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Well products

New Subsea Software Well Products

  • Intelligent Well Products
    New Subsea Downhole Intelligent Well Products List of Downhole Intelligent Well Products Top Oil and Gas Intelligent Well Companies Downhole Intelligent Well Jobs
  • Well Products
    New Subsea Software Well Products List of Software Well Products Top Oil and Gas Well Companies Software Well Jobs
  • Auto Flow Valve Products
    Auto Flow Valve products from Caledyne The Auto Flow Valve Is Installed Above The Esp In Situations Where The Well Can Flow Without Assistance. Auto Flow Valve The Auto Flow Valve is installed above the ESP in situations where the well can ...
  • Circulating Tool Products
    Circulating Tool products from Bilco Tools Bore Fluids Or Spotting Of Chemical Pills. Circulating Tool Bilco’s Circulating Tool is used to boost flow rates at Liner tops, which is essential for proper hole cleaning. It also enables an efficient exchange of well ...
  • Flomaster Downhole Flow Regulator Products
    Flomaster Downhole Flow Regulator products from Xl Technology The Middle East And Far East For The Accurate Placement Of Cement Plugs Flomaster Downhole Flow Regulator The drillpipe conveyed FloMASTER™ DP has been employed in wells in the N. Sea More Xl Technology Products More ...
  • Electromechanical Rig Products
    Electromechanical Rig products from Honghua Co.,Ltd Outstanding Energy Save Effect. Electromechanical Rig The rig mainframe is equipped with rig moving device, which can move the rig with setback load within wellsite, the power and drive system once installed well can not be ...
  • Hydroseal Packer Products
    Hydroseal Packer products from Innicor Completion Systems Short Compact Design Hydroseal Packer The Innicor ‘HydroSeal’ is a compact, tough and reliable single string hydraulic set retrievable packer ideal for use in deviated wells, multiple packer completions and applications where the packer(s) is ...
  • Riser Jet Tool Products
    Riser Jet Tool products from Bilco Tools Larger Bop’S And Risers Riser Jet Tool Bilco’s Riser Jet Tool is a solid mandrel valve with a 16" OD for use in 18 3/4" or larger BOP’s and risers. More Bilco Tools Products More Well Bore Clean-Out ...
  • Wellhead Pressure Logger Products
    Wellhead Pressure Logger products from Pioneer Petrotech Services Inc. To Be Used In Critical Environments Wellhead Pressure Logger The PPS31 is a wellhead digital pressure and temperature monitoring gauge. The application of radio transmission allows operators to receive real-time data which is ...
  • Kill Manifold Products
    Kill Manifold products from New Continental Equipment Co., Ltd. Equipment To Carry Out Pressure Control At The Oil/Gas Wellhead Kill Manifold The Kill Manifold is a necessary piece of equipment to carry out pressure control at the oil/gas wellhead preventing the well ...

List of Software Well Products

  • Retrievable Casing Packer Products
    Retrievable Casing Packer products from Expro Group Variety Of Well Treating,Testing, And Tubing Conveyed Perforating Operations Retrievable Casing Packer The JS-2 Retrievable Casing Packer is a full-opening, set-down type hook-wall packer that is applicable for use in a variety of well treating More ...
  • Type C Tubing Anchor Products
    Type C Tubing Anchor products from Innicor Completion Systems Increasing Pump Efficiency Type C Tubing Anchor The tough, heavy duty Innicor ‘C-1’ Anchor Catcher is designed for anchoring the tubing string in tension or compression in wells of any depth. More Innicor Completion Systems ...
  • Permanent Measurement And Control System Products
    Permanent Measurement And Control System products from Friedrich Leutert Control Components Of The Well Installation Permanent Measurement And Control System The PK system records pressure and temperature in deep wells. Typical applications are oil or gas, deep water and geothermal wells. Surface ...
  • Snubbing Back Pressure Valve Products
    Snubbing Back Pressure Valve products from Thru Tubing Solutions Teflon Seats Snubbing Back Pressure Valve The Snubbing Back Pressure Valve was designed to provide a dependable method of well control. More Thru Tubing Solutions Products More Snubbing Tools Products from Other Companies Top Snubbing Tools ...
  • High Expansion Gauge Hanger Products
    High Expansion Gauge Hanger products from Pi Intervention As A High Expansion Device For Hanging Off Gauges And Other Tools In The Well High Expansion Gauge Hanger The GH is a high expansion device for hanging off gauges and other tools in ...
  • Sand Erosion Measurement Cmep Products
    Sand Erosion Measurement Cmep products from Cormon The Optimum Sand Erosion Detector Sand Erosion Measurement Cmep Sand erosion management and production optimisation The technical and commercial threats posed by solids produced from the reservoir formation are well known to Oil & Gas ...
  • Isosplitwellhead And Test Separator Sampling Products
    Isosplitwellhead And Test Separator Sampling products from Petrotech Enable Accurate Measurement Of Gor And Representative Sampling Of Wells Isosplitwellhead And Test Separator Sampling Petrotech are recognised experts in the field of gas/condensate welltesting. The unique methods employed by the company enable accurate ...
  • Super Green Burner Products
    Super Green Burner products from Expro Group Maximum Clean Burn Capability With Minimal Fall-Out Super Green Burner Expro’s Super Green Burner is designed for maximum clean burn capability with minimal fall-out. More Expro Group Products More Surface Well Testing Products from Other Companies Top Surface Well ...
  • Prism Products
    Prism products from Corelab Changing The Way Operators Look At Explosive Conveyance Prism The PrismSM slickline firing system, developed by Owen Oil Tools, offers you a safe, cost-effective means of conveying explosives into the wellbore without the need for electric line. More Corelab ...
  • Choke Manifold Products
    Choke Manifold products from New Continental Equipment Co., Ltd. Necessary Piece Of Equipment To Carry Out Pressure Control At The Oil/Gas Well Choke Manifold The Choke Manifold is a necessary piece of equipment to carry out pressure control at the oil/gas well. More ...

Top Oil and Gas Well Companies

  • ARGO International
    renewal spare parts for the worldwide Industrial, Marine, Metal Mining, Oil Well Drilling, Utility, Refineries and Petroleum industries.
  • Petrolia Drilling ASA
    owns and charters drilling vessels for offshore, deepwater oil and gas exploration and development drilling
  • DrawWorks, L.P.
    manufactures and sells circulating, fill-up and flow-back tools for oilfield tubulars including casing, tubing and drill pipe
  • High Pressure Equipment Company
    providing quality components and systems for elevated pressure applications, high pressure valves and fittings
  • Jindal Drilling & Industries ltd
    deep ocean well drilling engineering and more
  • MCT Brattberg AB
    Cable and pipe penetrations for installation in high-risk environments
  • Pride International
    is one of the world’s largest offshore drilling companies with an increasing focus on deepwater and other high-specification drilling services
  • Well Processing AS
    Swit system provides treatment and injection of seawater on the seabed
  • LMG Marin
    Offers naval architecture and marine engineering services for the shipping and offshore industries
  • Punj Lloyd Ltd
    one of the largest engineering construction companies in India providing integrated design, engineering, procurement, construction and project management

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