals Technology Most Frequently Demanded Of Diaphragm MaterialsDiaphragms Chemical resistance to aggressive fluids, flexibility and a long service life are the characteristics most frequently demanded of diaphragm materials anddesigns. More Ftl Seals Technology Products More Ptfe Components Products from ...

List of Production Chemical Products

  • Chemical Injection Pump Products
    Chemical Injection Pump products from Cvs Controls Molded Diaphragm To Drive A Piston Through The Chevron.Chemical Injection Pump choice of three plunger sizes, two stroke lengths and controllable strokes per minute (SPM) with an optional slow-speed controller allows for a wide ...
  • Fractional Sanitary Gauge Products
    Fractional Sanitary Gauge products from Noshok, Inc Fractional Sanitary Pressure GaugeFractional Sanitary Gauge NOSHOK Sanitary Pressure Instruments meet current 3A standards along with ASME BPE-2002. They are designed and suited for applications within the food & beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, chemical, and ...
  • Coorstek Ceramic Plungers Products
    Coorstek Ceramic Plungers products from Coorstek Ceramic Plungers Are Unequaled In Performance.Coorstek Ceramic Plungers Ceramic plungers work exceptionally well for most saltwater, chemical, and metering applications More Coorstek Products More Materials Products from Other Companies Top Materials Companies Jobs related to Materials products
  • Fastorq Waterproof Lubricant Products
    Fastorq Waterproof Lubricant products from Fastorq Bolting Systems Provides Excellent Protection Against Rust And Salt Corrosion.Fastorq Waterproof Lubricant FASTORQ 444 is an adhesive extreme pressure grease formulated from high viscosity base stacks and a non-melt thickener. More Fastorq Bolting Systems Products More Chemicals Products ...
  • Loresco Sw And Swk Petroleum Coke Backfill Products
    Loresco Sw And Swk Petroleum Coke Backfill products from Corrpro Which Is Modified And Sized For Use As An Earth Contact Backfill In The Corrosion IndustryLoresco Sw And Swk Petroleum Coke Backfill Loresco is a naturally formed round grain product, which ...
  • Quills And Nozzles Products
    Quills And Nozzles products from Cormon A Robust, Safe And Simple System With A Long Track Record In Refining And Petrochemical PlantsQuills And Nozzles A comprehensive range of 5/8” diameter retractable inserts for injection of chemicals and process sampling up to 260°C and 1000 psi ...
  • Urethane Blades Products
    Urethane Blades products from T. D. Williamson Designed To Provide Superior Abrasion ResistanceUrethane Blades TDW Urethane Blades provide the tough scraping action necessary to remove soft internal deposits. The various types of blades available replace blades on Vantage®+, Vantage® IV and ...
  • Tube Sheet Boiler Ferrules Products
    Tube Sheet Boiler Ferrules products from Ceradyne These Ferrules, Made From Ceralloy® 147-31N Silicon Nitride, Are Used In The Manufacture Of Hydrogen Cyanide.Tube Sheet Boiler Ferrules Ceradyne manufacturers tube sheet boiler ferrules for use in the chemical processing industry. These ferrules, ...
  • Magnacide Biocide Products
    Magnacide Biocide products from Baker Petrolite Concentrated Broad Spectrum BiocideMagnacide Biocide MAGNACIDE 575 is a concentrated broad spectrum biocide, particularly effective against sulfate reducing bacteria (SRB), which can be used in both acid and alkaline conditions. More Baker Petrolite Products More Chemicals Products ...
  • Pleated Polyester Cartridges Products
    Pleated Polyester Cartridges products from Pentek Filtration Resistant To Both Bacteria And Chemical AttackPleated Polyester Cartridges R Series cartridges are manufactured from a durable, non-woven and reusable polyester fabric that is suitable for a wide range of filtration uses. More Pentek Filtration ...

Top Oil and Gas Chemical Companies

  • Phase Dynamics, Inc
    is the leading supplier of Analyzers for the measurement of water and oil in the Petroleum Industry
  • American LEWA
    manufacturer of metering pumps, process pumps and systems for chemical feed, injection, proportioning and controlled volume pumping of liquids
  • DOTgroup International
    focused towards the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power, Ship building and Building Services / Construction industries
  • ChevronTexaco
    among the world’s largest global energy companies
  • Hughes Pumps Ltd
    Manufactures high and ultra high pressure water jetting systems
  • Hamworthy Combustion Engineering
    provider in the highly specialised markets we serve : Power; Industrial; process; Marine & Offshore; and refining & Petrochemical
  • Worldco
    oil and gas petroleum engineering
  • Welker Inc
    In 1958 Robert H. Welker, P.E., founder and Chairman of the Board of Welker Engineering Company, introduced to the gas industry the most innovative control valve design in decades. That introduction marked the beginning of a tradition of creating innovation ...
  • PS Fabricators & Constructors, LLC.
    project management, fabrication, welding, and service company that has specialized in construction services in the pipeline
  • Solvay Solexis, Inc.
    fluorinated products for specialty markets

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