Elastec/American Marine

Elastec/American Marine in short: largest manufacturer of fire boom in the world.

Elastec/American Marine

Elastec/American Marine is a company that combines that combines two separate manufacturing entities, each with unique capabilities that are the largest manufacturer of oil spill recovery equipment in the United States and the largest manufacturer of fire boom in the world. Elastec/American Marine also manufacture a variety of other environmental products. Elastec/American Marine as pollution control equipment can be found in over fifty-ficve countries around the world. Elastec/American Marine manufacturing plants are located in Illinois and Florida. The Illinois facility has 55,000 square feet and the Florida facility has 29,000 square feet. Elastec/American Marine have affiliate offices in many countries around the world. Elastec/American Marine company has provided essential environmental equipment for large scale projects worldwide. Elastec/American Marine has pride ourselves on being the leading experts in our field and hav e fifty years of combined experience in the industry. Elastec/American Marine as trainers and consultants are known throughout the industry for their extensive product knowledge and experience. Elastec in ISO 9001:2000 Certified. Elastec/American Marine is investment in quality management has raised the standard of our products and services to a level unparalleled in the industry. The significant advancement in the evolution and maturity of our company adds to our worldwide reputation for quality, integrity and responsibility. Elastec/American Marine maintains a large inventory of spare parts and equipment, with orders filled efficiently and promptly. Whether our customers are around the corner or around the globe, Elastec/American Marine have the capacity to solve their equipment needs. Operational input or repair information is as close as the internet, phone or fax. Elastec/American Marine as experts are skilled at all aspects of matching equipment to customers needs. Elastec/American Marine have unparalleled technical support for our products. Elastec/American Marine had product support does not stop when the equipment leaves the factory. Elastec/American Marine is available for customers whenever needed; our professional support is available around the clock around the world.

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We are located in Carmi, USA, America(North)


Elastec/American Marine Products

  • American Fire Boom Products
    American Fire Boom products from Elastec/American Marine Ceramic Flotation Boom For Protective Use American Fire Boom Our first generation Fireboom designed for ...
  • Inflatable Perimeter Pool Products
    Inflatable Perimeter Pool products from Elastec/American Marine Decontamination Of Equipment Inflatable Perimeter Pool Collapsible liquid containment pools can be used for many ...
  • Hydrofire Boom Products
    Hydrofire Boom products from Elastec/American Marine Deliberate In-Situ Burning Hydrofire Boom After years of research, Elastec/American Marine is proud to announce the ...
  • Airmax Inflatable Containment Boom Products
    Airmax Inflatable Containment Boom products from Elastec/American Marine Compact For Greater Storage On Boom Reels Airmax Inflatable Containment Boom The most efficient ...
  • Hydraulic Operated Pressure Washer Hop Products
    Hydraulic Operated Pressure Washer Hop products from Elastec/American Marine Specifically For Cleaning Equipment Hydraulic Operated Pressure Washer Hop The dynamite little pressure ...
  • Hydraulic Power Units Products
    Hydraulic Power Units products from Elastec/American Marine Peak Performance From Our Drum Skimmers Hydraulic Power Units Elastec/American Marine power units are engineered ...

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