Downhole Products

Downhole products

New Subsea Instruments Downhole Products

  • Intelligent Well Products
    New Subsea Downhole Intelligent Well Products List of Downhole Intelligent Well Products Top Oil and Gas Intelligent Well Companies Downhole Intelligent Well Jobs
  • Keel Joint Products
    New Subsea Downhole Keel Joint Products List of Downhole Keel Joint Products Top Oil and Gas Keel Joint Companies Downhole Keel Joint Jobs
  • Cased Hole Products
    New Subsea Downhole Cased Hole Products List of Downhole Cased Hole Products Top Oil and Gas Cased Hole Companies Downhole Cased Hole Jobs
  • Auto Flow Valve Products
    Auto Flow Valve products from Caledyne The Auto Flow Valve Is Installed Above The Esp In Situations Where The Well Can Flow Without Assistance. Auto Flow Valve The Auto Flow Valve is installed above the ESP in situations where the well can ...
  • Circulating Tool Products
    Circulating Tool products from Bilco Tools Bore Fluids Or Spotting Of Chemical Pills. Circulating Tool Bilco’s Circulating Tool is used to boost flow rates at Liner tops, which is essential for proper hole cleaning. It also enables an efficient exchange of well ...
  • Flomaster Downhole Flow Regulator Products
    Flomaster Downhole Flow Regulator products from Xl Technology The Middle East And Far East For The Accurate Placement Of Cement Plugs Flomaster Downhole Flow Regulator The drillpipe conveyed FloMASTER™ DP has been employed in wells in the N. Sea More Xl Technology Products More ...
  • Access Sdml Rotary Slip Products
    Access Sdml Rotary Slip products from Access Oil Tools Alloy Steel And Heat-Treated For Strength And Long Life Access Sdml Rotary Slip All Access "SDML" and "SDXL" slipa are made of alloy steel and heat-treated for strength and long life. More Access Oil ...
  • Fishing Tool Products
    New Subsea Downhole Fishing Tool Products List of Downhole Fishing Tool Products Top Oil and Gas Fishing Tool Companies Downhole Fishing Tool Jobs
  • Memory Pressuretemp Sensor Products
    Memory Pressuretemp Sensor products from Antech Internal Or External Pressure Measurement Memory Pressuretemp Sensor Measure pressure and temperature downhole during coiled tubing runs using this in-line tool. Its features make it suitable for all types of pumping operations More Antech Products More Memory Sensors ...
  • Cementing Products
    New Subsea Downhole Cementing Products List of Downhole Cementing Products Top Oil and Gas Cementing Companies Downhole Cementing Jobs

List of Instruments Downhole Products

  • Retrievable Casing Packer Products
    Retrievable Casing Packer products from Expro Group Variety Of Well Treating,Testing, And Tubing Conveyed Perforating Operations Retrievable Casing Packer The JS-2 Retrievable Casing Packer is a full-opening, set-down type hook-wall packer that is applicable for use in a variety of well treating More ...
  • Water Injection Valve Products
    Water Injection Valve products from Pi Intervention As To Be Run Below A Conventional Packer Or Lock. Water Injection Valve The Water Injection Valve is designed to be run below a conventional Packer or Lock More Pi Intervention As Products More Downhole Products from ...
  • Downhole Motor Products
    New Subsea Downhole Downhole Motor Products List of Downhole Downhole Motor Products Top Oil and Gas Downhole Motor Companies Downhole Downhole Motor Jobs
  • Alpha Rodbased Screen Products
    Alpha Rodbased Screen products from Alloy Screen Works Downhole Sand Control With Minimum Pressure Drop Alpha Rodbased Screen The Alpha is our robust, pipeless well screen designed for effective downhole sand control with minimum pressure drop. More Alloy Screen Works Products More Oil & ...
  • Logging Tool Products
    New Subsea Downhole Logging Tool Products List of Downhole Logging Tool Products Top Oil and Gas Logging Tool Companies Downhole Logging Tool Jobs
  • Snap In Snap Out Pcp Locking System Products
    Snap In Snap Out Pcp Locking System products from Caledyne Axial Lock For Weatherford Arrowhead Single Trip Insert Pcp. Snap In Snap Out Pcp Locking System The Caledyne Snap In Snap Out (SISO) Insert PCP locking system is used in conjunction with ...
  • Wireline Weight Indicator System Products
    Wireline Weight Indicator System products from Canglobal Products Simply To Operate, Low Maintenance, Accurate Readings For Your Protection Of Downhole Tools. Wireline Weight Indicator System Ideally suited for use by Wireline service trucks CanGlobal’s Wireline Weight Indicator systems protect your downhole tool ...
  • Cflv Fluid Loss Valve Products
    Cflv Fluid Loss Valve products from Caledyne Optimised Design To Reduce Part Count And Complexity. Cflv Fluid Loss Valve The Caledyne Fluid Loss Valve is designed as a cost effective solution for ESP completions, to protect the formation when the pump is switched ...
  • Ezeeglider Products
    Ezeeglider products from Pi Intervention As The Next Generation In Centralisation Tools Ezeeglider The EZEE-GLIDER™ is the next generation in centralisation tools More Pi Intervention As Products More Downhole Products from Other Companies Top Downhole Companies Jobs related to Downhole products
  • Tubing Tester Valve Products
    Tubing Tester Valve products from Expro Group Running A Retrievable D.S.T String Tubing Tester Valve The Triton Tubing Tester Valve is a ball valve which has been specifically designed to use when running a retrievable D.S.T. String into a permanent Packer More Expro ...

Top Oil and Gas Downhole Companies

  • Applied Electronic Systems Inc.
    design and manufacturing of electric wireline tools and electronics designing downhole wireline tools that can handle hostile drilling environments
  • Bico Drilling Tools inc
    manufactures and services downhole drilling motors
  • Hunting Cromar Ltd
    Develops well service equipment for completion, well intervention, slickline, production logging, coil tubing and fishing operations.
  • Apex Tubulars Ltd
    supplier of Downhole Casing and Tubing (OCTG)
  • Premier Oilfield Rentals Ltd
    downhole, drilling, handling equipment, rig floor, pipe inspection and applications engineering.
  • Scorpion Oil Tools
    Scorpion is breakout makeup dual position hydraulic chain tong for outside diameters from 2 3/8 to 36 inches with high torque
  • United Drilling Tools Ltd.
    manufacturer of Downhole tools , Handling tools, Gas lift equipments, wire line & well service equipment
  • Easywell AS
    Enables previously unachievable oil field performance through the invention and practical application of unique downhole technologies
  • National Oilwell
    downhole completion tools used in oil and gas drilling and production
  • Tesco Drilling
    patented casing drilling technology

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