List of Oil and Gas Companies in San Diego United States

Oil and Gas Companies in San Diego

List of Oil and Gas Companies in San Diego, United States

  • SeaBotix Inc.
    is the leading manufacturer of the MiniROV system LBV and revolutionary hybrid ROV/Crawler
  • InterOcean systems inc
    oceanographic and environmental equipment and systems
  • Sidus Solutions, Inc.
    specialized closed circuit cameras and video for subsea
  • PEPCON Systems
    systems for the control of noxious odors, the chlorination of sewage effluents, and the treatment of seawater to control the growth of marine organisms.
  • Deepsea Power & Lights
    standard products are rigorously designed to perform in the harsh marine environment, from wet/dry surface applications to full ocean depth deployments
  • Remote Ocean Systems
    design and manufacturing of reliable, high-tech equipment and systems for the most severe oceanographic environments
  • Teledyne Impulse
    Teledyne Impulse has supplied the underwater industry with the highest quality connectors and cable assemblies since 1978. We are now a world leader in the design and manufacture of electrical and optical interconnection systems for a wide range of harsh environments. Through creative problem solving, rapid response ...

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