Piezo Technologies

Piezo Technologies in short: complete piezoelectric ceramic and custom ultrasonic transducer, sensor and imaging solutions for applications and industries

Piezo Technologies

Piezotech, LLC, parent of all the Piezo Technologies’ companies, was formed in 1999 to aggressively pursue business opportunities using piezoelectric technology, especially for ultrasound applications. The first two members of the Piezo Technologies family are Keramos, a manufacturer of advanced piezoelectric ceramic crystals, and Etalon, a manufacturer of innovative piezoelectric ultrasound transducers. These businesses were acquired in late 1999 and the capability of each company has been bolstered by significant investment in additional technical personnel and advanced design and manufacturing equipment. Other businesses providing key complementary capabilities, e.g. advanced engineering design and systems design and assembly, are expected to join the Piezo Technologies family over time.

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