Sensor Products

Sensor products

New Subsea Instruments Sensor Products

  • Level Digital Metercontroller Products
    Level Digital Metercontroller products from Ametek U.S. Gauge Peak/Valley Display Level Digital Metercontroller The AMETEK Model DMC Digital Meter/Controller powered by 100 to 240 VAC will display data from transmitters, transducers, scales and other process instruments. More Ametek U.S. Gauge Products More Level Sensors ...
  • Tankstar Products
    Tankstar products from North American Sensors Corp Fully Submersible Sensor Tankstar With many thousands of transmitters installed on all classes of Ships from Military vessels to Tankers, the design of the ‘Tankstar’ series draws on over 20 years successful application experience. More North ...
  • Symbiotec Products
    Symbiotec products from Canada Tech Corp The Revolutionary Modular System Symbiotec SymbioTec is a revolutionary modular system for oilfield data acquisition. A complete data acquisition system includes a replaceable and interchangeable self-contained sensor Pilot and a standardized Carrier housing. More Canada Tech Corp Products More Memory ...
  • Clearline Inline Fluid Detector Products
    Clearline Inline Fluid Detector products from Ametek Drexelbrook Pump Protection To Prevent Run Dry Damage Clearline Inline Fluid Detector The ClearLine level switch employs a unique sensor that mounts directly into the process piping. The sensor does not interfere with the ...
  • Memory Pressuretemp Sensor Products
    Memory Pressuretemp Sensor products from Antech Internal Or External Pressure Measurement Memory Pressuretemp Sensor Measure pressure and temperature downhole during coiled tubing runs using this in-line tool. Its features make it suitable for all types of pumping operations More Antech Products More Memory Sensors ...
  • Net Radiation Sensor Products
    Net Radiation Sensor products from Aanderaa Data Instruments Incoming And Outgoing Radiation At The Earth’S Surface. Net Radiation Sensor Measures the difference between incoming and outgoing radiation at the Earth’s surface More Aanderaa Data Instruments Products More Instrumentation Products from Other Companies Top Instrumentation Companies Jobs ...
  • Sensor Products
    New Subsea Instruments Sensor Products List of Instruments Sensor Products Top Oil and Gas Sensor Companies Instruments Sensor Jobs
  • Iris Rms Products
    Iris Rms products from Mcs Limited On-Board Integrated Riser Instrumentation System Iris Rms IRIS RMS is an on-board integrated riser instrumentation system for drilling risers. IRIS RMS integrates sensors with finite element software as well as providing measured data used to predict ...
  • Dual Pressure Sensor Module Products
    Dual Pressure Sensor Module products from Antech To Transmit The Signals Uphole Dual Pressure Sensor Module In cases where a full suite of CT sensors is not required, AnTech can offer a dedicated Pressure Temperature Sensor More Antech Products More Workover Tools Products from ...
  • Density Transmitter Products
    Density Transmitter products from North American Sensors Corp Protected Against Conditions Of Asymetric Overload . Density Transmitter Basic design is readily adapted to suit each application. Submersible or external tank mounting More North American Sensors Corp Products More Pressure Products Products from Other Companies Top ...

List of Instruments Sensor Products

  • Air Pressure Sensor Products
    Air Pressure Sensor products from Aanderaa Data Instruments Fastened To The Sensor Base And Protected By A Cylindrical Cover Air Pressure Sensor A barometric pressure sensor for Aanderaa Automatic Weather Stations and Display Units. More Aanderaa Data Instruments Products More Sensors Products from Other ...
  • Glass Ceramic Sensors Products
    Glass Ceramic Sensors products from Benestad Exposed Directly To The Flow Glass Ceramic Sensors Benestad has, since 1993, been the sole supplier of Microwave Sensors to Roxar, a leading company within subsea and topside multiphase and watercut metering. More Benestad Products More Oil & ...
  • Oil & Water Preheater Products
    Oil & Water Preheater products from Aalborg Industries Electronic P-Controller For Use With Electrical Heaters Oil & Water Preheater The VESTA™ thermostat type TC-E 8/4 is an electronic P-controller for use with electrical heaters. The thermostat is based on a PT100 sensor mounted ...
  • Permanent Measurement And Control System Products
    Permanent Measurement And Control System products from Friedrich Leutert Control Components Of The Well Installation Permanent Measurement And Control System The PK system records pressure and temperature in deep wells. Typical applications are oil or gas, deep water and geothermal wells. Surface ...
  • Flat Pack System Products
    Flat Pack System products from Canada Tech Corp Patented Memory Pressure Sensor And Carrier System Flat Pack System The Flat Pack System is a unique patented memory pressure sensor and carrier system. More Canada Tech Corp Products More Memory Tools Products from Other Companies Top Memory Tools ...
  • Seahorse Products
    Seahorse products from Brooke Ocean Technology Eliminating The Need For Multiple Sensors On The Mooring Line. Seahorse SeaHorse utilizes surface wave energy to move a sensor platform up and down a mooring wire. More Brooke Ocean Technology Products More Ocean Profiling Systems Products from ...
  • Dolphin Mk 2 Products
    Dolphin Mk 2 products from International Submarine Engineering Ltd Deep Ocean Logging Platform With Hydrographic Instrumentation And Navigation Dolphin Mk 2 The DOLPHIN unmanned semi-submersible was developed by International Submarine Engineering Ltd. to provide a stable sensor platform for operation in adverse ...
  • Loadpressure Sensor Module Products
    Loadpressure Sensor Module products from Antech Gives Real-Time Readout Which Includes Torque Loadpressure Sensor Module Lighter drilling assemblies make it difficult to apply significant weight-on-bit, so control over the weight that you have available is critical More Antech Products More Workover Tools Products from ...
  • Memory Wobtorque Sensor Products
    Memory Wobtorque Sensor products from Antech In Highly Deviated And Horizontal Wells Memory Wobtorque Sensor Knowledge of the weight-on-bit gives a valuable insight into a coiled tubing drilling operation. In highly deviated and horizontal wells More Antech Products More Memory Sensors Products from Other ...
  • Mobile Vipa Systemthe Mz Products
    Mobile Vipa Systemthe Mz products from Jorin Limited An All In One Portable Solution. Mobile Vipa Systemthe Mz The MZ2 is a mobile ViPA system for hazardous areas and incorporates both the analytical head and control computer in a single housing. More Jorin ...

Top Oil and Gas Sensor Companies

  • Scientific Technologies
    machine safeguarding products in the United States and is recognized throughout the world for its superior products and services
  • Hybrid Design Associates
    providing high quality hybrid circuits and surface mount products for down hole oil well logging industries
  • Detcon inc.
    gas detection sensor technologies and control options serves our customers with an advantage in practical and affordable gas detection solutions
  • Seatools
    dredging tools, process sensors and instrumentation systems for dredgers, free flying ROVs
  • Aquatec Subsea Limited
    instrumentation design and monitoring
  • General Acoustics GMBH
    developer of innovative hydroacoustic technology for detecting sediment layers and properties, high-tech producer of echosounders,
  • Applied Sensor Technologies
    monitoring pressure or temperature conditions and performing critical alarm, control and shutdown functions of equipment or processes
  • Piezo Technologies
    complete piezoelectric ceramic and custom ultrasonic transducer, sensor and imaging solutions for applications and industries
  • SIS Sensoren Instrumente Systeme GMBH
    reversing thermometers and pressure meters, CTD, Argos subsurface-mooring-monitoring beacons (SMM)
  • Pem-Tech, Inc.
    development and production of quality gas detection systems for petrochemical industries

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